any baekhyun stans ?

  1. I started out as Kai stan, but then I found out Baekhyun can SING. I'm a singer myself so I've found myself more attracted to good singers rather than dancers (I can't dance to save my life.). I still like Kai but Baekhyun has become my number one. Plus, I love that he's funny and sort of wild yet still a homebody. I think it's because I see a bit of myself in him as well. I'll be glad when he returns from the military.

  2. yesss baekhyuns voice is literally what i imagine what would come out of an angels mouth !! all the exos r good i was happy when kai joined in on the candy challenge !! and wow ur a singer :0 !!?

  3. hello!! baekhyun stan since 2014 here and i would love to make some new friends :)) all of baek’s albums are flawless in my opinion and i love them all but my favourite would probably be city lights! i just love the whole vibe of the album and i think since it’s his first it makes it even more special!

  4. omg 2014 so long !! im since 2016 with a hiatus til a few months ago !! i got out of kpop for a bit but baekhyun brought me back !! and i remembered how much i loved him and was completed screwed !! city lights is such a good album and his light concert made me love it even more <3 ! id love to have more bb stans friends !!

  5. Baekhyun is one of my two biases! Hard to choose a favorite album but I’d say Bambi because it has one of my favorite songs EVER (in and out of K-pop) - Cry for Love

  6. cry for love is so good while i was going on my trip i had downloaded my baeku playlist on spotify and just listened 2 it !!! trying not to sing it on the bus challenge : failed

  7. Baeks has been my EXO bias from the beginning (like 6 yrs prob?). I’m a sucker for clean vocals and baby he’s GOT EM. He makes it look easy. He was born to sing, I’m convinced.

  8. his voice is one of my favorites in the world like goodness he really was born for it !!!! i liked baekhyun since the ending of exos monster era 😭 <3 <3

  9. Baekhyun is my bias wrecker. He isn’t my bias but his discography is my favorite among all the soloists thus far. Fave album is BAEKHYUN and Delight.

  10. BAEKHYUN is so good 😭😭😭 at first when i was getting back into exo i was like wtf baekhyun has a jp album ? then i listened & instantly looked for where i could purchase it 😭😭 whos ur exo bias ?? im guessing d.o 😭

  11. YES! I own all his solos and he was the main reason I got into EXO. I saw Monster and needed to know who the man with the lip ring and amazing voice was! If I had to choose I would choose City Lights because of Psycho and UN village but I love all his albums. enough to pay full price and collect his photocards. I didnt start listening to kpop until bts butter then I went to stray kids and then found Baekhyun and made a playlist for him and he was my go to when I needed a man to SANG to me.

  12. OMG YES !! i saw the ending of monster and watched the live stages and was like welp im fucked and he was my fav foreverrr !! and yes un village is soo good !! quick whats ur fav baeku photo card >< ?!

  13. omg good choice im stuck between those 2 !!! his voice both r sooo sooo good !! whats ur fav song on the jp album ? mines is def whippin !! he slayed it

  14. When I started listening to EXO last year Baekhyun was the first one I was attracted to. Cry For Love is so good I played it so much that I got sick of it for a bit but it’s honestly such a good song. There’s just something about his voice that lures you in

  15. yes his voice really does do that i was shocked how i could love his voice so much cry for love is a repeat for sure

  16. hello! he's one of my bias alongside Kai and Kyungsoo and he's also the reason why i got to EXO ang kpop overall😊when i watched the music video of his OST for EXO Next Door(and their Open Arms cover) i thought i needed to know more of him and them as a group so,,, my favorite album is definitely Bambi! like this man really poured everything in this album then said "bye~bye~ imma enlist now", but my favorite title track would still be UN Village by far that song just hits different🥰sipping my morning coffee? i listen to bambi album. doing homework? bambi album. doing house chores? bambi album. crying in my bed at 3 am? bambi album. i-miss-baekhyun sessions? bambi album. really excited for his next album already!🥰

  17. i cant wait til his next album i totally get that zooming to bambi album for literally anything 😭😭😭 he needs to come back asap !

