Feedback Thread (February 29)

  1. Hey! This is my first post to the subreddit. I'm not sure if this is really edm, so feel free to downvote, but here is my track. Feedback and, more importantly, criticism is appreciated!

  2. really cool track. all your elements sound amazing, but maybe almost too separate? i'm not sure if you need another sound to tie it together, or just a change in your mix.

  3. awesome vibe that guitar in the starting is good too even the vocal too but the all elements idk don't fit together very well

  4. I like the first one better but I think some of the Snails/ Jack U synths need some distortion on them, just my opinion though

  5. Starship - i think starter off stronger than it progressed to. Keep it darker, moodier if that makes sense. You definitely have something going there - very nice plucks and atmosphere. Around 3 minute mark I am really feeling that vibe but the kick can be a bit stronger. Also the bass feels absent or way too weak. Maybe work on a sub loop so that the low-end has something happening there.

  6. I love the transition from intro to beat in Vilantro Night Experiment but in my opinion the intro is just too long. In the part that starts around 1:39 you have some quiet synths that should be turned up a bit.

  7. Hey guys I was wondering if there's an easy way to get the bass to come through more without sidechain. I've been struggling since the vocals have bass too that I absolutely not want to remove. Here is the track

  8. very nice. Super lush intro and bridge. No gripes with the piano melodies or chords, they all fit together really well. Mixing sounds fantastic, with the exception of the drop, the vocals seem like they're being overpowered by the leads, where I would rather have the leads more behind the vocals. Not the type of music I normally listen to, so the wobble first drop seems kind of incongruent with the really heavenly type vocals, more subjective than anything. The first bridge ties the two together as best as I could imagine. I'm not very useful on mastering. The sounds are all really nice together. Nothing stands out too much, which is good.

  9. the transition into the house section seems really abrupt to me. I think it could benefit from a longer build up. It needs some percussion before the "drop" so people can get used to the new tempo. The switch back works better. The super saw in the house section seems a tad quiet to me. Everything else seems good. I feel like you could use just 1 more instrument sometimes. I don't feel the song ever gets dense enough for my taste. I mean that from a musical stand point, not sound design. Sound design is spot on.

  10. Really like the intro, grabs your attention right away. The white noise sounds a bit too long at times. Really like the first drop. It sounds a lot like Seven Lions. Not a huge fan of the transition around 2:30. Not sure how I'd change it but it could definitely be improved. Drop at the end is pretty sick too. Track sounds very professional, good job with mixing and mastering. Overall great track, basically just with that one complaint.

  11. The kick seems lost in the mix at 2:28. Earlier in the song the kick was coming through the mix a lot better, not sure if you're using a different sample or perhaps you need to sidechain a bit more heavily during this part. It's just lacking punch to a great degree. I'm about to goto bed so I'm being a bit lazy on my feedback (falling asleep as I type) but all in all structure seems good and I don't normally listen to this genre but the composition, to me atleast, seems good. Cheers.

  12. your instruments sound great. vocals could do with turning up for me. i'll agree with the other person about the transition into the house part, you need something to gently bring me into that groove.

  13. Nice track! Like the vocals. Especially that cool distortion effect at 1:30. I don't really like the way the 2nd drop comes in, the bpm change is too .. abrupt? i guess. But maybe it's just a matter of personal taste, doesn't really make sense to me. The lows in this track are really nice/clean, but so is the whole mix actually. Can't really complain about that. So nice job!

  14. Pretty cool funky stuff. Reminds me of Madeon's work. You've got a nice punchy kick which I like. However it sounds super cheesy. I'd work on your melodies/harmonies a bit. The mix is a bit flat too. The lead at 0:45 is really loud and pretty unexpected. I'd bring that in a bit better. Your high end is pretty messy, those hats are pretty washed out.

  15. Can't comment to much on the mix since I only listened no my laptop speaker. I like the song overall, and the sounds are definitely cool. Definitely see the comparison to Madeon, I don't think the melodies and harmonies are too bad definitely not super compelling though.

  16. I really like the feel of this track -- especially the simple chord progression and the little arpeggios you have scattered throughout. I'm a sucker for that stuff and it's working for me. Overall, super upbeat and a nice cohesive mood.

