Do you think jae will ever release a solo korean song?

  1. Iirc he said yes in a live, and he said something along the line of "he'll eventually have to do that". But maybe at least after he has finished this album. I wish he would, I love his voice singing Korean.

  2. He said on a Twitch stream before that he has plans to release Korean songs in the future, but just when the time is right. I feel like his re entry into the Korean scene would be through collabs with k hip hop artists, before releasing solo songs.

  3. He assured Korean fans that he will but later not now (he even has collabs in mind and named BI but ...for later ) so he will release korean songs for sure just not now and with his image there would be useless this moment .

  4. Honestly I've seen people with much worse reputation in SK releasing songs (criminals, military service avoider). And he's starting with a new alias, basically rebuilding his brand from square one anyways (like when he debuted with DAY6 if he introduced himself as a member people wouldn't know him but if he introduced himself as Park Jaehyung from Kpop Star they would recognize him). So it's just the guy taking precaution. Me personally would wish for him to take his time until he is actually ready to do it.

  5. I did not want to make a whole post about what i'm about to say but it would be so cool if eaJ and RM could collab🥺🥺🥺🥺 (it might be because my brain made an analogy with Jae loving the moon+RM moonchild, but also because some songs on mono like seoul could feat eaj's vibe)

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