Another day in America

  1. My wife's shitty former employer is a large chain of clinics here in Houston (former Enron execs on the board should explain this). She's a doctor BTW.

  2. I chose to be a loser. So much BS social I dont have to put up with to help the rich; cause you know you aint gonna pay your bills helpin the poors

  3. Most of the time you find out your employer is shit through actions like these. And by that time you might like your job, some of your coworkers, and maybe your direct report. It’s harder to leave.

  4. You are paid to take it in the B. My employer is nice to me. I can straight up just leave and barely even get noticed and literally everyone knows me. I leave for any reason including Im depressed or my tummy hurts. I spend half my time with no boss, I just do what ever. I make 13hr. You make more, suck it up buttercup

  5. Years ago, we had a terrible snowstorm and sub zero temps in the Twin Cities. My employer had been pretty good about closing down for terrible weather. But that particular day, all the bigwigs were at a conference in AZ, and failed to delegate that power to anyone.

  6. Im the dumbass who consistently works 7 days a week, 12-18hr days at a number of my jobs salary and while promised comp time i dont think ive been able to take it once in 23yr career. Kinda what i sign up for when im the lead/only systems and network engineer for “smaller” companies that end up hiring 5-8 people to backfill me and im the only one who can do whatever.

  7. I lived in Texas for ten years up until recently and when the storm happened I was in the exact same boat as you, house was full electric pipes froze and had to shut it off from the street. My former job the CEO drove around in his big truck one of the days and determined that since “the roads aren’t bad” that people should come into work. Then of course the second part of that storm happened and they had to tell people to stay home but there were already people that made the trip…so they ended up having to work. None of them had showered in days, were told to come into work and then ended up stuck at the job. Absolutely insane.

  8. I told my dudes to stay home and paid them too. Then the building lost power for 2 more days. Everyone got paid for that too without touching their PTO.

  9. Gotta use some common sense. If you make a good faith effort to get to work in a snowstorm after like 2-3 hours of travel time and NOT being at work or close to your job, call it in. If I start at 8am and it's 11 am and nowhere near my job, I call it in and explain I TRIED but it's really bad. If missing THIS particular day of work is akin to a war crime, just offer to come in early or stay late the next day. Unless it's a life saving job you have, life will go on for ONE DAY if you are not there

  10. A young lady lost her life in an accident while going to work in a snow storm after being ordered by her boss. Count your blessings. This is America.

  11. I would say both. It is America because if they get fired they lose their insurance. But also the employer because they don't care about you. Late because of weather shutting everything done? O well you are fired.

  12. I disagree, it is not your employers problem that you live 50 miles from work. Rule of thumb is, are the buses running? get your ass to work. Snow happens FFS. My employer offered pay without PTO on snow days, guess what? A HINT of a flake, and everyone leaves. Fuck that, if public transit moves you need to report in or take a PTO day.

  13. They can request you use PTO. Just don't. Former firm tried to do that during Katrena. When zero employees took the bait they promptly forgot about it. It's bait for sucker employees.

  14. Fuck off with "sucker employee" talk like that. Only someone privileged would say something like that. Many people would get fired and not be able to financially recover from that.

  15. Name any hourly employer in the world that will pay you for not being at work regardless of circumstance and I'll gladly go work for them. Oh and next Tuesday is national bird swooping day so um I'm not gonna be in that day but thanks for the pay.

  16. I worked at a retirement home. It was a small one and part of the second shift and almost all of the third shift had just 1 care worker in the building. Just 1 person. No security or anything else. We also had what was called a "dot system". If you were the "dot" that week, you were on call and mandated to come in, whatever the shift. Everyone hated it and people took advantage of calling it...I would work mostly doubles on my week, because I was still scheduled for regular days.

  17. Straight up assumed this was California because of "the" I95 and was super confused that there was a snowstorm

  18. Reason I quit Travelers in 2012...Bad snow storm, about two-three feet. Building was closed. Boss called me and said logon and work from home. Told him no, building is closed and all my files are paper. Got me a written warning for not giving 24 hours notice for using PTO. That was the end of that.

  19. My work is all about safety. But wants you to drive 20 miles in snowstorm to work just so you can check in then be told to go back home.

  20. Except, we don’t say “the” I-95 in Virginia. Or the DC metro area. We say I-95. So where was this guy stuck?

  21. I am usually upset by the litigiousness of American society; but if this is legitimate, will someone please sue these employers.

  22. It doesn't have to be far if you are trying to get to work in a winter storm because your employer insists you come to work in dangerous weather, and then you (and a lot of other cars) get stuck on a snowbound highway until the plows can get the road clear.

  23. Are you living in a box? A semi jackknifed on I95, and caused a 40 mile backup of traffic. Even if the OP had been three cars behind the semi, he’d still have been in that 16 hour traffic jam.

  24. Jesus.. that's pathetic. I'm sure its just a boss trying to show, who's in change! Fucking empathy people! where's it?

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