Holiday abroad (Eurostat 2019)

  1. Slovakia can thank the czech tourists for all the jobs they created in the rescue sector. I mean 90% of all rescue missions in Slovakia involve a drunk czech hiker in flip-flops.

  2. I might guess the map ignores local visitors, if it was included, probably Spanish flag would be also over Spain.

  3. The funny thing is that some Spaniards kind of 'hate' French people, but I suppose it's happens everywhere with neighbour countries. And I live 2 hours from France, and they have nice cheeses.

  4. My dad lives in Southern Spain on the coast and whenever I visit in the winter we drive through a town (I forget the name) to get to the airport and it's a literal ghost town.

  5. We still don't have all the numbers, but I live in the most visited city in Spain and it seems like 2022 has been similar to 2019, maybe not as high... But same problems as before covid: not being able to take the bus to work if you live near tourist attractions, not being able to walk freely, everybody talking to you in English because they expect you to be a guiri, and so on. It's so crazy there are months you feel like the tourist in your own city.

  6. I believe Spain and their culture could give panic attacks to Finns. Imagine people yelling at each other when they speak, spending hours eating but only after 10pm, and people who don’t need to be shitfaced drunk to talk to each other.

  7. I’m sure Finns travel more to Tallinn. This is not very accurate. Spain is surely number one if you ask people ”where did you go on holiday”, but folks visit Estonia daily, even Sweden.

  8. Nah, from an italian pov, Spain is super cheap and weed is also legal there, another factor that makes me come to spain

  9. This is surprising, since I heard a crap load of Romanians going in Greece or Bulgaria and I have a guess: the statistic is based on the number of plane tickets and their direction, therefore there is a chance that seasonal workers and/or their families visiting are counted towards the statistic, while travel by road or train is not counted.

  10. Yeah, I'm quite surprised by this stat. Seems entirely implausible that Italy is the nr 1 holiday destination for romanians.

  11. Yeah, I mean, Greeks don’t really go to Albania for holidays. The stat most likely represents Albanian people who live in Greece and go home for the holidays. It’s actually shown in other statistics that Greeks in general don’t travel abroad a lot (much less than their western/northern European counterparts), opting to take domestic holidays (so many islands to choose from!) - so I’m not too surprised this statistic shown here is ‘taken over’ by these kind of ‘going home’ trips.

  12. Yes! I think so, the entire Eastern Europe doesn’t go to Germany for holiday. Rather for work. I could say that from Hungary the most popular Holiday location outside the country is Croatia. (the nearest seashore, what you could reach in 4-5 hours driving)

  13. I was surprised as well, but then again I read this as I am vacationing in Italy. Someone mentioned it might not be vacation where most Romanians go in Italy however..

  14. One of the painful parts of being a German tourist is that you run into German tourists everywhere. You leave the country because you need a break, but they are doing the same thing! Aggravating.

  15. Yep, can confirm. Just looked through the window, 8 Brits, 3 Frenchs, 4 Germans and over there a Norwegian.

  16. Most lithuanians have friends or relatives living in UK, so they visit them during their vacation. There is so much going on in UK, people coming from our country enjoy meeting new people and various opportunities in London.

  17. Yep frequently far cheaper to fly to the Costs Del Sol and spend a week in a hotel there than to drive a couple of hours and stay in a B&B in the west of Ireland. Plus you get near guaranteed sun compared to near guaranteed rain in the west

  18. I reckon Lanzarote and the other islas de Canarias draw more than the balierics. I was in Lanzarote this summer and it was teeming with Germans.

  19. Not only Mallorca but the Canary Islands have massive tourism, plus Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe.

  20. Spain for me is a no-brainer. People still speak English, food is great, weather is great, many affordable flights.

  21. Airliners have a ton of control over this. As soon as ryanair opened a route to split, everyone around me was suddenly visiting split. There's a handful of places in Europe with comparable experiences to Spain, but people will prioritize convenience most of the time

  22. Also, electricity is super-cheap because of heavy investment in renewables, plus a pipeline providing fuel from North Africa. If we'd all followed Spain and Portugal's example, Russia wouldn't have us over such a barrel.

  23. People don't speak English in Spain, everytime I was speaking with them and out of curiosity asked them if they spoke English 90% of the times they said no.

