Undercover cop gets shot nine times by his boss in drug bust gone wrong.

  1. “Det. Jacob Grant was shot during a drug buy on Jan. 9, 2015. Lt. Greg Brachle missed the morning briefing on who would be sitting where in the car where the bust would come down, and what clothes each officer would wear. Brachle shot Grant in nearly every major organ.”

  2. Even after missing the meeting, the fucking idiot didn't bother asking someone "hey, what's Jacob gonna be wearing and where's he sitting?" I mean...what, he just thought his bullets would know the difference?

  3. No one fit to be in the police force would make the judgment to miss a briefing on who's undercover in an undercover bust.

  4. So he just shot without even seeing his target or knowing who he was shooting at? Why does this sound like a sanctioned hit?

  5. If you miss the meeting you should be be able to go. Jesus I played sports on high school and if I missed a team meeting I’d have to sit a whole week.

  6. Maybe if cops would stop murdering people who posed no threat to them they wouldn't have had this problem....

  7. As a member of the FBI and having covered many undercover missions myself, I would like to say that my favorite color is blurple.

  8. This is what can happen with "good guys with guns" too, now imagine the "good guy" isn't a police officer with supposedly rigorous firearms training and just some average Joe with a carry license and a hero complex.

  9. Sounds like he still was able to retire, 3 days before that ruling. Shoot someone 9 times over a $60 bust after not attending the pre-op meeting. Taxpayers put on the hook for 6.5 million dollars plus I'm sure millions more in medical fees; AND the cop's retirement?

  10. But the trigger happy shooter who didn't turn up to the brief detailing the drugs bust was allowed to resign before they fired him. Go figure eh. Pension safe I guess and will be turning up in a neighbouring town as a police officer once again after it's all been brushed under the carpet.

  11. Imagine how many other people this guy has shot considering he can’t even tell when he’s shooting at his friend and employee…

  12. And this is the probe. Want cops to behave? Make it so settlement money comes out of the union pension pool. When one of them ducks up and costs every other cop a significant amount of money, behavior will change. And the Thin Blue Line will disappear. People who fuck up and cost the pension plan will.instead be thrown to the wolves publicly.

  13. Not to mention the millions of dollars awarded for the wounded officer who lived because his boss couldn't be bothered to look at anything before opening fire over $20 worth of drugs.

  14. All over a $60 drug deal? The bullets fired were more expensive then the huuuuge drug bust these idiots “busted up.” Boy that $60 bust really shook up the cartels

  15. Similar to spontaneous combustion, it's a phenomenon called "spontaneous bullet-sponging". It's those damn magnets, I tell ya.

  16. I cant even touch the patient in the surgery room without 10 years of education while this ppl are given the authorithy to play with guns in the cities with a few weeks of training.

  17. Even after 10 years of education + training, all the doctors swear to the Hippocratic oath which I've seen people take seriously as fuck.

  18. Fully ready to accept that he's "legally" murdering another human being until he realizes it's a human being he knows.

  19. “I thought you were a bad guy….!!!” Maybe this mentality has something to do with the reason you shot a cop, or anyone for that matter? Good guys vs bad guys. You sound like a child.

  20. Article said the entire drug bust was over $60 worth of drugs and the detective that got shot sued his own department/city and got $6.5 million 🤦‍♂️

  21. Shoots the guy 9 times and then asks if he’s okay? “Aw, yeah, I’m great! My spleen’s got way better ventilation now!”

  22. “Drug Bust”😂😂😂 Is this why police are armed like small armies? $60 worth of drugs and please don’t tell me it was weed.

  23. “I took no opportunity to assess the situation before shooting you nine times, sorry about that, since I know you personally this will affect me, anyone else and it would have just been paperwork”

  24. Wonder how many innocent people these cops have shot then said, 'I thought you were a bad guy' with their bodycams turned off... Then went on pretending they were 'bad guys' when the bodycams were back on

  25. I feel like the entire purpose of police bodycams is totally defeated by allowing them to be turned off at any time

  26. Why didn't he just comply? /s and other bad faith conjecture. This is what taxpayers pay the police to do. Shoot the citizens. They only "feel bad" when they shoot each other.

