I don’t know what’s wrong with my extruder.

  1. Oh wow, first time seeing this. Yah, I agree. Most likely filament snapped mid print and somehow the filament managed to curl up and formed a perfectly formed spring.

  2. I had this happen yesterday the filament snapped just before it entered the tube while I was a work and the filament had nowhere to go so it spooled like that

  3. First guess would be snapped filament due to a weak spot. But on the other hand, your spring in the cold end seems to be all the way in. On my stock machine I had it much further out. Maybe too much force on the brass wheel due to the spring?

  4. Oh I thought that the tighter the spring the less grip it has on the filament, because it seemed too tight like it was chewing up my filament

  5. I had this same issue. Mine was caused by the tension being to high and it grinded the filament until it broke and spiraled out like yours did. A filament guide like this or similar will help too.

  6. This used to happen to me all the time it’s because your filament is snapping and then getting fed around the gear instead of Bowden tube. Loosen the extruder arm tension spring it shouldn’t be all the way in. Also check retract settings for maximum retract in a distance default is 100 but it should be around 10.

  7. The default extruder has an unfortunate shape which makes it easier for it to deform filament or grind through it, I since switched to a double gear extruder which has an indent in the bit that grabs the filament, so it can’t flatten it

  8. This is caused by a blockage somewhere in the line. Check the nozzle first, and then the bowden tube. Mine did this exact same thing, and it was due to a clog in the nozzle. The extruder kept trying to push, which snapped the filament and corkscrewed like this for awhile. I ended up just replacing the nozzle and it fixed it, but you also may want to check your temp settings and steps/mm speed. If those are wrong you can get a clog and cause this to happen.

  9. I left this over night and when I came in In the morning It looked like this and made a spring out of filament

  10. So, figured out my filaments wet, and I need about 65-70 degrees in the oven but my oven doesn’t go that low. So until I eventually buy a filament dehydrator I’m just buying new stuff, bought some gold petg👍

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