who needs basic hygiene

  1. They do, as in his followers. This is Paul Saladino “CarnivoreMD”. In most of his stuff he comes off as a generally nice dude but it’s very clear he is a charlatan and almost all of his theories have been disproven. Makes a lot of money selling supplements and promises, it’s a shame really.

  2. There's not much reason to wonder why he caught the tooth brush instead of getting it handed to him.

  3. You’re gonna lose it when I tell you they guy eats an almost completely meat diet. Think about that smell.

  4. Yep, depending on genetic lottery you can get away with not needing to shampoo your hair all that often. In fact, depending on some factors it is healthier to not use shampoo every shower. For some people this is ironically the answer for hair that is too oily. By washing out the oil so often their body overproduces oil to make up for it so only using shampoo every other day or less can help balance things. Still, everyone should safely assume they need a normal hygiene routine unless informed otherwise by a doctor.

  5. Dude's pad is so clean looking, he probably has people he can just pay to tell him he smells good.

  6. "I got everything i wanted handed to me without a day of work, so now i act like i achieved this by not using soap and eating healthy"

  7. He was a cardiologist in the states and made money, then started a supplement company selling organs similar to liver king and pushes a meat based diet. Moved to costa rica a couple years ago.

  8. Your breath is influenced by your diet, but mainly through feeding and selecting your oral microbiome (which will also depend on your oral hygiene, tartar build up is not good for your breath. Your body odor is alot more complex and influenced by many things (diet can be one of them under certain circumstances). However the smell is mostly a function of the bacteria that feed on stuff on your skin (dead skin cells, secretions etc). You will smell pretty ripe if you don't practice any hygiene. Of course you will probably not smell yourself (marinating your nose in your own stink leads to desensitization)

  9. The smell also comes from dry sweat accumulating on armpit hair… notice something in the video? He shaved that, so it smells less anyway.

  10. The bacteria is limited with regular showering and scrubbing, so he may not directly smell bad but I guess he does smell "off" to everyone not bad just weird

  11. He also really needs to floss. Food bits going funky in between your molars can give you breath like a dumpster on Texas summer day. 🤢

  12. Your comment reminded me of the time my husband called me to ask what shampoo he uses sp he could buy more while at the shops because he’s literally never paid attention. I buy it and put it in the shower and he just knows the one that isn’t in the metal pump bottle is his.

  13. He does, but only if it's never washed with soaps. Just rinse that sinkhole with clean water. He's not afraid to have shit running down his thighs, because his diet is superior!

  14. Testosterone is a hormone. The more macho and top-dog they behave, the more hormonal I consider them. This one, definitely a hormonal wreck.

  15. Oh god he's not macho. He's talking about beauty products and smells. He thinks about that shit constantly. That doesn't strike me as excessively macho. Is he killing stuff and fighting while taking political control? No, he's publicly showering. He's pulling some lifestyle marketing bullshit while injecting himself with testosterone or HGH.

  16. It's a common TikTok editing thing. But yeah, those are definitely either hmms, errs, likes, etc. at the least. Dude probably read that shit off some "naturopath"'s twitter page, or something.

  17. Even if you eat great , once you’re out there sweating you’re gonna stink, unless his great diet is keeping his body from its natural function of cooling itself off by sweating in the Costa Rican summer?

  18. Fun fact, most east Asians actually lack the gene to have bo, when you travel there it's super hard to find deordourent. I'm asian and never have to use deordourent cause I don't smell according to my gf lol.

  19. Here's the thing the dude is out of line and kinda right, alot of smell comes from diet and stuff but the sweaty stuff like your junk and ass will smell as they can cultivate bacteria and stuff that you need soap to deal with, the dude actually hits some good points but it's still lying through his teeth. He's a fucking grifter with a lifestyle and a course to sell

  20. I don’t know man, I eat a fairly clean vegan diet, mostly raw. I don’t really smell bad even after sweating from yard work. When I do smell sweaty, it goes away after about fifteen minutes of cooling off. I stopped drinking beer two years ago and I think that played a huge part. Prior to that, I smelled like shit when even mildly sweaty. So maybe alcohol plays a big part? I don’t know anything. I’m just typing because I’m sleepy.

  21. There's a lot to be said about only rinsing your hair instead of shampooing it every day. Also many soaps are not great for your skin. For me, deodorant is useless. I don't get armpit stink unless I just don't shower.

