Lead Exposure May Have Lowered The IQ of Half of Americans Since 1940.

  1. A good knock to the head can have the same impact. Lead causes straight-up brain damage. Hats used to be lined with it.

  2. Which leads to the theory that I subscribe to where leaded gasoline is to blame for the serial killer wave of the 60s-70s-80s

  3. Lead is a huge contributer but other things contribute to that as well. Its been said smog also contributed to the lowering of people's I.Q. especially in inner cities during the same era where environmental laws were often non-existent or very loose at best.

  4. I'm sure a study on microplastics will yield a similar effect either cognitive or increase in cancer

  5. Still happening disproportionately in southern states, black communities, and ESPECIALLY black communities in southern states. Fucked from birth, what a shame

  6. Neurogenesis continues through your life, but as it's an expensive process, your body needs the right diet and low stress to invest the resources.

  7. Yup. It's been eroding fast after the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine, which required news sources to stick to facts, instead of, you know, the outright lies spewed by fox news

  8. I was just thinking about this the other day. I have 3 siblings and we all grew up in a very old house in New Mexico (50’s/60’s). The paint was always peeling off the walls. The 4 of us grew up with all types of learning disabilities. I’m the only one of the 4 that finished high school and went to college (never finished) and it was a struggle. My mom was pretty sharp and always had good jobs…at a time when it was rare for a woman to succeed in her field. My dad died when I was very young from seizures, but all indications show he was no dummy. I’d like to think that had we grown up in different time and place our world would have been much better…and brighter.

  9. by learning disabilities dont you mean like dyslexia and dyscalculia? because i thought the whole point was that they werent caused by low intelligence and sometimes run in families?

  10. My sisters and I were exposed to lead poisoning at a young age. My parents were scraping paint off the walls of our very old house (I promise that aside from this, they are VERY good parents).

  11. Similar situation, grew up in a house where almost every painted surface was cracked and flaking lead paint. Also had just....chunks of it laying around that I remember playing with (father was a metal worker and hoarder) I showed almost every symptom of lead poisoning as a child and now as a adult can barely function. Its such a shame, my parents were smart, and my sister who avoided growing up in that house is a genius, but I get treated like an idiot (i mean, I am, but i get treated like i need to just try having a better brain) anyway, its sad. Sorry you guys experienced this lead poisoning too.

  12. I hope everyone realizes that the air, ground and water in the United States is actually cleaner than it was even a fifty years ago. And in some places even a hundred years ago. There was no EPA regulations back then. There was strip mining that put poisons in the water.that started in the 1850s . Industrial chemicals were just dumped in the water, or buried in unmarked sites ( which later became superfund clean up sites like Love Canal) . People died quicker from things like black lung. Lead was used in paint and to sodier water pipes. Radium was given as medicine in the 1920s and used in household products. Nuclear tests were conducted in the open air.

  13. I would have been so smart... but my crazy dad had open coal fires in the house. I remember lead and asbestos. I guess it's a good sign I remember.

  14. I grew up with my grandmother and my grandfather worked in an asbestos factory. Needless to say I never met the man

  15. I grew up partly around a lot of junk incineration. I wish there had been more outreach. My neighbors mostly had no clue how direct the risks were.

  16. I think cable is proof of that. We went from interesting scripted shows to channels filled with reality trash.

  17. It also explains democrats who jerk themselves off thinking they're making a difference when both parties are literally trying to maintain the very Same status quo for the capital holding elite. You're both neoliberal scum, just form one giant "party of the bourgeoisie" and let the people actually run a candidate that opposes both of their bullshit.

  18. Problem with this statement is that urban areas were definitely effected more and is still effected at a higher rate than rural/suburbs. We also know that historically urban areas vote blue.

  19. Scientists constantly trying to find an excuse for willful ignorance. They just refuse to believe people can actually be that stupid for no reason.

  20. Just look at the people who can read an article highlighting how lead exposure affects urban (D) populations far more than rural (R) populations yet still somehow turn it into a "right-wing bad" comment because their IQ has been so heavily affected they can't think of anything else to say.

