Brexit poll: Two years on, two-thirds of Britons support a future referendum on rejoining the EU

  1. There aren't any. We've been trying to explain that to the 52% for years but apparently we're part of project fear.

  2. Let's not forget that there was a colossal disinformation campaign lead by a few wealthy people and russia. The whole Cambridge Analytica stuff was just one part of it. It is in russias interest to break the EU apart and deal with individual countries rather than the EU.

  3. It was conservative’s party propaganda to get into power if I’m correct. They pulled the most sensitive topic,limiting migrants and supposed money loss due to being in EU. People bought it. So people I know that voted leave that tell me they believed Tory bullshit few years back today they regret that decision and want them off the power.

  4. What most people on this sub forget is that big European countries with populations in the 10s of millions contain diversity of views, and elections are basically about the balance of views. "The UK" doesn't think X and "France", for example thinks Y.

  5. It was a coup within the British power structures were a faction felt sharing any genuine power with the rest of a pan-European club was unacceptable (as Murdoch said "When I go to Westminster they listen to me, when I go to Brussels they ignore me").

  6. I've written this in another thread, but when Trump was happening and I saw Brexit I just thought, "Well, we're not that bad".

  7. Basically, the right-wing newspapers, which dominate the national news, persuaded the working class, mostly in the North of England, that the reason they were struggling financially was because the EU was taking all the country's money and all the jobs were going to Poles, Romanians, and Bulgarians, and that the reason the NHS was overcrowded was because of all the immigrants from Eastern Europe and the greedy EU taking all the money that could be spent on healthcare. This is despite the fact that all of these problems appear to be the result of subpar government planning and decades of neglect in the North of England.

  8. To be honest, it isn’t about “getting”, it was about xenophobia / racism, cherry picking on laws, attempt to steal from the union, misbelief that United Kingdom is the strongest economy on earth as according to them they were financing the EU, and so on. Hence why, I would be glad to have them where they are, out of EU, so now, as according to them they are the strongest economy on earth they can buy what they need from the EU and pay full taxes ( what isn’t a problem because they have infinite money) and then really finance part of the EU.

  9. Let's not fool ourselves, I'm not from there but I have absolutely no doubt that when answering the question, the people mentally add "with the terms and conditions we had before" to the question.

  10. They learned nothing. There is currently no "rejoin" path for UK, specially on conditions they want

  11. Le Pen came 2nd in the French presidential election. Meloni and Salvini are in government in Italy. PVV is polling level with VVD in the Netherlands. Orban is PM of Hungary. PiS govern in Poland.

  12. They should learn from the mistake and allow Scotland to have its independence referendum, this time without the proud English bois giving in their own opinions on how Scotland will be worse off if they leave them.

  13. And we (the EU) need to learn as well. If the UK wants to rejoin, they should not get the special treatment they did before. We need to think long and hard about the costs and benefits of every applicant. "Everyone is welcome" doesn't cut it anymore.

  14. If the UK applied to rejoin, would they have to meet the same criteria and rules as other new applicants? ERM, Euro etc?

  15. Euro is not binding anyways. You are obliged as a member state to move towards implementation, but nowhere does it say hoe long that should take.

  16. Plausible. Because the privileges they used to enjoy are not in the cards anymore. It won't be like how it was.

  17. All the other ingredients for Brexit 2.0 are still in place, just need to add some more EU Membership...

  18. Why would any party waste their time on the question? It’s obvious there is no majority in the UK that would accept rejoining the EU under normal conditions.

  19. TBH what I find more depressing is that few of the underlying issues. that caused people to vote for brexit. have been dealt with.

  20. I am very much in that position myself. Never wanted any of this Brexit bs. It was always stupid and I want to fix or at least limit the damage as soon as possible.

  21. Ironically they're literally the exact sort of idiots that fell for the worst, most populist Brexit propaganda. They only select shitty tabloid sources that tell them what they want to hear, such as these Independent articles, and then believe everything it prints as fact. The idea that rejoining has even begun to enter mainstream political conversations in the UK is just this sub's cirlejerk fantasy.