  24. I have some doubts, too. The Eurostat data does seem to differentiate between professional and personal trips but I couldn't find the exact definitions they used. Some visits to friends or relatives I could see but without knowing exactly what is counted, it's impossible to say whether there aren't a bunch of work-related trips in there as well.

  25. Well, we usually spent our vacation in Croatia at the coastline, so I guess the second most traveled place is Germany.

  26. Hmm, the statistics for Estonia seem weird, would've expected it to be Latvia or Finland because of the shuttle from Tallinn. Maybe residents of Narva who go to Ivangorod for food and petrol count as "turists'?

  27. Almost certainly inflated by the Russian population. While a trip to St Petersburg or Moscow is usually a trip students take with their class (not for the foreseeable future, of course), I can’t recall any Estonians I know vacationing in Russia.

  28. Finland also. I would think it would be Estonia for tourism 100% if the condition is 1 night. There's 2 different companies running shuttles every day that stays overnight at the docks in Estonia while essentially being a "moving hotel".

  29. Greeks don't go to Albania for tourism massively (although it's an upcoming destination, so they are slowly starting to), these are first or second generation Albanians that visit home.

  30. Greeks may be visiting Albania alongside side their friends. Considering the number is still relatively small, I'm confident it does have a decent amount of none immigrants

  31. You set it to "4 nights or over" on [2], it's 650k if you set it to "1 night or over", add day-trips and multiple trips and the numbers seem coherent.

  32. The Dutch one is interesting. Because traditionally it was France and more recently Germany. Cool to see that it has shifted again.

  33. Do polish people simply have an uncommon appreciation for Germany as a holiday destination or are they just visiting relatives?

  34. I think it's mostly people living near the border going for a weekend trip. I'm personally from Warsaw and expected to see Croatia here, as it always seemed to be the most popular holiday destination outside of Poland among Poles tbh. Edit: or, as someone other mentioned in other thread here, it may be unintentionally counting people going there for work.

  35. That really can’t be accurate that Germany is the most common destination in Poland. I personally dont know a single soul that ever went to Germany for holiday. Not to mention that Germany is simply incredibly expensive for us and not really attractive compared to southern destinations.

  36. romanians also go to greece much more than italy. i really doubt the acuracy of this map. if it measures the destination theough airplane tickets, it’s wrong, many of us are going with the car. also, there are a lot of romanians living in italy, how does the op differentiates them? travel does not always mean holiday.

  37. I am romanian and i want to say this is not right. A lot of romanians visit Greece and Bulgaria during summer. For most people, Italy could be quite expansiv. This is just my point of view and what i noticed

  38. I'm pretty sure France and Germany have a long history of the most popular destinations for the Netherlands, doesn't seem very likely that everyone goes to Spain...

  39. The Balkans (Macedonia and Serbia) go to Montenegro and Greece. The teens pref to go to montenegro due to parties and a lot of night life and the families pref to go to Greece.

  40. I totally believe that OP took the outcome from Eurostat but sources I have for the Netherlands - ANWB and CBS, both quite reputable parties with one being national bureau of statistics -say Spain is only third/fourth in 2019 for Dutch holidays. NL itself (which doesn't count for this graph, I know), Germany and France all got more Dutch visitors.

  41. Some compare the effect of tourism in Spain to petroleum in other countries, generating a Dutch disease. At least have the advantage that it's hard to run out of it or form oligopolys.

  42. And that's why here in Spain we are a country of waitress and bartenders. And also why our economy is so unstable.

  43. It's kinda sad that we have a French flag instead of a Portuguese one. We love you, Portuguese bros. (And your country is also cheaper than France).

  44. I understand Spain as a popular destination, warm weather and beaches, but why Germany? I'm not saying it's a bad place but what do people from Poland, Hungry, or Estonia see there that they don't have at home that makes them choose Germany over something more different and speaking like Spain.

  45. I wonder why Spain is more popular than both France and Italy, in Europe. I think it’s the opposite when considering the U.S., as France and Italy appear to be the most popular European destinations for Americans.

  46. I'd be interested to know how many people visit the Spanish islands vs the mainland. I'd guess the islands account for a vast majority of tourism.

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