  17. Really like the ambient guitar sounds. The bass is way too low in the mix, I was expecting you to blow me away with the bass when you brought it in but you didn't really do that. Move it up and distort it so that it has some higher harmonics. Same with the kick. Really like the drums, they're very interesting. I think not having them quantized adds to the feel of the track, I really like it. Well done overall!

  18. damn, love what you did with the guitar in this, the drop feels kinda empty though. I felt like the intro was bigger than your drop. Bring the sub bass up more in your drop and add some more percussion and try to mixup the lead a bit

  19. Like the drop sounding part at 1:30, think the melody on the build up before that is kind of cheesy. Overall I think the mix is too quiet in between drops. Like the percussion overall, think it fits will with the song, are you hoping to have vocals over this eventually?

  20. This is an interesting one, you have a cool sound/scale throughout this. Quite a dark song really, I like it. I think the piano has quite a harsh sound near the beginning (so could maybe use a gentler velocity?) but it works later on in the song.

  21. The intro is nice and has the ambient feel to it, the bellish sounds are kinda ringy in the mids which can sound annoying.

  22. Pretty nice! Not entirely sure what you're going for though tbh, sounds like a backing track for a synth pop song, but without a clear drop or chorus section it seems just like background music and not really a song. Also not a huge fan of the like slow attack "wah" sound, i think it could decay for a lot longer and not be so contant.

  23. Cool track, if you ever get some female or soft male vocals over top of it one day, it would be pretty dope. It's just very chill and since it's quite repetitive there isn't much drive behind it. But it's cool, chill and mellow. I just imagine this being part of a "new age" electro-pop song at an outdoor festival or something.

  24. It doesn't hold my attention because there's no punch to it. Doesn't boomp or pump at all. But I like the clave/wood block sound around 1:45. Again, mixing and sound design doesn't have enough sub and low mid punch to it. Too much sustain, decay and release on everything(made worse by revervs), try a transient shaper.

  25. Really like the vocal riser thing in the background. All the different reverbs you have on each instrument work really well together, this has a great atmosphere. I like the clicky drum samples too, they're cool. I think you have a really quiet kick, and I know you might not be going for a huge punchy kick sound but I still think it should be a bit more present, it's drowned out by the rest of the song right now. Cool though! The overall sound of this song is really nice and moody

  26. The intro is nice, the snare needs to have more impact and less noise in my opinion, the other sounds fit very well, at 1:46 the reverbs kinda start clashing, but nothing too major, might want louder drums but that's a matter of taste when it's a chill track.

  27. 0:04 - at this very second your "flute" lead reaches a level which is very ear piercing... It's actually very very terrible and made it hard to listen to the first minute of the track. Need to fix that ASAP.

  28. The hats in the intro sound really cheap, and need some effects so they're not just sitting there dry and annoying. The vocals need to be brought upa bit and could to with some more effects imo. They sound kinda dry atm, and at some times out of key with the rest of the track? I'm not a fan of the track tbh. The melodies just don't seem to sit anywhere and I don't feel like they fit. The vocal might need a bit of auto tune too btw

  29. Work in progress! Really happy with the intro and just redid the build up today... no clue where to go from here though...

  30. love the intro, but the whole thing feels like an intro. Start by adding some drums and percussion, basic riser to your build to add some tension, big drums and lots of bass for your drop.

  31. The intro is great, really nice and chill. You could probably get away with using some ping pong delay on the chord pianos to help fill it out and create an ever greater atmosphere. You're missing a bit of high end in the mix before the saw comes in, it's got plenty of warmth from the pianos. You can probably just use some basic EQ to remove some mud and add some presence. I don't really get what's going on after 2 minutes. It would be cool in a cinematic piece I guess. Reminds me of something from Mass Effect.

  32. Intro reminded me of Interstellar (are you inspired by its soundtrack?), the noise, piano, and that one frequency constantly playing are amazing, you definitely achieved the ambient depressing progressive feel you're going for in the intro, at least it worked on me, so good job on that, my only complaint about the intro is that he low chords that come at about 1:03 are kinda muddy.

  33. Hi! I'd love some feedback on this trance tune I've been working on. Specifically the mix, but any other tips would be great too. I'm mixing on headphones (all I can do currently), and need to go deeper with comparing to a reference track etc.

