Dozens of turtles, dolphins and other marine species have been found dead on Guatemala's Pacific coast, prompting an official investigation. As many as 65 turtles, most of them of the Olive Ridley variety, and 14 dolphins were discovered dead earlier this week

  1. If you’ve seen the amount of waste that is in their rivers this wouldn’t even be a surprise. It’s absolutely disturbing

  2. Let's not forget all the waste from Cruise ships as well as waste from the United States due to lacked environmental regulations in order to meet the Shareholders interest.

  3. yeah theres no way to say this that's going to sound good, but i hope someone intentionally poisoned them somehow because if this is climate change related, like they just hit the tipping point finally and these are the ones that went over (died), that to me is basically the worst sign possible. i obviously dont fucking know anything, im just some fucking ex-JRE listener, but if this is because the water isn't livable now for even just some animals, then feels to me we're like 5 years out from real chaos. ie we're not making it to 2050 like they keep saying

  4. I made a comment requesting the same and was down voted. Glad you're gaining traction. Fishing is awful!

  5. Stop eating wild caught fish.* Additionally, the vast majority of waste in the ocean is washed or dumped in(~80% I think).

  6. The thing is, we AREN'T heading for a catastrophe. It would be better if we were. We are actually heading for slow slow starvation, slow loss of life around us, mass migration, rising costs, crumbling government and then martial law etc.

  7. 95% of Guatemala's waters are heavily polluted. It is likely the heavy rains caused a surge of that polluted water to exit to the seas nearby.

  8. Wonder if it has anything to do with the horror of war and what they’re doing to the environment over there. These travel currents in the ocean Must be so disturbed by now

  9. So, God has watched all this up until this point and is now going to be like “oh ya, my bad, I got this” and then just start helping?

  10. Magnetic pole shift all things magnetic like magma and tectonic plates their built in gps is off not to mention cleansing season

  11. I’m half Guatemalan and this makes me sad…Guatemalans love the oceans. It’s literally on the flag.

  12. According to the scientific community magma is magnetic, which is flowing in a different location, in turn cause tectonic plates to shift which in turn is changing the magnetic poles which in turn effect the mammals and birds

  13. Liberals killed them all with there cocaine and heroian that Biden ordered. Keep the sheep drugged up and drinking that cool aid.

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