  21. Don't forget leaded gasoline was a thing for a long time in dirty-burning gas guzzlers. That pumped tons into the air for everyone everywhere to breathe.

  22. Wait til they do the studies on the affect of social media; you'll wish people were pouring paint in their corn flakes.

  23. I've been thinking this for years as more and more of the aging population inexplicably slips into dementia in earlier years. Whenever a new study comes out about the mysteries of mental decline all I think is "Lead. It's lead! Why is no one talking about air pollution and lead?"

  24. The literature has been out there for decades. This is fairly accepted science at this point. But there's nothing to be done about it now (except get rid of our remaining lead pipes, paint, etc) so there's never really been a concerted effort to inform the public about it. It has become one of those problems that just gets swept under the rug because talking about it doesn't have any upside for the people in power or in control of the media.

  25. That explains a lot. Just wait until we find out what all these new materials in pharmaceuticals and plastics are doing.

  26. Drug usage, bad chemical in everything that can be eatable/drinkable/breathable, bad habit/bad life style, kids having kids/dumb f***' having kids, etc. There is so many reason why human are the dumbest and in all end we are going directly to Idiocracy type of world (that's if we don't die before).

  27. Yes, unfortunately those affected by lead exposure are now referred to as Trump supporters. Handicapped is not politically correct anymore.

  28. I’ve thought about this ever since I first found out about leaded gasoline years ago, and have always wondered just how much it contributed to the general lack of intelligence we see in much of humanity these days, particularly the Boomer generation. People always get defensive whenever you start discussing intelligence on an actual quantifiable level… it’s like nobody wants to admit there’s such a thing a measurable intelligence and always claim everything is just subjective. So most people seem unwilling to go down this road and actually fully analyze just how smart or dumb we really are. Wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, after all, right?

  29. While I don't doubt that this and other forms of pollution have had adverse effects on the health of millions of Americans, this seems dubious since IQ has no actual scientific basis in the first place.

  30. What is this narrative that it’s all of a sudden lead is an issue when we solved this shit 38 years ago. This is why we removed leaded gasoline and leaded paint and glass and everything almost 4 decades ago.

  31. I believe it. Look how we act and react to everything in America. One of the most violent places in Earth. Mass incarceration, corruption everywhere, irrational politicians and judges.

  32. Surely there’s a civil case here against producers and sellers. They have a duty of care, and so far it looks like they destroyed quadrillions of brain cells and made many people stupid(er) in the USA. Take them to court people, before you’re too stupid to do so.

  33. I hear some case of people suffering from “long covid” when they have ‘brain fog’, I wonder if this could be similar in reducing IQ for some people.

  34. IQ is not real as normal people understands it, I am sorry to say that. It is fine at finding mentally challenged individuals, but trying to group it like that saying that everybody got a lower IQ does not make sense, firstly it is based on a the average. :-) if the the total average drops by 5% then the IQ does not move. Trying to say that people are getting cognitively more challenges as a society, I would need some more data than a single article. :-)

  35. Lead concentration’s especially noteworthy in terms of distributional impact on ethnic/racial minorities. Remediation initiatives on an international scale could not only substantially boost global GDP, but also significantly improve academic outcomes across the board (Lead-> deleterious impact on cognitive development/IQ).

  36. Also turned them into criminals. Lead is a neurotoxin that destroys the brains ability to think about the consequences of one’s actions.

  37. This is the type of shit I’ve been talking about forever. Heavy metals and chemicals run rampant in our land, food, water, and within our homes. People want something to blame, but our entire society is physically toxic. It was only a matter of time till it infiltrated our minds

  38. 1999 in the UK...apparently in London ,lead levels are still high ..I imagine that could be for a few cities ... Maybe the general state of education in the U.S is to blame .Selective education of subjects ... Still North Vs South ...🥱

  39. This may explain the seemingly enormous number of people who lack critical thinking skills and swallow conspiracies whole.

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