1. There’s a Facebook group I used to check out with people using “holistic remedies” to treat themselves on all sorts of ailments. I’ve seen things from pee to acid. Well, most of the pictures are of swollen/infected body parts because their treatments just do not work as well as they think, and the comments are usually like “add more pee to it”

  2. And while it's fun to point and laugh at full grown adults doing stupid shit to their own bodies, it's important to remember that some of these people have children, which they foist this antiscientific psuedomedical bullshit on. The pee drinkers, the anti-vax morons, the bleach people, the essential oil folks...

  3. Havent you heard?! Ivermectin is actually back in- very effective. Turns out the CDC and the US military have known the whole time it was effective…. To shortly be pumped out as Pfizermectin of course!

  4. I knew a guy whose go-to remedy for athlete’s foot was soaking it in fermented urine. He claimed it was better than buying anti fungals because it was more natural.


  6. This new “drink your own piss” sounds like another 4Chan joke. I recall a few years ago when they tricked a bunch of women to piss their pants in public in the name of feminism. Lol ppl are stupid.

  7. They have this all wrong. It’s feces that do the trick. Not only does it double repopulate the gut with your own natural bacteria that will save you from government created unnatural diseases, but also it gets stuck in your teeth and offends Librals. Double win.

  8. So many ppl don’t believe in taking foreign chemicals as a preventative drug - yet as soon as they wind up in the hospital bed they agree to anything and everything the doctors prescribe to them.

  9. I did have the thought the other day about just super-charging the anti-vax-science-commonsense crowd with stupid suggestions and then sit back with popcorn. I'm not the malicious type, but it's really starting to sound like a fun idea since they apparently will just do any ol' dumb shit.

  10. Real talk though I haven't heard anyone seriously come out against drinking pee, I think they want to see these stupid fucks do it as much as we do.

  11. For me it comes down to how harmful it is for society including using healthcare resources. Flat earthers are just as wrong as anti-vaxers but believing the earth is flat doesn't harm society in the way not being vaxed does. Drinking disinfectants or taking dewormers can place a strain on our already thin healthcare where as drinking pee, while not going to help, isn't as dangerous.

  12. Compassion fatigue is a condition characterized by emotional and physical exhaustion leading to a diminished ability to empathize or feel compassion for others, often described as the negative cost of caring.

  13. Why does everyone try to stop these people let natural selection take it’s course stop fighting the laws of nature. Also sit back relax and enjoy the chaos. It’s kinda funny ngl.

  14. I'm glad it's not just me lol. I've never experienced this level of compassion fatigue before. I want to feel bad for them for all the reasons you listed... But I just can't anymore. I have a hard time being compassionate in general because this whole thing has me so burned out in that regard.

  15. I've been saying it since the beginning, just let the Darwin effect do the good work on our population.

  16. Yeah the horse dewormer angle was an all time low for the mainstream media. And the fact that so many Americans fell for it was an absolute embarrassment.

  17. And animal feed stores had to start restricting their horse paste sales cause humans kept buying it for themselves.

  18. You know the story about thousand monkies randomly typing? One of these days these people will figure out the cure for cancer.

  19. Thats what ive been saying. If you are stupid enough to eat tide pods and drink pee, etc. Then we dont want you in the gene pool.

  20. It's not really propaganda; earlier in the pandemic when people were unable to get prescription Ivermectin, they resorted to using veterinary-grade product which was at an unsafe dosage for humans. This wasn't widespread behavior AFAIK but it became kind of meme because of an FDA tweet about it and a Mississippi State Poison Control PSA. I agree there is a problem with people still misapplying that label, but the problem is people are lazy and they don't seek a more nuanced understanding of issues beyond regurgitating headlines.

  21. People were literally buying the horse dewormer paste version from farm supply stores because doctors weren't giving them an antiparasitic drug to fight a virus. Stores were running out of the horse paste because people were buying it and poisoning themselves.

  22. Yeah it honestly makes me feel alienated from humanity. Both sides of most issues take it to some weird extreme and try to “own” the other side. Ivermectin is a wonderful drug that saves millions of lives. It’s hard to have a conversation with anyone anymore.

  23. It's not propoganda at all. It's an organic reaction to people in the US buying the Ivermectin product formulated for horses. Yes, ivermectin as a human drug in Africa is an effective anti-parasitic. But a lot of people in the US weren't buying that formulation. They were buying the veterinary paste. For horses. And therefore they overdosed themselves and wound up in the hospital. Those are the people we're making fun of.

  24. Hey, let those idiots eliminated themselves. Maybe it's the way, how to stop overpopulation by the nature itself

  25. Technically you can take ivermectin, it was people medicine. We just figured out it works on horses and now people are overdosing on it because the don’t get horses are bigger than people

  26. don't stop people from doing stupid self harming things because it leads to less stupid people in the end.

