They split our stake into two today. They held the event in the UVU Event Center. Maybe they were a little optimistic on attendance…

  1. Increase the number of Stakes, while simultaneously reducing the number of members per stake: “… unprecedented growth… It’s the biggest problem we have.” (Elderly JRH, April 2016)

  2. "The 50 of you on the right are now Stake 1. The 48 of you on the left are now Stake 2. In the name of Jesus Christ amen."

  3. I can just hear the speaker telling the people in the back to get up and move to the front. That always annoyed me. The speaker didn't realize that I didn't care if I could hear them or not. Also, I don't have the strongest immune system. I never wanted to bunch in with all those people.

  4. Okay but for real, though. That's not something I even though about at the time, but I remember getting told to move closer to the front during mutual activities and it's just messed up.

  5. All the time in RS in every ward I've ever been in. I have a primary immunodeficiency, so if they got insistent I just got up and walked out. I'm sure they thought I was the problem.

  6. The only reason the stake is splitting is because they are building more houses in this area, and having more move-ins from other areas. Our ward has had 1 convert baptism in the last 5 years…

  7. In Colorado our stakes are losing wards and being combined. I'm in my 60s and at least 10 of my long time friends have moved back to Utah. We have had very few new members move into our area even though Colorado is growing like crazy.

  8. Twice in the last 20 years our stake has reorganized wards because of projected move ins with new housing. This is in California. Both times were miserable failures and now they are scrambling to combine wards and sell off unused chapels!

  9. We used to hold our Stake Conferences at a local conference center whenever a GA visited, in the expectation that if there was the space, it would be filled.

  10. I just heard Ron Howard’s voice and now I think it would be epic if someone made a mockumentary temple video with him as the narrator.

  11. You know what's interesting to me, every time there's a new temple announcement/dedication in mordor a lot of the comments on FB and the news sites are from TBMs on how its so needed because they "have to wait 40 minutes just to get in a session, it's so packed". they're just flat out lying or .....? It's not just one area...I've seen the comment multiple times from different areas of mordor. I've seen the comments enough it's not a one off. HQ paying some chinese bot farms idk.

  12. I’m pasting this from his Wikipedia page just for anyone who is unaware of his college nickname, as I just found out:

  13. If this picture was taken anything before 15 minutes after the meeting started we're not getting a good sense of how many people actually showed up.

  14. That is a good point. I picked the latest time where they showed the whole crowd zoomed out (right when the conductor started the meeting). After that the camera was only zoomed in on the speaker.

  15. Is the new Orem temple in your stake? All of those people moving there to be in the shadow of the temple. Such a blight on the skyline.

  16. i live near that eyesore. the funny thing is i know one lds church in orem that got torn down to build more unaffordable homes. even in utah valley they are losing members left and right

  17. What percentage of people that attend church these days are on their phones the entire time, or nearly the entire time? It ain't less than 80% is my guess.

  18. Maybe, maybe not. It used to be called the McKay Event Center (named after David O McCay), so the church obviously has some significant in's with them.

  19. Astrid (UVU pres) let Wendy Nelson be the graduation speaker a few years back 🤢. I'm sure she was happy to let them use it for a discount.

  20. Nope, I took the screenshot 1 second before they switched the frame to zoom in on the conductor. You can see them standing at the pulpit ready to start the meeting too.

  21. I mean…. Showing up to church is one thing…. But genuinely who shows up to this kind of “event”? You can barely get half a stake to show up to stake conference

  22. I agree, this was Stake Conference though, and they’ve been advertising it for a while. Stake president sent out an invitation a few days ago as well.

  23. Using the Marriott center would force everyone to drive all the way across town. I’m sure they picked this location because it’s more like a 5 minute drive and a lot more people would attend…

  24. Parking lot was 1/3 full in my Midwest ward today. And the boundaries keep getting pushed further out. Have three wards in the same city to maybe show strength in numbers but when the ward boundaries for each other encompass so many outlying cities you kind of know it’s all for show.

  25. Recently in north idaho they created a new stake but no more wards just made each stake with fewer wards. But hey.. growth.

  26. Since Covid 1/3 of the church just fell off the map. Maybe they realized you don’t really have to physically go to church to believe lol

  27. I've lived in the house I'm in for the last 7 years. I bet every 18 months my ward would be reorganiazed. The last change came about 2 years ago when my ward was moved to a different stake. I didn't know about people leaving in droves until I was one of those leaving, but undoubtedly that has been the result of all the shake-ups. The stake I used to be in no longer even exists. Praise be!

  28. Question is.... Dafuq are you doing there to report this? Time on planet is too precious to have an ass in a seat at a effin stake conference. No that I think about it I should probably be moving on from this sub because I GTFO of the cult and now I no longer live in Utah so what's keeping me here? Aside from encouraging PIMOs to envision life without the delusional self importance that Mormonism is full of. Mormonism is full of a lot of stuff.

  29. Sadly, cars were overflowing the parking lot at my local neighborhood church building - parked all up and down the street today.

  30. My home town (Northern California) went from 6 healthy wards to two struggling wards. My family told me it was because people were retiring to Utah. They refuse to see the truth. The mental gymnastics are exhausting.

  31. Is this in an area with lots of new construction? That seems to be where a lot of the growth is, which is actually relocation.

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