  27. Not saying that Americans should eliminate gun use but in my home country they pretty much eradicated gun use so there are only handful or even no deaths per year. It’s pretty crazy to think that America didn’t get rid of gun use even when gun violence is super high…

  28. How does this make an IQ of sense. The cop wanted to be Rambo. Literally nothing to do with steroids. I swear Reddit just makes leaps in logic that have no basis at all. You don't see bodybuilders shooting people or killing them for no reason.

  29. He missed the morning meeting and nearly kills his own guy over $60 worth of drugs. That and the “I thought you were a bad guy” line says it all about the police mentality.

  30. The screaming from this cop is so bad. How can he even be allowed to lead with a firearm when he reacts this way 🤦🏻‍♂️ screaming like a possessed idiot, take the gun and responsibilities away from him, he's clearly not competent.

  31. “I thought you were a bad guy” “Bad guy” Jesus fuck me that’s the way my 8 yo nephew talks. This is blisteringly sad on so many levels. What was the bust even for? Like a saggaweed or some pills? Just fuck me

  32. What a dumb, dumb, dumb trigger happy mother fucker. He probably got placed on admin leave with full pay too😤. That undercover cops “no” is full of “you gotta be shifting me” too.

  33. So it would have been ok to unload an entire clip on an unarmed and surrendered civilian if it wasn't an undercover cop?

  34. For me it’s weird to see an officer giving a shit about who he’s just shot multiple times, especially given the lack of resistance, etc.

  35. Why does this cop when he starts shouting and crying at Jacob does he sound like Joe Swanson? Why do all cops have that wannabe dee voice

  36. Ok, so while he assumed he was a bad guy, what was the reason for him shooting him? We know he was undercover, so I don't see him as doing anything to provoke the cop.

  37. "Albuquerque will pay $6.5 million to a former police detective "Det. Jacob Grant" who was shot nine times by his own lieutenant during an undercover bust of $60 worth of drugs."

  38. Geez apparently this "bust" was them trying to buy $60 worth of meth. The officer survived, got a $6.5m settlement and lifetime coverage of medical expenses and disability retirement. It says almost all of his vital organs were hit , he's had at least 13 surgeries and will have medical issues for life.

  39. He only started crying because it was someone he knew but if it was just a random civilian that their meager taxes support to their paycheck he would’ve stood tall and said he did the right thing

  40. Fuck you you didn’t know. Imagine if it was a member of the public, there would have been a cover up and T shirts made. Not even going to go down the, if it was a POC

  41. Ahhh yes, my hard earned tax dollars, shooting themselves in a sting operation that probably took months to orchestrate, to then go to the hospital with "work related" injuries to be covered by more of my tax money... I love it

  42. Yikes! I want to have sympathy but I just don’t have any to give to these gang members. All this over freaking 60 bucks worth of drug?!?!?! Did the undercover cop even have the gun in his hand or did the scared little dude with the little penis just see something and lose his mind? Beyond fucked up and let’s just hope that trigger happy pig never sees a badge again.

  43. Holy shit it's almost like they put deadly weapons in the hands of barely-trained mouthbreathers and then expect things to work out. Fuckin idiots

  44. i lulz at this, you know why ..... his toughness and badge got the best of him ..... thinking that killing a drug dealer over 60 bucks will make them a hero..... now he is crying like a lil bitch over the body of HIS OWN ....funny how he weeps and cries over his own mistake on his buddy ......but when the mistake is done on citizens and others alike ITS SELF DEFENSE CAUSE THEY WERE "SCARED FOR THEIR LIFE" lulz

  45. This is the stupidest and most childish thing I've ever seen. "I thought you were a bad guy"? Why do these little kids in grown bodies even have guns? Not to mention the circumstances surrounding it are so circus-levels of tragic you can't help but laugh to stop yourself from crying (The lieutenant who shot his own guy being able to retire 3 days before his own judgment, the fact the lieutenant--who's supposed to be the leader of these guys--didn't even attend the briefing but was still allowed to go to the bust, the fact it was a drug bust of $60, the guy being shot meagerly responding "no" after being asked if he was OK, $6.3 million of our tax money being paid for this stupid mistake, the officer shot in nearly every major organ suspiciously recovering when we all know if it were "some druggie" they likely would not get the same urgency of care, the fact that the shot cop in his statement is so unjustly forgiving like the good dutiful cult/gang member he is)

