Jae's potential as artist!

  1. I believe that Jae will be a successful indie artist in America. He has connections (one of many being 88rising that can already secure a part of his new audience) and his fandom, while small, is really supportive and could play a big part in streams or album sales.

  2. I just imagined Jae running away from paparazzis and instantly puked a little inside my mouth lmao. I truly do think that Jae just wants to have a stable life and live off from doing music. Sure a mainstream hit or two would be nice, but he always says and makes it feel like he rather have a community that’s close and nice rather than a massive crazy one where he can’t actually connect with anyone.

  3. I doubt he will abandon korean scene he must insert himself back when the time is right that's all he said that he has collabs in mind and that will release even Korean songs too but just not now ( can't blame him right now would be a waste thanks to his reputation) so i guess he needs to make some moves first in US and maybe one year later after long time he can start moving towards this direction again. In general Jae needs time to recover first image wise and then step up his game . For sure the guy has crazy connections everywhere either US or Korea and for someone who ain't a big star or going out to parties is so weird but i guess somehow people find him or he finds them . Edit: I agree about the guitar part.. Shawn Mendes blew up like the cute guitar guy fans adore anyone can play the guitar so i think it will help him too but really depends on him about that , maybe when he feels better.

  4. agree with all of this and especially the part about the guitar. Americans love artist that play instruments...idk why but it just seems like they love it.

  5. I can't say much without him releasing his album yet. For now I see his future more in the cavetown, Ricky Montgomery, mxmtoon bubble. All these artists have achieved virality but they are pretty lowkey mainstream wise. Conan gray used to be in that sphere for me until his hit heather.

  6. I wanted to add a precision in my opinion. Since there are different charts in America for different genres (adult contemporary, rock, folk, rnb) the success of Jae will be in building a steady fanbase. Someone for exemple can be #1 in the country billboard charts and not be ranked at all in the billboard hot 100 charts. Hitting the hot 100 means that the general public knows you, but it does not necessarily mean that you'll keep a faithful fandom over the years.

  7. He has great capability. Vocal wise, he has a great voice color that draws people in which aged like fine wine, insane range and great versatility. Music wise, I think the genre he is pursuing is in trend these days (eaJ project actually reached many non-Kpop fans before the guy actually officially went solo). He has good connections and negotiation ability. He also has a loyal fanbase who goes to great ends to support him. Just about everything you need to relatively succeed. And actually the numbers he pulled can be considered successful for an Asian-American indie artist.

  8. I honestly believe that he can be very successful as those mainstream artists. I mean Jae's voice to me is top tier and I also think highly on how he makes his own songs.

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