  22. Pal, you're all into having your former position back while it was unjust. It's not "haha" but recall how your leave campaign had? Of course people will laugh back at racist or xenophobic remarks and smug nonsense. Not that Brexit, by itself, was racist or xenophobic etc., but propaganda for it was - and you expect some sympathy after all that? Including one coming from your own PM about swarm of migrants. Especially if you're into having the unjust nonsense going on but now you losing it? Yes, people are also with sentiments regarding your exceptions and still expecting these to be.

  23. Not everyone. Most of people in eastern EU see UK as more reliable partner rather than France or Germany, so you are welcome :)

  24. I'm no native speaker so correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the article, or essentially the title say that 2/3 support a referendum? Not the return to the EU? Just the referendum?

  25. When people want a referendum is because they either want in or out. Last time was out because they were in, now they tested it and dont like lets join back lol.

  26. It's more like "Babe they took me away form you but I think about you every day and I'm trying to get back"

  27. If UK wants to come back they have to adhere to Eurozone. And we could get Queen Elizabeth II on the 1€ coins.

  28. That’s one’s gonna be a hard sell for a lot of British people even remainers. Most people in the UK are completely opposed to joining the Eurozone even prior to Brexit.

  29. I think more generally, UK should join EU only if they want to actually be in the EU, and build united Europe together.

  30. This will not happen in a million years. The British population would rather be in poverty than have to pay with euros.

  31. My biggest fear is that if the UK rejoins the EU, Farage will be back at the EP sprouting anti EU bs.

  32. The level of vitriol between EU and British comments on this thread are as nearly bitter as the vitriol between Remainers and Brexiteers.

  33. Lots of very cringey comments from Europeans who have this misplaced sense of superiority that the EU is something kind of holistic nirvana.

  34. Better now and cut the crisis although they won’t get their “special conditions” they had last time - curious what they think about that.

  35. Yea...its too funy. Please remember the vote was painfuly close to 50/50 at the time so for 48.1% of brits this is still not fucking funny....

  36. No, it's crushingly sad. Millions of persons under a right wing government have had their union taken away from them and are losing human rights because of it.

  37. They just wasted 5 years bickering while leaving. Before that they spend 30 years cherrypicking and sabotaging the EU from within.

  38. Yea when these polls comes up it usually does not go any deeper because if they did, the polls would realize the british want the same deal they had when they left. Which is just not happening. So they would have to accept all the same rules and regulations of the EU and that inteslf is just not popular.

  39. What is happening in the UK ELI5? The economy is going to shrink in 2023, but so is in many European countries?

  40. Yes, but UK economic performance is worse than most of the EU since COVID. Also, forecasts for the next few years are worse. Especially for growth.

  41. Sad to see neighbor country having a hard time. If UK wants to enter EU than do it without exceptions like other EU members. Not like Switzerland. But I doubt it will happen in next decade. Maybe in 50 years.

  42. Say what you want, but I applaud everyone in this poll who admitted to their original mistake. The UK belongs in the EU and Europe will also be better for having them back.

  43. As a european living and working in the UK I pray for this to be true, not the poll itself but a future referendum.

  44. Exactly right. We can’t just rejoin (which is why no party is campaigning to do that). We need to make serious democratic reforms first, in particular around media honesty and accountability, and electoral reform to stop the Tories taking absolute power with 40% of the vote time after time so that they can force through this dumb shit.

  45. Because any reasonable person knew that most of the leave campaigns were utter bullshit and were telling lies. And yet so many fell for it, not listening to what the whole of EU said.

  46. I for one would except them back lets stop this diveding stuff and unify a bit more, thank you. (We csn trade them for hungary maybe?) (Or even better just orban) (Can we trade the UK for Orban?)

  47. I remember reading on several occasions in newspapers such as the Times, back in the 1980s that the EEC was initially planned by the NAZIs. This has not been repeated since then, presumably with the Internet, such allegations may be easily debunked. However, my generation, which voted heavily for Brexit, secretly believed that the EU was designed by the Germans to conjure Europe.

  48. Unsurprising; The grey vote was a significant reason for the success of the pro-Brexit camp. Over half a decade later (and post Covid) I’m not even confident the 2% that facilitated Brexit are necessarily even alive (or would be by the next referendum).

