Newsmax Contributor Jenna Ellis Says Club Q Victims Are Burning In Hell: "They Are Now Reaping The Consequences Of Having Eternal Damnation"

  1. Idk about “dying” but damn I wish they would just keep to themselves like everyone else about their shit “beliefs”

  2. I think for younger people, it's less about religion "dying". It's more that they see the church and how corrupt, intolerant, and basically un-Christlike it's become since the evangelicals got in bed with conservative politics. People aren't necessarily rejecting the teachings of Jesus, they're looking at how the Church engages in "Cafeteria Christianity"- Where they pick and choose quotes from scripture, take them out of their context, and use them to beat people they don't like over the head with. They see the liars and hypocrites and they're rejecting we all should.

  3. Is it time for the rapture yet, get these crazy fuckers off this planet and into their heaven full of like minded shit heads?

  4. wtf is wrong with people? I don't get this passionate hate for people that aren't 'like me'. You control your own life...other people only do so if you let them. Just mind ya own business.

  5. Conservatives quickly pivoted from “violence is never the answer” to “maybe if they were less gay theyd still be alive”

  6. The existence of contradictory worldviews calls into question one’s own worldview. Many people can’t willingly adjust their existential opinions without having an existential crisis, and a coping mechanism is the attempt to remove the conflicting opinions from their sphere of influence. That way they don’t have to think about being wrong as often. I’m convinced that this is why many conservative supporters are content with authoritarian leaders, who will force compliance with their chosen religion.

  7. What she said is biblically correct but these people are hypocrites of the highest order and if in fact there is a heaven/hell Jenna Ellis will burn in the deepest depths of Hell.

  8. All Catholics are Christian’s, but not all Christian’s are Catholics. She’s not a Catholic, she’s a Protestant Evangelical Christian.

  9. It involves someone in the entertainment industry, so it fits the sub. I mean, I wouldn't call Newsmax news or other means of journalism, no matter what the name implies (see also: Fox News). But no, it is not entertaining.

  10. The Bible doesn't have a single word from Jesus about gay people. Why are supposedly Christian conservatives so obsessed with condemning homosexuality? These "Christians" should read their own holy book and recognize that their savior told them not to judge others.

  11. Well, she seems delightful… horrible. Ew. Why are there still people like this? Also, if the whole LGBTQ+ community WERE in hell, that’s where I’m going, cuz that party gonna be LIT AF

  12. She’s right that the most important tenet of christian fundamentalism is where the person will spend eternity…..which makes a WONDERFUL argument for abortion: 100% of aborted souls go to Heaven, according to these proselytizers, bypassing the massive chance of going to Hell for those unfortunate non-aborted. So choose Death!

  13. Ask her why her god is such a piece of shit. Why worship something that deals out eternal damnation? Only makes sense if you’re a coward.

  14. If Jenna Ellis is headed for Heaven then hell is definitely my jam. Unless there is someplace further away from her than hell, then I choose that.

  15. My dad is a progressive pastor, and he said something chilling to me. “Wouldn’t it be funny if all this time, we, the American church, was the Antichrist all along?”

  16. A beast with many heads? Sounds about right. Putting to death anyone who isn’t with them? Creating false idols? Sounds about right to me.

  17. Jenna is living in hell already. After basically ruining any chance at a real career in law after representing Trump, and having Rudy Giuliani fart on her, and having to hang out with Mike Lindell, she’s working at Newsmax - a pariah state for people too kooky for Fox News

  18. Doesn't he say "if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life crippled than with two hands to go to hell, to the unquenchable fire" (Mark 9:43)? Also, for those who do not enter the narrow door of faith and repentance in Jesus (Luke 13:24) a place of weeping and gnashing teeth awaits them (Luke 13:28)? So it seems to be if your believe homosexuality is a sin then you believe Jesus said they will go to Hell. Certainly not antithetical.

  19. Most right of center American churches preach Old Testament damnation for gays (though curiously not for heterosexuals living in sin—unmarried, casual sex, children out of wedlock etc).

