Matt Smith Refuses to Let ‘Morbius’ Flop Upset Him: It’s Just a Movie, ‘We’re Not Saving Lives’

  1. Wouldn’t be so sure, I bet a creep like him knows how to find underage girls no matter where he is in the world.

  2. Yeah, but I do wonder what his response would have been if it had been a huge hit and he was getting pummeled with $50M offers.

  3. I was just saying recently that more actors should stop trying to defend the crappy movies they’re in. Like when David Harbour was complaining about the response to the Hellboy remake. We all know it’s a job and sometimes your job sucks. Working actors have to work. If I like an actor and they’re in some trash I don’t stop liking the actor.

  4. Bet he was wishing they canceled the film and never showed it so a bunch of people would be sad they never got to see it.

  5. Coming from him yes. If this same sentiment was being expressed by the director or the producer then not so much.

  6. It’s almost funny how Matt Smith keeps getting attached to these movies and shows that happen to backfire in their respective franchises. Between this and that Terminator movie (and possibly the new GoT show) he might need a new agent.

  7. At risk of getting roasted here, I thought he made a really good vampire antagonist, and his casting as a vampire antagonist was basically the only redeeming feature of the film.

  8. You know he does more than franchise projects? He’s been in plenty of great films and shows, honestly more often than anything else. But because of the terminator movie and this he needs a new agent? I mean let’s be fair if your agent is landing you a role in the terminator that’s a good agent, it’s not their fault that the movie ends up being bad, the agents are not precognitive. And on paper a role in a semi-marvel movie and Game of Thrones is also a good look, and also probably a good paycheck. I’m sure he’s very happy with his agent.

  9. The character he’s playing in House of the Dragon is going to be a massive fan favorite, easily. Possibly THE fan favorite

  10. Matt Smith is a delightful person and he’s good in everything he does, but a lot of it doesn’t have much to be good in.

  11. My controversial take - I loved Smith’s doctor almost slightly more than Tennant. His death scene speech is one which I reply quite often

  12. Tbh matt was the best part of that movie. If everyone had been as over the top and cartoonish as him it might have even been campy fun

  13. He's had bad luck. He had a big role in Rise of Skywalker that got completely cut when they rewrote all the Palpatine resurrection nonsense. He'd filmed a bunch of it. Literally showed up, got dressed did the work and then they were like, "We need to do something dumber and worse. Let's cut that entire part of the movie."

  14. Matt is a smart guy. I’m sure like everyone else in the world (minus Jared Leto and Sony executives) he figured how a Jared Leto led vampire movie would turn out. Easy money. No shoots at harsh location, no elements to contend with, just film sets and a few weeks of work.

  15. I'm going to be the guy that says it wasn't that bad. It was made worse because of who was in it rather than the content itself, imo.

  16. I just think Jared Leto looks like a douche and if it was a different actor playing the morbius part I probably would’ve been more interested. That said, I’ll still watch the movie when it streams because I’d like to know how and if it’ll play a larger part in any future MCU franchise mash up movies

  17. Meh. I liked the movie. Critics opinions are irrelevant at this point in my life. I would've skipped alot of interesting movies had I listened to them.

  18. It was honestly a decent flick and more consistent then most of what the MCU has put out this year, I enjoyed it atleast.

  19. Dude it had 2 theater runs and spawned a ton of internet content, I wouldn't call it a flop. I mean maybe it didn't make "money" but how much joy has it brought to us?

  20. Yea it was a box office success, too. It's only sin was not being preceded by the red Marvel comic intro.

  21. Theres nothing to be upset about, the fanbase loves morbius and the critics will eventually realise its cinematic genius and Matt smith’s role in the most iconic and culturally impactul scene in recent cinema.

  22. Am I the only person who enjoyed Morbius? Especially the part where the bad guy dances to that horrible song, that was hilarious!

  23. I enjoyed it too. I wasn't even going to watch it, but everyone was making fun of it, so I decided to watch it out of curiosity. It was an OK movie to me.

  24. i'm both marvelled out and vampired out. so a perfecta of no for me. Honestly i think we need a 10 year ban on superhero movies. Then fuckit, they can just reboot them all again.

  25. As someone who was a fan of the MCU from the time it started when I was 8 to like late last year they’re gonna run that shit into the ground I don’t enjoy it anymore

  26. Lol that's some Grade A copium if I've ever seen it. "flop" is a funny way of describing a movie so bad it inspired a generation to turn it into a meme of such epic proportion they fooled the producers into rereleasing the film JUST for it to fail again. Its a horrible, hilarious piece of media, but far from a flop

  27. Love this logic but tbh exactly the reason I stopped working on movies. 80+ hour work weeks in awful conditions for “entertainment” just ain’t worth it. Glad he’s not taking it to hard on himself tho, at the end of the day it’s just moving pictures

  28. Good for him. I loved it myself, but I've gotten sick of directors/creators blaming hateful fans for their failures.

  29. No Matt, it's not just a movie. It's THE movie of our generation. To dismiss it as anything less than marvelous is well...Morbius.

  30. I like Matt Smith. I really hope they'll make him the next Toby MacSpidermen as I think he'd do well in that role.

  31. Honestly I thought the acting of Smith and Leto was good but the script was terrible. I mean you can only do so much with a piece of shit

  32. Not knowing anything about the character beforehand, I really enjoyed this movie; I actually thought it was one of the better marvel movies that came out in the last 12 months. Can someone explain the hate?

  33. Totally agree. I go to be entertained. I’m not there to be saved snd frankly, I’m getting a little irritated at being “editorialized” to every time I want some fun.

  34. Well at least I made it halfway through Morbius, which is more than I can say for Multiverse of Madness which was just trash.

  35. I worked at a production company that distributed really big films with Paramount. Everyone took themselves and their “film careers” so damn seriously. I loved my boss who always said, “we’re only making movies. We’re not saving lives.” if there was ever a mistake or something went south. I appreciated that so much.

  36. idk, they should have kept Morbius's transylvanian accent from the cartoon show's in the movie. lol

  37. People need to stop hiring Leto as an actor. He's just not good. He needs to stick to singing where people don't need to see his face.

  38. I guess I'm rather alone here, but after just watching it last night I'm super confused why it's getting this internet wide hate train?!? While it wasn't the best marvel flick it's also FAR from the worst. Is it just because Leto was in it? Do we hate him now?

  39. That's because every movie Matt Smith is in flops. He's never had any successful work outside of TV. He is like James Corbin, a name that if I see on a movie roster, means it's going to be shit.

  40. Please let this be a response to the Eternals cast saying they were “saving lives” with their diversity and inclusion bullshit.

  41. “I got paid, and gave as good of a performance as I can with the script that I was given. Was successful to me.”

  42. Gleiberman is a bit off. it’s not exactly Marvel that made it, so he can’t really lump it in with that film studio.

  43. If it was a success- we’d have heard a speech like he’s Will Smith at the Oscars accepting an award after slapping a host, totally tone-deaf, acting like he’s bigger than any moment

  44. Clearly, you didn’t take the act of doing your JOB as seriously as those who DO save lives, asshole. This movie sucked so much.

  45. You know the world is evolving in a weird way when “flop” is used as regular terminology

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