"Isn't weed like a felony in Texas?"

  1. 4-5oz or a single concentrate pen or edible are felonies here and mark my words it’ll stay that way till politicians find a way to get a piece of the pie

  2. Wouldent legalizing it for recreational use, and allowing dispenserarys to sell put a lot of tax money into the state? Or do they make more money off of incarnations for weed 🤔

  3. Gotta love Abbott ….. By all means I can openly walk down street with a rifle strapped to my back but couldn’t relax at home with a nice spliff and watch cowboys game..

  4. Making one illegal helps Abbott and his croonies have more power, the other doesn't, as simple as that.

  5. You have freedom to be pregnant, whether you want that freedom or not. Rapist baby? Freedom to carry to full term! Let's not forget the freedom to freeze to death in winter, that's an important freedom too. But you can open carry and run busses of your political opposition off the road!

  6. Always remember that, to a conservative, 'we' refers to only a select few like-minded individuals when it comes to phrases like, "We have freedom in Texas."

  7. Yeah when I was in Colorado people complained about Californians but Texans were 1000× worse imo. I honestly never had a problem with Californians.

  8. I love asking them “so why did you leave?” when Texan (and also usually Californian) transplants brag about their home states

  9. I’m thinking with a felony like that, you could just move to a weed legal state and that felony for .5 hash would be laughed at

  10. Then again, you can't beat Florida, the "pro-business" state that just passed... a regulation! (worse, a law) severely fining businesses for impose their own mask mandates or vaccine requirements on their own property.

  11. Hypocrisy has always been the big problem. Everyone wants freedom to do what they want regardless of the risk but tramples over others because of a few deaths or just personal preference.

  12. Sure and the only way to stop the next variant or disease is to end international travel but that is a freedom lots of rich and powerful people think is important to them.

  13. How would stopped international travel help against community transmissions? So far every single time during this pandemic when international travel was banned it was already too late and there were already domestic cases.

  14. I think they are thinking of making weed legal fro medical purposes in Texas, I know they were testing to see if it would grow well in this climate because I know someone that had a test crop

  15. It is weird to me. You can buy Delta 8 which is basically weed but weaker but you can't just buy weed. So people just smoke more delta8 it's so dumb. Just make weed legal.

  16. Technically selling weed is still a federal crime it's just states have more power then what's federally mandated as illegal so lets say you took weed from oregon to new york your breaking a federally law by transporting illegal drugs across state lines also if you grow weed on federal land they can arrest you even if your state legalized it

  17. You could go with that, personally when my cousin gets to full of himself I go with you probably haven’t heard on account of not having access to regular power

  18. This mightve been about me but in my defense I moved to Oklahoma and got a medical card. I follow freedom. You work in a dispensary and your worried about health ha how many Blountsville you passed since the pandemic started fuck outta here

  19. None of those things stopped covid, delta, omicron, hepatitis, HIV from being brought into the country by international travellers. International travel is the root cause of the existence of these diseases everywhere but the country of origin.

  20. You have posted several versions of this comment, and all of them are strange. Okay, so human travel spreads disease, at it has for the last hundred thousand years. Are you proposing each country seal its borders? Maybe go full GDR and issue shoot-to-kill orders for anyone trying to cross the Berlin Wall?

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