Why isn't Finland sending their troops to protect our border???

  1. Mexico? I'm not worried about Mexico. it's those fuckin Canucks we need to keep an eye on. sneaky bastards with their manners and health care and attempts at social justice. there's no room for that kind of thinking in the USA.

  2. Dude is Mexicans are not stupid, like we all ready have enough problems on our own to be thinking about invading another country like…, the sheer idea of it just makes me laugh.

  3. We live in constant fear of the Canadian threat. Wait they get free health insurance! I'd be thrilled if they expanded their border!

  4. I volunteer to go undercover and live amongst them for a couple of decades. I’ll text you guys if anything comes up.

  5. I've been saying for a while now that Canada annexing Detroit and Buffalo would cool the housing crisis and provide an improved standard of living to residents of these cities due to the increased investment and people flooding there to buy up the dirt cheap houses

  6. If they absorbed the U.S. and gave us the right to participate in democracy. All those that vote liberal or conservative will still vote that. Not sure if that's a good thing for Canada. It would just bring American brand of politics into Canada. At least there will be more parties to spread it out.

  7. Defend our borders from what? No seriously, what does she think is happening at our borders? She said she voted Trump because she was all about the wall so she must think some egregious circumstances are happening there.

  8. The European NATO members guarantee the Mexican border. US guarantees the Russia border. Europe would unanimously sign for that in a heartbeat.

  9. I live in Arizona and have been by the border in multiple spots over the last year. The only thing that happened is getting a flat tire from a piece of metal left over from the border wall construction. Some troops would have been nice in assisting me with putting on the spare. But that's about it.

  10. You know, as a Texan, it actually DISGUSTS me how many politicians literally fall over themselves to make anything about the border their center stage political crutch. I also can’t believe that other Texans eat this shit up. Some of them know 100% it’s BS and stand behind it. No one is talking about the millions of dollars we dump into the pockets of political people to solve an imaginary issue.

  11. There are non-white people trying to get into the country. If we let them in, it means the country is a little less white. Don't overthink it. They categorize illegal aliens as an "invasion". That and Ann Coulter is openly racist.

  12. She thinks that homicidal, drug dealing brown people from El Salvador and elsewhere are pouring over the border to come take ahr jerbs and do murders.

  13. Much like the Buffalo shooter, Anne Coulter genuinely thinks that immigration is indistinguishable from armed invasion.

  14. If we went to war with mexico, you bet your ass finnish soldiers would be protecting our border. Its not fucking rocket science.

  15. Probably the Canadians. They are too quiet and polite, so it must mean they are up to something. They're probably planning on hopping the border to burn down the white hoise again. /s

  16. Out of curiosity, if somehow the US did have actual border aggression, In theory NATO would be over here helping us the same way, right?

  17. It's stopping women from leaving for abortions, of course! You got to protect those fetuses until they're old enough to be stuck in cages and forgotten. /s

  18. Foxs News is telling these simps that the border crisis is destroying their way of life. Meanwhile these people just want to have a decent life and are mowing her lawn, picking her vegetables and doing her home renovations

  19. I'm sure there are tons of Finnish troops that would appreciate the free vacation in the USA considering there is no Russian invasion there. Most would be wearing their Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, Oakleys and Kodak Instamatics

  20. man, I've lived in a border state to Canada my whole life and haven't done a damn thing to you folks up there. Why you hating on me?

  21. NATO’s article 5 (the “you attack one of us, you attack us all” clause) was invoked once. It was the US that did that after 9/11. NATO stood by their ally.

  22. Joining Nato means "America's military can now defend us, so we'll divert all military spending into things like universal healthcare, and then mock america for not having universal healthcare."

  23. The US has a FUCKLOAD of troops in Europe on standby at any given moment, and it was upgraded to an absolute SHIT TON during Russia's special dumbass operation in Ukraine. Something people fail to consider is the extreme deterrent that is having the US as your ally. You avoid wars in the first place because of the US.

  24. Your here saying Americans need to go fight a war across the globe. I want you to be first on that list seeing as you support it so much.

  25. Furthermore, the US is THE ONLY country in NATO history to invoke article 5 of the agreement. The US invoked it after the 9/11 attacks

  26. As much as I hate to agree with this idiot, you are wrong about her being wrong on the first point. She did say IF Finland joins NATO. So despite her lack of much awareness, she is aware Finland isn’t part of NATO yet.

  27. Well she said if Finland joins Nato so she is not claiming it is part of it so 1 is wrong. Then she she said “on the hook” implying that it could happen if Russia does go to war with Finland in a post Nato join so 2 is wrong. And 3 is technically correct but Finland isn’t being attacked either currently so idk.

  28. Evidently the are some high profile Russians in the military who would like to escalate the war (for example mass mobilization) but it would be a political suicide for Putin so it is unlikely to happen. So I'm not holding my breath but I do hope there are also high profile people who think it's better to stop the war.

  29. Anyone feel a bit dirty after reading any tweets by these magahats? I bet the average Finn cares more about American troops than this... person. Source, am a Finn.

  30. Don’t put too much stock in what ingraham says, most of the people that are young enough to fight don’t watch that boomer hack and if the US formally declares war, she and her ilk will be pimpslapped under the war powers act for spreading disinformation

  31. I don't understand this whole "sending young Americans to die" line of thinking. Like, it would be one thing if they were drafted to go protect Finland. But, they signed up to join the armed forces, and are paid a salary using our tax dollars. Their job is to fight when America deems it to be in our interest to do so. What exactly did they think they were signing up for? A free Dodge Charger with TruckNutzTM attached?