  34. It's kinda muddy, the bass has too much low mid. The drums are too sparse and programmed sounding. Break sounds good. Arrangement is kinda wonky, the chord changes are awkwards sometimes. Could use some risers and ear candy/loops. Overall 5/10, definitely needs some polishing but it's got potential.

  35. Writing as I listen: my first impression is that the kick is way way too quiet, it should be the/one of the loudest things in the mix. You could definitely do with bringing it up a bit. The bass also seems to be lacking a bit from what I can hear.

  36. First thing that came to mind immediately... is you need to sidechain to your kick. The kick is hardly coming out in the mix. The transitions in the song need a lot of work. The melody that comes in at 2:12 is awesome and very trancey, great job. The bass being played behind it sounds very poor, I would choose a different sound and have the notes held the duration on to the next one instead of having it decay right after its being played. You got a few trancey elements down. But there is no driving bass line, the percussion sounds very cheesy and the song structure seems off throughout the track. Needs LOTS of work. You have a decent grasp on having elements present however they are totally fighting eachother in mix. EQ them properly and try different octaves with each element. If you're producing trance you need to have your kick and bass line drive the track to give it its groove. There are a number of videos online that will demonstrate how to achieve this. A tad too much reverb too, and severe lack in effects (risers/downers/uplifters whatever). Let me know if you want me to expand on anything and I'll try my best to help.

  37. What audio program are you using for this? Honestly I really like this I think it could use one more big kick drum that maybe hits once per four bars to really emphasize the beat and give greater drive. You Might also check your eq frequencies by making sure you adjust the frequencies so they aren't all in the same frequency range you will really open up the sound and give everything more room to operate and be heard in the mix. Overall very cool song though I could see this on a video game where you are flying a spaceship or something lol.

  38. I would definitely say it is futur trap ish hip hop something or other lol. like what you did with the vocals, they fit your beat nice.

  39. The intro feels very euphoric, and the melody is nice, the vocal chops are really well done.

  40. I feel like the vocals are a bit too low in the mix for a lot of the song, I'd move them up a fair amount, since you're doing a lot of cool stuff with them. Also work on mixing the drums, especially the snare, it's getting drowned out during louder parts of the song. Really like the second drop, it's dope.

  41. Dang, this is really cool. I'm not a big Kanye fan or anything, but how you've taken your trance elements into it really does something for me. Nice work with the samples and everything.

  42. Nice track man! That drop at 3 min is really nice. Although i do like the lows in the track, like you said in the first 2 bars the (D) sub doesn't come out enough imo (the hz is just too low because i can tell it's there). Personally, i think the mids are too present and the lows are a little bit too quiet in the mix. Which makes it too 'loud' if you ask me. But maybe it's just me.. I don't really know how to explain tbh. Maybe a little more sidechaining on the leads/saws would do the trick. But besides that it sounds pretty clean, just a few adjustments in the mix would make it better i guess.

  43. Hey guys, been working on some heavier stuff lately. It's a mix of Big Room and Dyro's sort of style. Let me know what you think. It's just a layout of ideas, still needs a lot of work on the mix.

  44. Really powerful stuff man. I'm usually not much for pryda-snares and/or Big Room, but you got some serious energy in that track. I don't really have anything to say about the mix as of right now.

  45. Cliché feedback, but the drop really needs some layering imo. The melody and flow is on point, but it feels empty to an extent. Your transitions and buildups are great though, good work!

  46. I love the kick. It hits really hard. Other than that, it's really repetitive and I can't see myself listening to the entire thing casually. I'm not sure exactly what genre this would fall under and if you're just following the genre's style, but that's just my two cents.

  47. It's cool but... really boring man. Like it doesn't go anywhere. The same volume, same thing for the whole track. I'd use it for an intro or something or maybe a drop depending on the track but 3 minutes of it repeated is too much man. Solid design work though.

  48. I got started listening to minimal techno in the 90s, and I really dig this. Don't listen to the people who think every song needs a drop -- this is good stuff! (see my other comment over in my thread for more details.)

  49. I'd turn down the drums, that's 90% of what I heard for that track, let the other element shine through. I liked it overall but that really bugged me. Also I agree with the person Iamablasian, it's the same volume for the entire track, maybe try add in some more dynamics.

  50. Ummm... What's going on with the intro of Lion Heart? Did you recreate it or something? It's not the same as the original. The vocals are really good quality but the instrumental is super low quality. What's with that? Like if you did this with a proper quality version of Lion hearted I'd play it out at the club I play at.

