Canada or UK (or US??) for me and my mom (who's retiring soon)?

  1. I was going to say um...Canada is really restrictive with immigration. We use a points based system based on what you can contribute to the economy and retiree age definitely works against you. The only way your Mom can just up and decide to move to Canada is if you're bringing a couple million to invest.

  2. Canada and the UK won't be options because they don't provide retiree visas. You could consider Ireland which technically does, but the financial requirements are insane at €50,000 per person per year.

  3. I'm from the states. I've lived in Northern Thailand the past 15-20 years. Couldn't feel safer and the sense of community is fantastic, but then my wife is Thai and very active in the community. That said, I'm sure Thailand wouldn't be for everyone. It wouldn't do were someone to move to Thailand or Malaysia or wherever and then =not= feel as if they're fitting in.

  4. People in this sub always say “you can’t move to [insert country here] just because you want to” even if they know nothing of the OP’s situation. Some people have a ton of money. Others have resources we don’t even imagine. Others have multiple passports. So focus on the OP’s questions and let them figure out how they’ll make it happen.

  5. People with the level of money needed to just up and move to a country like Canada or the UK have generally traveled and don't need that level of guidance.

  6. You said that your mom plans to retire. What skillset do you have or are you planning to study? The ideal places for both of you might be different from each other.

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