  18. Hi, I started out as a Kai stan back in 2013 from their debut teasers because I adored his dancing, I also liked D.O because of his majestic vocals and then I stumbled upon HunHan and I fell in love with Luhan but sadly it didn't last that long because he had to leave EXO that was in 2014. I've been a Baekhyun fan after Luhan left and it's also because of his majestic vocals and fun personality. It's nice to meet fellow BBH fans here. 🥰

  19. wow !! vet exo l 😭 <3 baekhyun grabs his hands & gets ppl to stan him fr !!! and his exo next door song is super good im glad i found someone who likes it !!!

  20. hi!! baekhyun’s been my bias for almost 6 years now. he just makes me incredibly happy 🥰 if you ever want to chat, feel free to dm me!! i’d love to make more exol/baekhyun fan friends!!

  21. Your last line 😭 Also the hardcore ChanBaek shippers who always make Baekhyun this flirty guy like respectfully NO you don’t even know him 😭

  22. yeah all on twit i see the weirdo stans going all hardcore on him like..hes just a dude that we love who sings & dances lets be a little classy here 😭 ?! but its nice that everyone in this thread seems cool !! let's definitely talk <3 !

  23. yes omg lets chat !!! chanyeol is really close to being one of my fav members !!! 8 years 😭😭 we could talk about baekhyun for hours !!

  24. I’ve been an EXO-L for 5+ years and I love Baekhyun. I stan all my boys, and I’d say my favourite album is Delight. The thing I look for most in kpop groups is vocal talent and Baekhyun definitely has a TON to spare

  25. he def has a LOT to spare i was surprised and excited when he said he still goes to vocal lessons ik that next album is gonna be soo good ^ ^

  26. Yes, hello !! I’m a baby EXO-L, and Baekhyun has definitely become one of ult biases. When I was first introduced to him, his personality was what drew me in (ESPECIALLY his sense of humor) ! His vocals & stage presence continuously amazed me, as well. And the rest is history hahaha !

  27. he is sooo funny !! bambi is such a good album so many people mention it 😭😭😭 im glad u got into exo !!

  28. i love exo and baekhyun is my bias and honestly has grown to be my ult of ults!! can't wait until he comes home from military service so he can put music out again.

  29. i seriously cant wait for him to come back !! my fav albums a cross between delight and his jo album baekhyun !! my fav song from him...hmmm love again or whippin <3 love again kinda makes me sad in a good way ?!

  30. Hey thereee baekhyun biased stan here. I got into exo through baekhyun because of his song candy and to answer your question, I'd say bambi is probably my fave album like I genuinely cannot shut up about how good it is but my favourite songs would be underwater, drown and when dawn comes again (i know this is a collab but STILL its heavenly i have to mention it)

  31. YES soo heavenly all his songs has something that makes me fall deeper into his voice !! i mainly have his delight & jp album on repeat !! bambis sucking me in more and more 😭😭

  32. I'm Chanyeol biased. But my wrecker is Baekhyun. My favorite Baekhyun album is Bambi and Delight. Both albums are superb. Same goes to the City light

  33. yess chanyeol is close 4 me !! bambi & delight r such good albums and city his debut ??? he was made to be a singer fr

  34. exactly !! im mainly into gothic type music but baekhyun and exo r like the only ones i break that for 😭 !!

  35. I am a EXOL, but i stan Baekhyun. Why? Because he is so cheerful and adorable person.He always cheer me up when i watching him in videos in YouTube. He is a 20 yrs.old trapped in a 30 yrs.old body. He has a beautiful smile. He has a great vocals. I fell in love with his talent, he is a Genius Artist. And many many more! That's our Baekhyun.

  36. I also wanna drop back in and say Betcha is sonic serotonin and will instantly put me in a better mood truly who have this man the right to have so many bops!?! Also if you haven’t seen the MV for Get You Alone it’s incredibly cute Baekhyun is definitely a major reason I give too much money to KPOP 😂😅

  37. yessss omg i saw the mv and was like yup super adorbs i like his jp music a lot as well as exos love me right romantic universe is def my fav exo mv everrr 😭😭 <3

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