1. We have no chance of this being legal or affordable in the UK even though it would be the best pain relief possible. Opioids don’t do anything for me.

  2. If you deal with MCAS, a good, well absorbing lotion is a must after a bath too ❤ It's kinda bougie but I love Midsummer night's cream at Trader Joe's. So calming.

  3. Salonpas pain patches, heated mattress pad for all over heat, heating pad for localized, hot baths with menthol bubble bath, lots of rest and sleep, THC if that's available where you live, muscle relaxers, compression sleeves, TENS unit. I'm sure I have more tools in my arsenal but this is all I can think of right now. I experience this quite a bit...more often than not actually. It got more tolerable since I started Lyrica, amitriptyline, and Baclofen, which I got at a pain clinic. Good luck to you, I hope it passes quickly.

  4. I have new chest pain, like I'm in the ER right now., worked in even slightly helping it. I started worrying because I have a clotting issue and can get a DVT very easy.. but of course everything is fine. So I feel like I am faking it, when I know I'm not. I just want f'ing cry. Motrin don't work, Tylenol don't work, hay bath with Epsom salt isn't helping, neither is the lidocaine lotion or sleep

  5. Well, they pretty much stopped prescribing opiates in my state for anything. I have found things like biofreeze to be useful, and a home pt regimen. A good quality heating pad helps me, too

  6. Cannabinoids, direct heat to skin (like an electric heating cape), lots of water (with appropriate electrolyte intake), and lots of lying down while gently changing positions whenever possible.

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