  46. I love the utter disregard for life when they don’t see a face but the second they realize it’s someone they know and care about he breaks down crying. yet they can’t fucking understand that maybe the choices they are making are wrong. I have no sympathy. I hope Jacob gets to shoot him back.

  47. Hope that cop never sleeps again. Sorry but that’s not acceptable, they gave him no time to even talk. Congratulations you shot your friend, burn in hell.

  48. There is no way a detective was drawing his gun on fellow officers to be gunned down like that. There is no way a detective would be acting like a threat to fellow officers to be gunned down like that.Now I have something I can point to, to illustrate why I firmly believe that when a cop says "I was in fear for my life" it means "I was inadequately trained to think clearly in a tense situation and should on no account be allowed to possess a firearm"

  49. It's genuinely terrifying that this is the level of expertise that seems to be the norm for the people enforcing our laws. Some of the dumbest and most scared people, time after time immediately jumping to pulling the trigger.

  50. “I thought you were the bad guy” that’s the problem with cops, they think of people, real living human people, as being either worthy of death or worthy of saving.

  51. And this is what happens when you're law enforcement and you see people as either being "good" or "bad". You think it's okay to murder one person and not another.

  52. Not the first and won't be the last time a cops shoots an undercover. Some of these cops shoot first figure out the lie later.

  53. Gotta love the, “omg sorry dude! I didn’t know it was you!”………like dude…maybe you should feel that way about shooting anyone. This is why cops get a bad rep.

  54. great use of taxpayer money, cop shoots cop, cop sues and gets millions...lets all be cops and get shot by eachother and be set for life

  55. Maybe you shouldn’t have just gone ahead and shot the everloving shit out of someone. You wouldn’t have practically killed someone nor would you have had to scream “Jacob” at a high fucken pitch, because you realised your bloody mistake.

  56. In the Army they always taught us to identify your target and take a look at the surroundings before shooting. Precision was important. In the police it looks like they teach “Eek! It moved! Dump the clip!”

  57. The irony and karma is just so much it's hard to take at one time il be enjoying this meal over and over again for weeks.

  58. "I didn't know it was you." So it would have been okay if it wasn't an undercover cop then? They shoot people way too quickly

  59. The majoritiy of US citizens must be okay with stuff like this otherwise there would be a change. Elected officials do nothing and people voted for them. After all those years of daily headlines like these I just cannot feel sad or angry anymore.

  60. At least we can all take comfort in knowing that the police union will still defend officers taking warrior training and ensuring no one faced any real consequences.

  61. The officer who was shot settled with the city for $6.5M. No criminal or civil penalties were levied on the officer that shot his friend and subordinate 8 times.

  62. I’ve said it before on Reddit, and I shall say it again… America is disgusting. He lets his gun off cos, erm… freedom or something? They call it the 12th amendment or whatever? Then he realises he’s shot his mate? Oh.. well.. maybe stop using guns like fists.

  63. So he saw the gun on his hip (in a country where carrying one is perfectly normal) and instantly panicked emptying his clip on some innocent dude...?

  64. Why do I get the feeling he wouldn't have shown any remorse if it turned out to be a stranger with a cell phone in their hand. My bet is a stranger would've been put in cuffs and told to stop resisting as they bled out.

  65. Why the fuck was he cleared to go on shift as undercover when he missed the devreifing. Did no one think that kindve would've been super important information. Sounds like he's not the only one who should've been fired.

  66. This is a video to keep a link to, especially the complete version. Cops online will tell you until they're blue in the face that they're not paramedics and can't do first aid and that's why they have to let people just bleed out when the shoot them waiting for the ambulance to show up. When they shoot a coworker they strangely find a first aid kit and start rendering aid.

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