A teacher in texas asking students to rate their book 5 stars in order to get A's

  1. Can't you edit reviews? Give them 5 stars, get the points and then edit the review to one star later. Or delete it and post a new one....

  2. According to a news article, the books are now missing from Amazon's website. The teachers name is mentioned but it didn't mention the book names.

  3. Better yet, use the browser's developer tools (specifically the element inspector) to make someone else's review look like it's yours, reword it so it's not easy to find with ctrl+F, and screencap that. Requires some tech-savviness, but should get you the grade without actually having to support their work!

  4. Absolutely not. Though I wouldn't imagine having a book required for the class that’s written by you would be illegal. I imagine that decisions on materials are handled as a department.

  5. its legal for the professor to ask this, but it goes against amazon's policies for reviewing. You cannot be paid or incited to write a good review according to their policies. If i was in this class, id report the teacher to amazon directly for altering the reviews.

  6. It probably is. This sort of thing doesn't happen very often, because most schools would immediately fire a teacher who did this.

  7. If they consider it a bribe in kind it may be illegal since the teacher is possibly a state employee (not actually sure how that works there so maybe not?) It could be trouble. Otherwise its probably still enough to be disciplined over.

  8. This was a typical experience I had with college professors. Though they weren’t quite so brazen, you also had little choice but to buy their book if you wanted to do well in the class.

  9. This is hilarious because in college, my teacher "modified" a super old laboratory textbook. Basically just added a small 20 page section to it and required we purchase that edition of the textbook which was only sold by our campus bookstore.

  10. Having been a teacher, I can tell you that saying "Read the books to the end and then review them. Don't just flip through them without reading in order to save time, wink wink" would not work. Only about 1 in 20 kids would figure it out if you said it that way.

  11. I never had a teacher ask us to review their book, but I did have a community college professor require students to buy a “course instruction booklet”. We had to buy it from this certain printer, and he said the printer would let him know who had bought. It was $45, and had about 35 or 40 pages, printed on a regular office copier, single sided, and stapled together. It just gave some really basic bs info (double space your lines, be sure to indent on a new paragraph) plus some phone numbers, and warnings that the door was locked promptly at the beginning of class, etc. You could tell he really stretched it out to get it to that length. We all figured the printer was kicking him back $20 on each one.

  12. What a piece of shit. I had a few professors who were on a power trip in my college career, and two of the three were at community college.

  13. According to the article this was an assignment given to middle schoolers (10-13) who’s other option was a 26-page paper.

  14. Nope, it’s a Junior high. The options were to buy the book and give it a 5 star review for a 100% grade, or to write a 26 page book report to be graded by the teacher.

  15. My college marketing professor did something similar to this, he added his book to the recommended materials for the class and then said there would be bonus questions on exams based on his book AND his Tweets. So we had to buy/read his book and follow him on Twitter.

  16. What shouldn’t be legal is his quotation mark placement. If the grammar in his book is anything like the grammar on this sign he should be a banned “author” for that alone.

  17. What makes this worse is you would have to pay for the books on Amazon to download them. So it’s literally bribery, and also excluding kids who couldn’t afford it from having that opportunity.

  18. Yup. Kids who weren't able to afford the book had an alternative assignment of reading a different book and would have to write a 26 page essay on it that the teacher would then grade instead. This is for a junior high class. The teacher is a fucking fraud.

  19. Nah someone linked a article on this and the teacher had deleted the listing before the schools investigation began. He'll claim it was made up and get away with it.

  20. Regardless of what the Conroe school district thinks, I can assure you that Amazon takes a very dim view of this sort of thing as well.

  21. When I was a lecturer I'd do something like this as a joke to keep the students alert, but I'd also be a lot more clear that it was a joke.

  22. Either buy the books and give them perfect reviews for an A or write a twenty-fucking-six page report? Way to commit fraud and extortion simultaneously.

  23. Pretty sure bringing this to any school board would land him in hot water. Coercion is screwed.

  24. This has to be an out of context joke right, like the teacher just happens to have written a text book and he/she is just joking with their class about it? Right?

  25. I'm not going to post a link here, but you can search this event and a news story will pop up. Then search the author on Amazon and you'll see the books and a bunch of reviews of people that had an idea similar to yours.

  26. I had a college professor who offered TWO TEST GRADES of extra credit for watching two "documentaries" they were The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know?

