"I just need to see your drivers license"...

  1. I’ve got a simpler solution. It’s a bit wacky but hear me out. Don’t go into a hotel hallway naked in the first place. I mean why would you do that unless you like being seen naked but strangers anyway.

  2. I have been there. With underwear on, but still. The neighboring room called the front desk for me and they came and let me back in, then waited for me to grab my ID in the room. This was unnecessary.

  3. I saw kids locked out because their parents fell asleep etc. this happens so often not rare at all or it is my luck 😅

  4. Well…what else can he do. I certainly wouldn’t trust a naked man asking for a room key that leads to a lone female and possible danger if he’s nuts or some kind of stalker.

  5. That pause he took in front of the door before trying to open it lol, it immediately hit him that he was screwed

  6. As someone who once worked in a hotel I can confirm that this is an occurrence which comes along every 6 months or so. Generally people get up half asleep and try to use the bathroom only to walk out the wrong door in a daze.

  7. Whenever I see this I always think to myself, that’s what he gets for putting his room service tray in the hall where it’s a trip hazard like a fucking animal instead of right in front of his door.

  8. Or just leave it in the room and let them grab it the next day when they clean the room. I very rarely do room service but when I do, I order things I won't be bothered if I see them in the morning.

  9. I like how he stood at the door trying to figure things out while people walked by LOL. And then the lady trying to quickly get her kid out of the elevator was the creme de la creme

  10. Realistically speaking, what should your reaction to a random naked person be other than a quick look of confirmation and then getting out of the general area?

  11. I had a similar situation occur to me, but I was wearing tighty-whities. Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans for a friend's wedding, drunk and sleeping, mistook the hall door for the bathroom door; woke up the second the door closed behind me.

  12. I stayed at a hotel in Alabama once. I went outside to smoke a few hours after checking in. While smoking realize I didn't bring my key. After I finished I went to the front desk. It was not the same person that checked me in.

  13. This literally happened to me. Fortunately I at least had my boxers on, and was able to use a courtesy phone near the elevator to call the desk instead of walking through a Vegas casino floor.

  14. What does he mean? He means to tell me he DOESN'T keep his drivers licence in his bumcrack like a normal person??

  15. Faaaake, why did he go round the corner instead of just leaving it outside the door… because he had to to make sure he got locked out for the video

  16. Yeah I remember reading that it was filmed with the permission of the hotel. The guy wasn’t even nude, he was wearing underwear under the blur. I think it was one of those student projects.

  17. My thought exactly. Look how many people he got to "accidentally" flash without apparent legal repercussions! Dick flapping next to a child in an elevator? "Oops my bad!" Very sus.

  18. I know people are brain dead sometimes. But really, who walks outta their room naked? Just to drop dirty dishes?

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