  51. Pretty sweet intro, got a cool hiphop feel to it. Not a fan of the clap/snap in the intro.. Just sounds like a "sloppy wet" sound - I think it might sound cleaner with just a single snap, or a single clap. Perhaps just a personal preference though. Percussion in general is all mixed fairly well. The pulse lead alone could maybe use something else on top? Maybe again just personal preference as I'm not really familiar with this type of genre. Definitely know how to make the sub punch through a lot better than I do. I'm quite the noob on that part. After a second listen I think the lead needs to be complimented a bit more with some kind of atmosphere behind it. Pads? Subtle chords? A bit of reverb maybe? You could even try adding in piano again and write something with that under the lead.

  52. LOVE the sub, and the first lead is great. Would recommend a riser up to the drop, and maybe a shorter intro, I'm imagining like a tsuruda style 8 bar intro then complete switch into this nutty drop. Your vocal samples and second lead sound out of the mix, maybe send it to the same reverb you have on your drums. Also I don't love the vocal samples, the good thing about those types of rap vocal is you could substitute in literally anything, i just think you could do better

  53. Worked on getting the kicks to come through mix with a parallel compression as well as trying to keep sounds evolving to keep it from getting stale. Any feedback would be great.

  54. Kick does not punch through. What's a parallel sidechain? All you need to do is pump your master limiter with a too-hot kick to make it thump, example.;

  55. Hey very new to all of this still, only been at it for a few months. This is the first 'song' that I think I've really done to completion. Kind of tried to give it a trancy feeling. Please let me know what you guys think from everything from sound choices to melody and harmony, and rythem.

  56. I love the build up and intro, but the drop was a little lacking in the low end. Add a sub bass to those synth horns and you'll be set.

  57. the eq curve is trending down towards treble, this can be related to your listening hardware or you simply didin't notice.

  58. Awesome techno track man! I love how you build the tension in your track, it's really hypnotizing. That would be so good in clubs.

  59. You've got a cool little aesthetic happening, but you're right -- the low end is lacking. I'm not really feeling the sub bass, and if I was, the whole track would be stronger. If you look at the bass in your DAW, what frequency range is the sub in? If it's in the usual zone of 30-60Hz or so, you might just need to crank up the level, assuming there's headroom. Or make your own simple sub using a sin wave and get a nice low rumble. This all might be obvious, not sure of your level, but just a couple options.

  60. You're using some pretty low quality samples throughout the track. The build snare is horrible man, like it's extremely low quality. Similar with your kick. Try and find a kick sample that has what you need in the low end. Your gain staging is all over the place too. Try and work on getting things a consistent volume so you're not destroying people's ears. Your high end gets waaaayy out of control in the build and it actually hurts to listen to the end of the build. The build is too loud compared to the drop so it fucks up all the energy and ruins the drop. Try using A/B comparison between pro tracks and EQ'ing your stuff to be similar, it will help a lot.

  61. Like this! Really cool synth sound and nice melody in the main break. I think your snare could do with a bit more high end - sounds a bit flat right now and I think same with your kick. Overall I do think the mix is a bit unclear but what you have structure/melody wise is solid.

  62. are you using sidechain at on the drop? if you are make it stronger to really bring out your kick and the mix could use some work to sort out the muddiness there sounds like a lot of frequency's clashing in the melody and build

  63. I was already following you on SC and this shows why, sick song! When the synths came in at around 1:00 it was awesome, really cool sound. The rising tension you have at 1:30 ish works really well. I like the lead that comes just after that too. Bass sound is sick and I really like the sort of echoey sound you have on the lead.

  64. trying to write as i listen, but you the things i think are missing show up in the next movement. the way it opens at around 1:36 is really cool. i think that delayed/stereo/slide pluck thing could be turned down a little; feels too up front for me.

  65. Overall, song sounds good! - your saw pads are solid in your drop. But to be nit-picky, starting your song off just with your percussion is pretty basic - I'd add something like a one bar fill to just to add a little detail to the production. Little details like that are what really separate out the big names from the bedroom producers.

