Yoooo why is this tier 3 designer muted?

  1. He called ppl losers when they said that his newest set that has no recolors + not even skin recolors (that costs 200ksd) was over priced (which it is) and I guess no one could be bothered dealing with him so they reported him so hed shut up

  2. I know that designer personally the price was mostly a joke And it was supposed to be the most expensive thing in CC because we joke about how ppl will buy anything that is limited lol

  3. Made a post saying anyone that complained about the pricing of his set was a loser. Some girl said maybe we shouldn’t be calling people losers he called the girl a loser she said this is unprofessional and problematic and all his little subs started going after the girl calling her a loser making fun of this girl going after her on this post while he encouraged it and laughed. Imo it fully turned into bullying. And that’s why he was muted I think and others from the post also got muted too

  4. Thank you guys!!! Holy shit 200k? I swear after that California girl set and fucking dark tulip expensive sets designers’ brains stopped working, glad people said something about that

  5. I just saw him comment ''I changed to (new username) because I hated (past username)!!'' when months ago this user was muting everyone on his posts because they didn't call him by his user at the time instead of gender neutral pronouns (which he refused to state on the pronoun bar and expected everyone to assume) this is so funny to me😭

  6. I'm very curious about it it too, since afaik, this designer was the one who got harrassed for his 200k sd set, so maybe in the heat of the moment said something bad enough to get the mute🤷🏻

  7. honestly i cant stand him . i understand he is a child but "fame" got to his head. there are other children on es who dont act like that. if my children in the future act like that, i will consider my job as a parent failed.

  8. I 100% agree with you and also thank you so so much for the info I had no idea, I already hate his style so I’d never buy his sets from cc so great to have another reason not to buy them

  9. I didn't know who naps was at all but then I read the end of the post and realized, I have this guy blocked for ages now

  10. While I do believe designers have the right to price their stuff (even tho the set isnt worth it), he shouldnt have said that and I kinda feel like he deserved it

  11. I came back to this again cause I got another notification? I actually asked though cause I think the same and if I was given a reason I’d believe it was justified. But I asked “why is this plain black boot 5k sd” the reason the designer gave was just “I like expensive” which leads me to believe he knows it’s overpriced. For no recolors and one skin tone and the only reasoning being “ I like expensive” rather than “I spent so much time on this” or “I put so much effort into this” to then complain when people think it’s over priced is truly baffling….. I’m not trying to argue or anything this is just my opinion on the matter sorrry!!

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