new fit comp

  1. yea im really excited to do this comp! simpler avatars are much easier for me and for once im confident in my submission ^ i hope we get way more comps like this

  2. I agree. Personally I just put together a BS outfit for most comps for the participation prize, but this one I actually made a good (imo), and I'm excited to see more simple outfits

  3. Can't wait to see them all angry for not placing despite having all their friends saying how AWESOME was their cluttered outfit 😍

  4. better now, ive seen people's avis and they look so cool instead of the same old cluttered, winged, 7 armed, horned, elf eared, unique skin avis

  5. yea exactly !! now we almost all have a chance to win lmao, and we'll see more interesting fits in voting so that'll be less boring :)

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