  66. Check this flame jam made it for an online contest and ran out of time and the mix got fucked up but the beat is dope

  67. Okay, so take a big step back, and really listen to it. Heaps of shit is out of time with the beat. To me it sounds like just a bunch of random samples and shit put into a DAW and all the faders maxed without thought. There's nothing really musical going on in this and I don't really understand where you were going with it. Sorry about being harsh but it's honest feedback.

  68. This is pretty dope for 30 minutes of work. Got a nice groove but I mean it doesn't sound like anything unique considering there's 900000 other remix's of this track. I actually don't mind this one though. Very impressive for 30 minutes.

  69. Damn that's sick for such short time. I'm going to give you feedback on the structure/sound of the track.

  70. Hello guys, I'm new to reddit and I'm new to EDM. I really want to improve my production skills, and I'll be very grateful if you give me some feedback on this remix I've made recently. It's the first remix I ever made. I kept only the vocals from the remix pack. Thank you

  71. An Electro song I made, I would really like some constructive criticism and some good ideas on what to improve. I spend some time tweaking this one before export, but I would like some ideas on the start. Is the kick OK? What would you do? thanks in advance

  72. The kick needs a lot of work. There is no top end in the kick and it gets lost in your mix. You should read up on sidechaining as well. The drum loop gets repetitive and quite boring after a while. Mix it up and bring in new elements into the song. You are also lacking effects, such as risers/uplifters/downlifters. The bass is almost non-existent as well. Create a bassline to go with your chord and melody progression which drives your song. The "bass guitar" bass sound is very boring and kinda lame. Try using a simple saw on a synth at a low octave and just throw it into each 1/4 note on midi and side chain to the kick. This is a very very simple bassline however it will give you an idea of how most electro songs have a bass which drives along with the song. A good way to go about this is use the root note of your chords and just manipulate from there. Have you messed with compressors at all or an EQ? The sounds in your track sound like they are coming straight from a VST or synth with zero tweaking. Overall, based off this track it seems like you're new to production. Read up and watch tutorials on youtube (probably ones specific to your DAW and what genre you want to make). Keep making tracks and eventually everything will start to sound better. Learn a few new elements, then start a new song and apply that new knowledge. You don't even have to finish that song cause you will keep learning and applying new things on every track and eventually you'll realise the last 200 tracks you made are shit, but number 201 is actually pretty awesome and you will appreciate how far you've gone. :) There's LOTS of work that needs to be done, stick with it though. Cheers.

  73. Very cool. The mix sounds great to me. Composition is cool too. It could be even better with some interesting buildups and layering, but that could just be because I'm a house/trance guy. :-) Nice work!

  74. Really liking this. The synths are great, especially the panned ones that come in around 1:30. I think there could maybe be more going on around 2:30-2:50. But yeah the mixing is real tight, every sound feels real crisp, and those horns at the end were totally unexpected, you really got me there. I'd almost be tempted to bring them earlier, in the bit i felt was a bit empty. I wonder if production wise you could have done a bit more to the horns effects wise, maybe some one off phasing effects or delays or something.. Just a thought! Nice work

  75. I really dig the overall vibe of the song - I play a lot of "house" music along with techno (separate sets haha). The sax was eh okay but too blah IMO. Either the samples are poor or recorded poorly but they just didn't feel right. A for effort. The bass was HOT, very nice and definitely "90s" house feel.

  76. It depends on what you're going for, but the extreme panning and amount of like high end fuzz during break was a bit stressful to listen to. Plus I think the static and high ends with the break takes away a lot of the power from the break, I like how the drums sound on the way out, super clean and crisp, but I think during the break they get drained a bit.

  77. Really cool vibe from the start, reminds me of a lot of music in the Drive soundtrack. The scratchy synth that comes in at around 0:20 is really cool.

  78. I like it. A lot. It didn't start like something i would like but the build is very good and the drop is perfect. I love how each part is better than the previous one. The track goes to "Ok" to "Awesome!".

  79. Really nice work~! But in the section around 1:35 - 1:50 I think you isolated too much the vocal samples from the rest of the mix.

  80. Pretty nice, loved the arps. Not a huge fan of the kick though, it seems out of place with it's extreme punchiness. The synth @4:37 is a little too space-y and comes off cheesy imo, could be layered and just made more lush. Also it's cool that you did a long extended concept type of thing, but it feels to me like there's a few different songs that could all flushed out of this one piece, and I think it'd benefit you to boil it down a bit more

  81. Hey there, This is really cool... I'm sitting here drinking a cup of tea, tripping out to this. Good stuff. A few notes:

  82. Listened to this last week, still think that you should take out the high click sound in the kick, and bring up the distorted bass in the mix. Otherwise this is a very solid track.

