Why do people camp in grey zone ?

  1. Doctrinally, tanks shouldn't be pushing in close to the infantry to take advantage of their longer-ranged MGs and cannon as well as the magnified optics and to reduce the accuracy and effectiveness of infantry AT weapons, it just so happens that many of the maps are poorly designed and have the best enemy positions out of reach of the other team.

  2. This. The only reason if any to use a tank up close if for creating a gap in enemy positions for your team to exploit, preferably on the flank because then you can execute Das Blitzkrieg and if you have a relatively useful team and a second tank with you, it's GG right there.

  3. vehicles in general don't fit the nature of this game, because all the maps are so small (because infantry need to run across them in real time).

  4. Well I think Hoboman2000 says it best, but I'll say this, tanks just don't function like how people think. Between an overheating MG and my cannon reload speed (looking at you Panther), I can't be a frontline weapon without infantry support. Unfortunately without a dedicated squad, randoms won't support you, it's best summed up with

  5. You have to be at stand off range otherwise you get swarmed by demo packs. Most people playing infantry don’t have the smarts to know the tanks need infantry cover. It’s the only option.

  6. Maybe i got lucky but i only ran away to get ammo and i only died at the 4 th checkpointafter being hit 2 times by explosive packs

  7. i didnt camp in the grey zone i played the objective in a tank (i dont have engenier yet so pls dont comment abt the engenier points)

  8. Dont get me started on normandy i had a game right after this where some dickhead sat on a hill in a tiger and none of us could do anything about it

  9. Sane as Battlefield 1: People camp in the grey because they're protected from potential deaths, and can still get kills that way for the grind. It's kinda messed up, but it works, if youre in a tank and moving, you'll need infantry around you, and not just bots either otherwise you'll get yeeted from that tank by Demo packs faster than you can switch targets. I've also read the comments here. Great score! Don't fuss too much about engineer until you get it, then yeah, rally points everywhere man

  10. Grey zone camping tanks are the exact reason I run planes 24/7, if you're good with them you can deal with tanks and other planes, your team will thank you for it too.

  11. I think you don't realize that lvl1 allies vs axis in tunisia is so unbalanced that a single A13 will lock Axis inside their spawns to be camped the entire game.

  12. Idk about some people but I played today for the 1st time in a while and I'm now going to greyzone camp. The moment I got to the front I'd be swarmed by infantry if I stopped for a second, like if the friendly team doesn't wanna help you it's crazy how fast you die. I watched 2 squads run past a guy about to chuck a bundle at me while my guns were reloading -_-

  13. Why would you even ask that. Thats how tanks should work. They at the back shelling enemies. I hate it when a stupid tiger tanker just rushes to the enemy then dies. Tigers should be at the very back using the 88mm to kill them then its armor will protect it from almost anything.

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