Living in Australia vs Canada?

  1. I’m an Aussie who also lived in Canada for 7 years. I would choose Australia. Its a great chance to spend a chunk of your life somewhere really epic and remote. The lifestyle and weather is awesome - so are the salaries. The travel experiences are incredible. Canada is probably closer to where you live (?) so you can explore there later in life. Just my 2c!

  2. Thank you, I was actually thinking of doing Australia first and then travel Canada afterwards as it’s more closer to home. Do you plan to move back to Australia or are you settling down in Canada?

  3. I live in Canada, visited on a working holiday visa then never left - now I have a Canadian child, house, career and am applying for citizenship myself.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I’m from Ireland. I’ve travelled to Australia for 6 weeks before but never been to Canada and would like to experience both countries while working and live there. I would feel like Canada probably would feel more like home and is closer to Europe and the states. I’m glad you’ve found your life belonging to Canada while having a kid, house etc… I guess it’s not what you expected to be turned out?

  5. Aw that’s what I want to do! Which one did you do first? I’m thinking of Australia first and probably Canada afterwards. I would like to experience both lifestyle. I love the beach, then sun also the snow, the mountains and hiking. So it’s really hard to decide.

  6. I've done the working holiday visa for both. They were both completely different because I wanted different things in my life at the stage where I was.

  7. Thank you! I was considering of doing Australia first and then prob visit Canada afterwards. What you mean not the same adventure? Is it because of Canadian harsh winter and your more indoors?

  8. I’m from Ireland. I’m thinking of going to Australia for a year or two not long term… I would like to experience both lifestyle so I probably will travel fi Canada afterwards. Australia is so far away so the distance can put me off a little bit sometimes.

  9. I’d say they’re much of a muchness. Australia doesn’t have the extremes of winter weather Canada has, and summers are warmer in most of the country.

  10. Thank you! It all comes down to the lifestyle you want and yeah I do agree Australia is so far away from everything but I don’t see myself settling down there… more like 1-2 years just for experience

  11. Thanks for sharing here! I guess every country has its pros and cons and all depends on what lifestyle you want. How long have you been living in Australia and are you planning to life back home soon ?

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