in relation to the cos/ara situation

  1. I can confirm this to be true. Cos/ara contacted the popovy sisters on their own time and told them that their dolls were being copied and stolen on this site called es. The sisters stated that they didn’t even know the site existed but they didn’t want anyone profiting off of their dolls. Sosjet never claimed for the sets to be direct rip offs of the dolls but yet an inspiration. Another user decides to jump in and attack sosjet as well. This all happened in discord.

  2. I have no knowledge if Sosjet has actually done anything controversial or bad whatsoever.If theres actually nothing like that it just looks like they want to do her dirty and get her a dmca notice.

  3. i honestly idk what it is because afaik sjet hasnt ever been mean or done anything really controversial like girl doesn't even talk that much. so idk what it is why they're so pressed, but I've seen theories that it's racism or it's jealousy because sjet is quite popular but i dont get that bc some of the designers attacking her (such as ar) were also really popular so was it something else? idk what it was. poor sjet either way.

  4. fr I really feel so bad for her, I wont be surprised if she pulls an agiota and just deletes. I wouldnt blame her. and I feel bad when everyones still asking about the set cause its an issue that shouldnt have been so public and blown out of proportion the way it was. these designers man

  5. Sosjet apparently "defended blackfish" by saying that her skins are for everyone, since it's a game and the skins don't have a race. Later, I read something about Sosjet "disrespecting" fatasses by adding a hourglass waist mod to one of her sets (the one that is account bounded from the first GH), but apparently Sosjet told that plus sized users wanted more variety of body shapes. Also apparently was called out for a "bad shading" the volume of the plus sized skins.

  6. i definitely understand that, dont get me wrong. I’m specifically talking about the designers that were laughing about reporting her/the possibility of getting her sued. just seems so malicious for absolutely no reason.

  7. The only questionable thing I see with the popovy inspired set is that it will be on stars, when it has been said multiple times that sets inspired on copyrighted stuff have to be on sd. Out of that, no matter what the Popovy Sisters rules are, it's still fair use and the law allows that (and I don't think that it's something that changes from one country to another).

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