  27. Given that he didn’t even know where to stop the quotation marks when directing his students not to say that they’re his students, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in this book he’s written…

  28. My sociology professor made everyone in my class buy his book and then proceeded to basically read word for word what was in the book. You also had to show that you had a copy.

  29. I think we'd have better outcomes if we were just honest with ourselves about the role of school. It's mostly day care (not saying there isn't value to that).

  30. In an art test, I answered all the questions honestly which was one of the rules. Then came the question, "did you like the painting?" and I said no, it's not my style.

  31. In graduate school I had a teacher that wrote a relatively short softcover textbook that was around 100 pages, but was $100 dollars and was listed as a required book at the start of the semester in addition to the main textbook that every class had to read regardless of professor. By the end of the semester we had done a total of two pages of reading from her textbook and they weren’t even relevant to the topic. We all filed complaints with the school that she forced us to buy these textbooks to self profit and for no other reason, The teacher was fired.

  32. It's so horrible that student's have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for an education and the best you can get is professors assigning their own books and demanding you buy it.

  33. I wouldn’t doubt this goes against the schools academic integrity (or similar) policy. Time to drop into your student union and start asking questions.

  34. This reminds me of the time my 6th grade teacher entered his dog in a Cutest Dog contest for the local news paper. He gave us extra credit for buying a paper and cutting out and sending in the submission form for his dog and if he won, we got a pizza party. We did it for the pizza.

  35. I dont get why people are mad over this. Hell yeah I’ll take an easy A+ for a 20 second review. Life is pay to win

  36. My history teacher right now is an author and writes fiction books loosely tied to history. He will be giving a lesson and then go off on a tangent about something similar that "happened in history" only to find out 20-30 minutes later it was a pitch for his book when he pulls it out of his briefcase like a hand model and tells us to order on Amazon. And although 45/50 questions on the tests (including midterm and final) are about actual history, at least 5 or more were about where to buy the book, how great of an author he is, etc. Very narcissistic. We got bonus points and extra credit if we bought a copy and PAID HIM for an autograph.

  37. Reminds me how my 7th grade teacher made it known every day for a week which day her birthday was. She even set up a box in the front expecting gifts & pointed it out to everyone. No one gave her shit & she acted depressed over it for the next 3 days.

  38. Someone should report them to the state for teaching CRT or saying the word gay in the classroom. Oh never mind that’s us in Florida. I got the 2 “Christian” Taliban groups confused

  39. Given the way this moron thinks quote marks work, it's not surprising they need to astroturf their book reviews.

  40. And I thought my cousin was bad for getting his professor friends to use his terrible poetry books in their curriculum and asking for reviews. At least he had the sense to remove himself by one degree.

  41. Can anybody point to links of those books? I work for Amazon Review Moderation. I'll make sure to give it good "look". I'll add this post as evidence too.

  42. Seems like a great way for teachers to get some extra income tbh. Since when did we all give a shit about academic integrity?

  43. A teacher in my university did something similar, he asked us all to make twitter accounts, and praise his deductions, retweet and like. It all counted towards our class participation %. Someone reported it and he almost got fired.

  44. When my oldest was in 6th grade, his math teacher said she would give any students who sent in a package of copy paper 25 extra points added to their final grade. Math was his worst subject, so, I sent in four and got him a 100. I don’t feel bad about it at all. Teachers shouldn’t have to beg for classroom supplies and I know how it feels to suck at math and have that one subject bring your whole gpa down.

  45. Teaching schoolchildren the value of corruption and gaming the system to get ahead. Some valuable life lessons right there.

  46. Well, now that they are no longer teaching science, history or language arts in Texas schools, they have to fill the time with something.

  47. Texas is one of the shittiest places. They're all so delirious from the heat and improper electrical grid that they think they're doing the right shit.

  48. Well since they pay him about $12.50/hour to try and parent and re-parent these shit heads I don’t blame him for trying to help his side hustle.

  49. If we paid teachers a valid paycheck this wouldn't happen... But here we are and this is capitalism at work.

  50. Not that anyone will read this but in college I had an intro to University course freshman year, it was worth 6 credits and was only offered to students who completed orientation in full or something. I honestly don't remember.

  51. I’m more shocked there’s teachers in Texas. I just figured they put children in an old barn with a goat or told them to throw rocks at the sun because there’s a demon in it

  52. I mean it seems like a good deal honestly. My physics teacher in high school would set homework’s then give an alternative homework of listening to his rock music on Spotify.

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