  27. I think it’s about time we started to encourage stuff like this. Far too many crazies about and if more of them drink bleach/dewormer/urine etc. it would reduce their numbers and bring balance to the force.

  28. I used to care when people wouldn't get the vaccine, and try convincing them to do it. After a while I realized it was pointless and decided to let people just live with their own consequences. I had an uncle die from covid because he wouldn't get a vaccine. I felt no remorse, and no longer feel any sympathy for people who get covid/die from covid.

  29. Some people cannot be vaccinated due to allergic reactions to the vaccine, or are immunocompromised. I don't care about unvaccinated people dying but they still selfishly put others at risk and that I cannot abide. (Plus the burden they place on our healthcare system.)

  30. I read somewhere that sifting out undigested corn kernels from your feces and consuming them again can potentially be more effective than any of the vaccines.

  31. The fact that it took them 2 years to get to that realization only illustrates why people believe such things in the first place.

  32. I’ve been saying this for a bit but if you go ahead and forbid people from eating cowshit as a Covid cure/ remedy; farmers will make a killing.

  33. I'm just trying to get the word out there that drinking your own urine is not effective. For the treatment to be completely effective, you must consume someone else's urine. Repeat: You must drink the urine of another person. Because of the antibodies.

  34. Thing is, you don't even need any scientific knowledge, just a lick of common sense. How could YOUR OWN BODY'S waste have something that cures you that wasn't there the first time through your body? Even something like a fecal transplant only works because it's SOMEBODY ELSE'S poop.

  35. Dang this is exactly where I'm at. You guys can do whatever you want, I'm looking after myself and family. Go fuck around and find out, I'm done being dismissed like im a looney or looked at like im the woke idiot because I take covid precautions and I'm jabbed 3x.

  36. Exactly, I don't get why the complaints. If you're dumb enough to drink laundry detergent, or your own pee, or use ivermectin As a covid treatment then I say have at it as the world is better off without you. Complaining just means there's a chance these numbskulls won't go through with it.

  37. Viagra is making the rounds too. Good thing that drug isn’t made by one of those evil money-grubbing big pharma companies that made the vaccines.

  38. I saw someone the other day mention the artificial sun China has and a guy commented saying we have had an artificial sun in the sky for years.

  39. I told my boyfriend the other day that these people are starting to drink pee. Every now and then he remembers this, and laughs gleefully because "They've entered the piss drinking phase. THE FUCKING FOOLS. Idiots."

  40. Is it contaminated if it comes from a vaccinated person? Can we get unvaxxed free range no drugs or additives 100% all natural at the store? Maybe the cashier can help; I’ll ask them next time.

  41. That's called natural selection, let's stop telling them what is good and bad and let them figure out on their own.

  42. Curious to know has any republican leader stepped out to actually tell their supporters not to drink piss?

  43. I reckon that I were to come up with some holistic pseudo nonsense therapy, I'd pick something better than drinking piss. cocoa or marijuana curing covid

  44. Google search: do vaccines cause autism Result : i have a million articles that say no and one biased one that says yes People: aha so every vaccine causes autism

  45. It’s crazy cuz ivermectin is one of the most prescribed drugs for humans, ever. Not saying it treats covid but it’s far more a human medication than a horse dewormer.

  46. I think people take that horse dewormer the wrong way. Meaning that they don’t know it’s potential for using a variety of it on humans. This horse dewormer has been debunked and has been far over exaggerated. I think the only people that yap about it are the ones who know little to nothing besides it being a variant of “horse dewormer”

  47. Sure, not every single person that used ivermectin took the actual horse dewormer stuff, and not every single person that used it used the fish tank cleaner version of hydroxychloroquine, and not every person that believed Trump drank bleach, and not every single person who heard this will drink pee.

  48. Calling Ivermectin “horse dewormer” is like saying people who drink water, are taking nuclear reactor coolant. Yes it can be used as a horse dewormer, but is primarily used for humans.

  49. If you buy it from a feed store, it's veterinary grade and meant for horses. If you take this version, you are taking horse dewormer.

  50. Except that the people taking ivermectin are purchasing the formulation made for livestock because it’s easily available online or in feed stores. To get ivermectin formulated for humans, you need a prescription and I promise you no doctor will prescribe you ivermectin for Covid.

  51. I think this pandemic has been the ultimate test of just how far the medical community is willing to go to stop Natural Selection. We should have never tried to enforce lockdowns. We should have never tried to enforce vaccinations. We should have never tried to discourage other solutions to the virus. But we, unlike these idiots, actually care about other people, so even though these conservative morons annoy and actively try to ruin the country for us, we'll keep trying to take care of them. Because it's what decent human being do.

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