  83. Hey man, I think I'm late to the party regardring the small fixes in your track, since most of it has been said. Just wanted to say good job, I really like it. It's the kind of dramatic tension in it that really makes great.

  84. Hey guys, the following song was started as a joke with my friend to see who can write the cheesiest/mainstream/bro 128bpm house.

  85. Hahaha this is gold. Sometimes I look at this thread just for fun and you certainly delivered. The drop in particular is really obviously cheesy. It sounds like some national anthem remix. I would push up the higher frequencies on things like the claps, pads etc to make them more bright and shiny. That's the only thing I've got to comment about yet, others who are probably more experienced than I am could maybe expand on some other things.

  86. Kick is too weak - doesn't punch through - parallel compression and sidechaining are your friend. Clap as well - learn to layer snares/claps together to get a much bigger punch, even for bro tracks :-P

  87. Very good track. I'd reduce a little bit the mid/high frequencies, it sound a bit too aggressive too me, especially in the second part when the other synth come. I'd also like to make the kick sound a little bit more fat.

  88. tripp trap haha. But I just listened, my main critique is the syncopation or the percussion. It sounds jittery almost like breakbeat or glitch hoppish in that it throws you off. If you're going for that then it works amazingly. But I get the vibe you're trying to go for trap that makes the room and asses in it shake. I would tighten up the percussion/drums, other than that, the production on this track is fucking dope. It sounds professional which is a huge ++ so good job!

  89. How's the overall mix in this song? Trying to incorporate more in the box midi tools and instruments to strengthen the song.

  90. Nice, man, I like this song. Really cool layering of the vocals. The panning is creative, but it could be a little better controlled to get a better mix I think. There is a main vocal layer that is off to the right a little, but I personally would center that, and put some reverb on it. Then you have the harmony/other vocal layers that you can throw wherever, off to the left/right.

  91. Nice work, pretty energetic! But check you mix levels on the "drop", since the lead is taking too much space in your mix (as it should do), but it leaves other channels, such as the kicks, out. Tip: Use some sidechainning in the drop so it helps the dinamics of your lead.

  92. The lead is cool but it has this slow portamento effect on one of the lower layers that feels a little weird, other than that the buildup and drop are indeed very... housy :p

  93. definitely has a great vibe even though i am not into the big room stuff. Would be dope to hear it in a more tech or even deep house format. Pretty catchy melody and transitions flow well. Nice tension. Could probably beef up the kick a bit and I thought the length could be longer - almost feels abrupt. I echo what others said about the mixing levels. Cheers!

  94. Definitely got some cool vibes and atmosphere going on. But it gets a little monotonous. Maybe some more subtle percussion rhythms to make it a little more interesting. Or switch up the kick pattern during some parts. More build up of tension + release.

  95. I would like some feedback in this track, specially in the mix levels~ For mixing I usually use an EQ in each track in order avoid different channels to overlap, but I don't know if its working "

  96. Right off the bat I notice a harsh click in the first second. I'd fade in the master fader to get rid of that. I also noticed that the track's stereo field is pretty bland. It's all mostly centered, so nothing really smacks me in the face stereo-wise.

  97. Hey man, first of all nice track generally - I like it! Your mixing volume is on point for the most part but I can't help hearing it all clash at 2:17. One mahor think to adjust is your stereo field. It all sounds so centered and that can eventually ruin the mix. Try panning your high-ends (high synths and claps) to the sides and keep your low-end mono. This should make your mix a lot better if you balance it. Anyway, good work :)

  98. This is the first full length song that I have ever made. I've been producing for about 4 months and have been using GarageBand.

  99. Hi guys - taking on a bit of an inspirational work in the late and great Terrence McKenna's quick quote about the role of art. Wanted to see how it flows, vibes, overall "feel" and emotion it may or may not instill or invoke. Definitely been practicing a lot of mixing/mastering so hopefully it's showing in this track as well as automation =) :

  100. The vocal chops are very cool, the paddy chords in the intro are kinda muddy, and I really didn't like the ..snare? you used for the buildup, I think you could've used a much better sample.

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