  32. Frankly guys, we were THIS close to intervening on Jan 6.... not really, but still the thought was there. I wonder if the US should send troops to oversee the next US elections to see that everything happens peacefully and democratically.

  33. On the one hand, even me as a white guy can't move freely between white borders. Canada would likely charge me, England would likely charge me, New Zealand, Australia, etc. All of them would at the bare minimum expel me, if they didn't charge me with a crime and keep me there to serve it.

  34. She’s a troll. Her job is to come up with deliberately stupid opinions so that people can get mad at her to maintain her image. She’s been doing this since before (I bet) most of you could vote.

  35. Had no idea who she was when I first saw that roast and kinda felt bad for her since she seemed out of place there. Don’t feel bad anymore lmao

  36. Well actually, Ann, between 1939 and 1945 (you know, World War II) Finland fought THREE wars. One of them against Soviet Russia and one against Nazi Germany and one against Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany at the same time. And Finland won all three of them, Ann. So if Russia ever tries to invade your country, Ann, you should be damned lucky if Finland is on your team.

  37. Well, no, that's not quite right. The Second Soviet-Finnish war for example didn't go too well for Finland. But it was a confusing time and I agree with the last part.

  38. No no no no. We fought first a defensive war against Soviet Union (Winter War). Then, we loosely allied with Nazi Germany to attack Soviet Union (Continuation war). Both of which we technically lost. USSR achieved what could only be considered the most Pyrrhic of Victories, however.

  39. These countries (Ukraine Finland etc) are already protecting your borders by taking on one your biggest enemies, Russia for you.Its not your boarders that need protecting your enemy is within Americans attacked in Washington D.C and tried to overthrough your government.

  40. I feel like the inability to distinguish between actual military invaders and people you just don’t like is super on brand for these folks.

  41. What boarder lmao next she’s gonna request them to send troops to defend the uk from Chinese invasions

  42. Sure - if Mexico or Canada invades using their armed forces, Finland (and every other Nato country) would send troops.

  43. Someone seems awfully miffed that another country has applied to join nato to help protect itself from Russia.

  44. Unfortunately, the united states aren't under attack and haven't requested aid from NATO therefore there's no reason for Finland to send troops to the US border. Alongside they aren't even part of NATO. They just applied.

  45. Ann was big during the bush years where she basically was racist war mongering bitch. She was replaced by Tomi Lahren and Lauren whatever

  46. Per Article 5, if Finland is in NATO, they would defend the US border if it was invaded. That's exactly how a mutual defence treaty works. Good job Ann.

  47. Ann Coulter, a sentient piece of toast, doesn't understand how NATO works and believes Russia would beat us in a border dispute when they've spent months shitting themselves in Ukraine.

  48. As someone who is active duty I have to say if you vote republican you are objectively a worthless human being and I defend my country in spite of you not because of you.

  49. Exactly. It's been clear as day for a while now Subs and tunnels are how most illegal products like guns and drugs get in. The 16 story deep tunnel they found the other day just seals the deal. Troops patrolling the border above ground won't actually do anything more than we already do with IR and drones.

  50. I don't think it matters if you ask for them, if there is the chance to go to war, the US would probably arrive at your border before the russians do. Which would be good of course, a little bit weird, but good. In this case.

  51. Sure, we can do that. Ann of course first has to say that USA is too weak to do it themselves and need assistance. After that the Finnish border guards will do what they do here: let people in the country, accept all asylum requests as default and then start processing them... Cause those are the international agreements that USA has also signed.

  52. Except for the Civil war centuries ago, America has known no war on their soil. Protect your borders against what? You have no idea what war is.

  53. Biden let’s in less legal immigrants than trump per year, and illegal immigrants still get detained at the border or picked up by ice (which is still expanded from the trump days), and republicans cry as if following trumps plan for immigration is some awful miserable thing for a president to do…. As soon as a Democrat president simply continues it.

  54. Yes - please do that. Declare the crisis at the Mexican/American border to be a military conflict in which the cartels and criminal organisations are a foreign entity posing a threat to the United States. Then Mobilise NATO.

  55. Ann 90% of people crossing the border are in the roofing construction business, 9% are in the hospitality business. The 1% bringing drugs are coming through tunnels and private jets.

  56. Can we get some Finnish troops to assist in deporting Ann Coulter back to whatever festering shithole she was spawned from?

  57. The funny thing is that the only thing that would motivate me to join our military is to actually defend the sovereignty of another nation. Most American boys would be honored to sacrifice their life defending actual freedom.

  58. I don't think America's problem are the borders. It is more like other Americans are America's biggest problem when looking at the news.

  59. So many ‘conservative pundits’ outing themselves as putin shills, I just don’t get it. Is it simply a case of the enemy of my enemy (biden) is my friend? I understand why trump behaves like putin’s bitch but why has it become almost a requirement for these people to toe putin’s line?

  60. How come no one talks about America’s border with the Atlantic. With global warming and rising oceans the Atlantic is stealing American territory right from under their feet.

  61. It’s so bizarre seeing lunatics like this talk about your country when they probably didn’t even know Finland existed before this.

  62. You dont get it - that is essentially what they believe. Although replace 'military army' with 'army of brown people'.

  63. Counting the Diomede islands, Russia and the U.S. are only 2 and a half miles apart. It may be water but that is plenty close to be considered a border 🤷🏼‍♂️

  64. I wish Ann Coulter would lose the capacity to speak or write. She's a garbage person, truly vile.

  65. Man, I hope Finland sees this and does just that.... by sending 2 guys, one for each border... with smart phones so they can livestream all the action they see every day. Bonus points if neither if them speak a word of English.

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