  20. And this worthless bucking fitch thinks she's going to heaven. This is why I gave up my religion as a teen. Imagine going to heaven and she's there.

  21. This was the bimbo they planted next to rudy guiliani while his hair was leaking down to the floor during that press conference. She's really just an awful human being in every aspect.

  22. All I'm going to say is she deserves 100% of any negative thing that happens to her as a result of these comments, regardless what it is.

  23. Like a nightclub in the morning, you're the bitter end Like a recently disinfected shithouse, you're clean round the bend You give me the horrors Too bad to be true All of my tomorrows Are lousy 'cause of you You put the Shat in Shatter Put the Pain in Spain Your germs are splattered about Your face is just a stain

  24. what a filthy waste of a human she is. no love like christian hate. she’s hate incarnate. here’s to desperately hoping that her garbage becomes obsolete before she destroys and disrespects more innocent people. what scum.

  25. Eh, if they’re not, I’m not seeing enough of them come out of the wood works to shut these people down. If you sit at a table of pigs, you might just be a pig yourself.

  26. Just one step away from saying mass murderers are doing the lords work. It makes it harder for level headed people to take her seriously, but that’s not really their target audience, is it?

  27. Doesn’t her God say to not judge others? Doesn’t her Jesus say to love others and love everyone? What Bible are they reading yo?

  28. My idea of hell and damnation would be spending eternity in "heaven" with the likes of Jenna Ellis and the festering bags of syphilitic pus that make up the religious right.

  29. If you believe in a god that will inflict eternal torture on someone that god made simply because of who that person loves….. you need to find a new god.

  30. The Right sure are showing their true colors this time around, aren't they? With Pulse they pretended, but they just don't give a shit now. And they wonder why younger voters want nothing to do with them.

  31. There is no excuse for her to even say this out loud. These are ppl’s children not animals to take out to slaughter. She may want to have a little talk with Jesus about her sin of judging.

  32. This is just a disgusting comment to say. Regardless of what your beliefs are lady, speaking ill of the dead is never a good thing. Shame on you.

  33. Fuck this person. She’s not a Christian. She’s a bigot who shrouds herself with religion to spread hate. Jesus would be ashamed of her.

  34. When Rudy farting covid on you is the high water mark of your career. This is what happens when you thirst for another taste of that limelight.

  35. Right, so her "religion" is one where everyone but her type, burns in hell. No wonder there are so many agnostics, who'd wanna join that club?

  36. Almost makes you wish heaven and hell were real because I’ll be laughing at all these Christian’s when I see them in hell.

  37. I firmly believe that these so called christians will find them selves in hell. After they go to the gates for judgement and are found up have constantly broken their own 9th commandment over and over. As well as ignoring mathew 7:1 constantly. They will get their own judgement eventually.

  38. " I would rather burn in hell forever than spend one day in paradise with Spaniards." Taino Warrior Hatuey. Asked to convert to christianity before his execution.

  39. Religion is evil and fake. People have been brainwashed by this nonsense for thousands of years. Wake up. It is not real. There is no heaven, no hell, no fake guy in the sky calling balls and strikes. Nothing.

  40. A sin is a sin. She lied repeatedly for her new boy god KIng Drumpf. No lying is a commandment not a suggestion. She also bears false witness on a regular basis. There is no commandment against gay sex. So who is the religious scholar who didn’t point this out to her? She will be in jail soon and then maybe she will enter the find out phase of this mess she created.

  41. I hope religion dies off forever so sharp faced cunts like this have no platform to stand on. Religion is just an excuse for pieces of shit like this to act like pieces of shit

  42. I honestly miss the days pre social platforms where I could imagine the country I live in wasn’t full of this many religious psychopaths

  43. Man, I remember when conservatives would at least try to pretend that they aren’t hateful bigots after hate crimes were committed. But I guess they’ve completed their transition back to a pre-civil right America.

  44. This is why I'll always oppose Christianity as the evil and vile ideology it is and has proven EVERYTIME in history and current events it is not something we should tolerate in a modern civilized world. Its in a constant competition with Islam as most destructive and backwards ideology known to mankind.

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