This candy bar got stuck in the vending machine at my school. I tried getting it out, nothing, no shaking could get it out. It took 5 minutes and 3 moderately strong teachers nearby to remove it. Worst vending machine experience ever.

  1. Never rock a vending machine. In the US each year, six people are killed being crushed by vending machines. Five of them are insurance appraisers seeing if the vending machine can rock and crush someone.

  2. So I guess insurance appraisers/inspectors get added to the list of very dangerous jobs like crab fisher, cannery worker and elephant handler.

  3. Well considering I'm in high school, they probably are sure we can handle ourselves... And considering the school is making profits off of it being there, I don't think they're removing them until an incident occurs.

  4. 20 years ago this was just the average vending machine experience. The bright side was that you could get two for the price of one based on someone else’s misfortune.

  5. or radio a staff member with a key, normally kitchen/janitorial staff will have one. also is this an American thing? why not just sell them at the cafe

  6. Some vending machines you can just stick your hand up thru the flap that opens and grab stuff off the bottom row

  7. well shit dude atleast you got it out! do you know how many people get their vending machine food stuck and never get it out? consider yourself lucky

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