the quality of the new designs?

  1. ever since everyone who completed last galactic hunt got starpass and tried to become a designer with no drawing or designing skills it has ruined the shop quality

  2. ohh that would make sense but then again why is es approving all of them? i thought it used to be way harder to get approved even the decent designers were getting rejected.

  3. I mean, I rather this over those extremely low quality, no Shaded clothing but especially some of them look almost.. too realistic? (Especially the first pair of shorts.. ) Like I feel like it dosnt fit the art style TOO well. I kinda like the last dress though

  4. lol i only put it in front so you can actually see how the lines look 😭 ik its kind of hard to see in the pics but it looks bad in game its literally just straight lines and some squiggles

  5. Some of them look like png photos of clothes but only adjusted to avi base 😬 Idk why they started accepting whatever and putting quantity over quality, probably forced to it after random banning actually good designers to keep any new shit in store ;/

  6. Some look like they were stolen right from some shop that sells clothes irl, specifically the first shorts. No hate to the creator, but users have done this before (and gotten called out) so I wouldnt be surprised if that was the case with some of the new designs in clothing cosmos.

  7. the stream of new users designing has lowered the quality standards fr. especially the design popovy competition like 10k people joined a small designer club in a day

  8. im not saying they’re the worst thing in the world, but looking at these hairs in game they dont look the best. and they break the design rules that es has regarding quality. its honestly disappointing because the shop is literally just filled with poor quality items you can tell they dont even look closely at the submissions anymore.

  9. people having a go at new things is fine and like seeing them in store i just skip past and don’t buy but my confusion is how a lot of things get past the submission phase with things like traced pictures being against toc - i’ve seen a load of great designs be refused due to things like shading and stuff like this get by with no question about it ???

  10. i feel like they are most feel weird or just look off and just accepting everything at this point most feel weird or just look off except sets and stuff with good shading and quality i fr have to go wayyy back to get good designs

  11. look im not even trying to hate, theres rules that designers have to follow regarding the quality of designs. and alot of these items break that. and its a bit annoying because you want to play a dressup game that has nice clothes. thats quite literally the main focus of the game. and its ok for designs to be critiqued or get rejected, they need to be. if these designs wouldve been rejected the designer would have the chance to go back and improve the quality.

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