  49. If they UK did rejoin it's power would naturally allow them to negotiate exemptions. Britain is a big military, cultural and economic power despite all the current wailing and gnashing of teeth in the media. Britain already has strong bilateral agreements on military lines with France for example and it's re-entry would be a big blow to the Russians and Chinese from a power politics POV. If EU really does have ambitions to be big an independent super power then it can't do it without UK knowhow.

  50. Because this sub wants to believe this so much that they'll cling onto anything that says were either suffering due to brexit or want to return. You could have a survey between your mates and they'd post it on here if it said they regretted brexit.

  51. Because it was the most catastrophic decision to have been taken in my lifetime, and it's only 6 years on. Why do you expect silence on the matter?

  52. UK doesn’t use the imperial system except for road signs and even they’re spaced at metric intervals. And you can buy a pint of milk or beer. But that’s it; we’re 100% metric otherwise.

  53. To be fair, the little signs on the side of the motorway measure the road in km, not miles. Not many people know that.

  54. The UK should not rejoin only for financial reasons. People need to feel European first. Not even all people that voted Remain truly feel a part of the European community.

  55. Of course. The huge receipts Romania takes from the EU pot has absolutely nothing to do with their passionate European identity.

  56. The UK spanked way more money on COVID than most other countries so I'm not sure where the idea of a COVID package not passing comes from.

  57. ... I live on a continent with three giant federations. It is truly confusing how British people, at least at one moment, thought that leaving a giant federation would be immediately beneficial. It looks like enough people are catching on to what Canadians, Mexican, Americans, and the bulk of Europeans innately know.

  58. This sub wants to believe this is true so much that it will believe a survey from this rag. The hate in the comments is pretty pathetic as well.

  59. I mean, it's just a funny little poll, especially when you look at the wording and thing about it a little bit. Still funny tho!

  60. Rejoining would be lengthy and complicated. We left the tent due to a firehose of lies. Rejoining won't be like lifting the flap and waltzing back in. I'm not sure EU members will have the goodwill to expedite membership because of our Brexiters' behaviour. Our economy hardly makes us an attractive partner either.

  61. Why a referendum? There is no constitutional need for it, as there was no constitutional need for the Brexit referendum either.

  62. That’s nice and all, but we don’t want you back, or only on our terms, which probably aren’t agreeable to you!

  63. If 2/3 wants to rejoin there is no reason anymore for Starmer to insist on his ludicrous ‘we’ll make Brexit work’ platitudes. I hope he will but I fear he won’t.

  64. Now the UK will need to negotiate with current members states and likely make a lot of concessions to return the EU.

  65. Well, as one of a few Europeans who watches the EU-congress, I'm glad that Nigel Farrage left, as all what he had to do in the European Parliament was to throw shit at others!

  66. What I don’t think they realize in the UK is you will go NO carve outs. You will have to take The Euro. You will have to take on The EUHC.

  67. The issue was and is federalism , the EU wants its institutions to have central control and we don’t want that. n Nothing to do with racism or even economics ( we know/knew trade would be affected ). I wish the EU every success in its social experiments , personally it’s not for me. And two years on , let’s see after 10 how things are.

  68. I do not want them back in, they made their choice. It is not like a hotel that you can go in and out as you please. Moreover, when they were in they always demanded (and obtained) all sort of privileges (exemptions, opt outs ecc.), I do not want this again. You want out, stay out.

  69. How deep are brexitlanders stuck in their own asses to not realise that the world is not circling around them?

  70. Ya no thanks, the UK government is not even close to admit if was the biggest mistake in British modern history. Maybe in future, but right now I don't want a country that talked to much shit about us in our Union.

  71. Sadly BREXIT was doomed to fail because the one world cabal was determined to see to that !! They will not allow any descent !! To go against their globalist agenda is to go against the goal they have sought for so long .

  72. The conditions that EU nations are going to impose almost certainly make this a poison pill (unitary currency, greater federalization, no more UK carve-outs etc.)

  73. Explain to me like I'm 5: What is the Brexit? What was the benefits at the time? What were supposed to be the benefits? Who orchestrated it? I hope for a breakdown.

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