  22. I went from showering every day to twice a week and my body odor and skin actually improved a lot. It took a few weeks before I stopped over producing oils and feeling gross though.

  23. I'm thinking "wet dog" but then I noticed his hairline was receding. Probably the back hair makes up for it.

  24. To be fair, if you swim in the sea a lot (I assume this guy probably does) sand is also a pretty good scrub. If you make sure you scrub armpits, groin,…etc most people will smell ok. Not great, but not offensive

  25. This only works for some east asians, they have an allele which controls dry earwax and greatly reduced body odor. This guy definitely smells like old butter

  26. So I’m 30 years old, had dry ear wax my entire life and have no body odour, never need deodorants or anything. I had no idea those were correlated, but thanks to your comment I have found out about the ABCC11 gene, looks like I’m probably part of the 2% of caucasians who have the gene.

  27. I've met guys who don't use deadrant and shampoo, theirs usually 2 types. The guys who honestly somehow don't smell. Like they must never sweat or something because they don't really have a body odour. And then there's the guys who make your eyes water

  28. The lack of toothpaste is probably the least horrifying about that video. Depending on his diet, toothpaste might actually not be super necessary. Or he'd be able to get away with using baking soda occasionally. We get cavities because our food today has so much sugar in it. If his oral microbiome is healthy, he wouldn't get cavities and his breath probably wouldn't stink.

  29. This isn't entirely off-base, it just like this, and other crusades people have is they just can't talk about it, they have to be complete assholes about it, thus destroying any good that could have come from their message.

  30. No one has ever in my life asked me what kind of soap and shampoo I use…. If people are always asking you that it’s because you smell like shit.

  31. He ain't wrong. But he could use some all-natural soap and toothpaste. You need to exfoliate the skin from time to time.

  32. Actually using shampoo is kind of a capitalistic unnecessary trap. It’s so odd that we use shampoo to clean up the natural grease, to then add product to add artificial grease to it, so you can wash it away the next day with shampoo again.

  33. It depends on the person and their genetics. Sometimes it creates the problems you describe, sometimes people just have really dry hair/scalps/whatever naturally and need a routine application of conditioner to manage it consistently.

  34. I bet if I ask him what kind of diet he is on he will tell me if I sign up for his Costa Rican diet program. Only 29,99 a month!

  35. I feel like I'm watching CarnivoreMD slowly descend into madness lol, but like a James bond villain kind of madness

  36. He does often seem pretty manic to me nowadays. But then again that's what gets clicks on social media. I think he saw Liver King rise to fame and is emulating it. Could also explain the more controversial opinions lately, like this one.

  37. Ok, I don’t mean to be that guy, but he’s kinda right. A lot of how you smell all around can be attributed to what you eat. Another element though, is that chemical companies have spent billions in advertising to condition everyone that they stink and need to cover themselves in chemicals and fragrances (there’s an Adam ruins everything about this). With the exception of smells that our bodies are wired to avoid (vomit, feces, rotting flesh, etc.), most body odor is something that your brain will adjust to, even to the point where you might even like it after a while. Water is sufficient for removing most urea and bacteria. Most soap is actually harmful for your skin and most peoples teeth are fairly self sufficient once you stop eating processed foods.

  38. Is that an argument? We also have been using fossil fuels for a few generations, doesn't make it right. Not arguing against soaps, but that logic you are using is flawed imo.

  39. I mean, he's not wrong - diet is everything and most soaps/shampoo's, are full of harmful chemicals. But there are plenty of natural cleaners than just water.

  40. It turns out that one's ability to study and regurgitate an incredible amount of facts does not actually mean one knows how to think critically, alas.

  41. Even we’ll educated people will sell out and pedal shit they don’t believe in or know not to be true to make a buck.

  42. While baking soda does indeed work wonders, it's still irritating for the skin, especially if you sweat a lot in Summer.

  43. This dipshit is so desperate to show anyone and everyone how shredded he is, he’ll literally use any narrative at all - including showering with his shrunken dick safely ensconced in board shorts.

  44. Who’s gonna tell him his “clean water” has micro plastic and forever chemicals and all kinds of shit in it

  45. I can't begin to fathom the smell coming up from a crotch of a guy who just uses water on a tropical weather on a summer noon after walking 500 meters.

  46. A girl I dated when I was much younger, had a brother who claimed that he had not brushed his teeth with tooth paste nor with an actual brush in over a decade (he was in his late 20's) and that he had not had a single cavity since he stopped. My girlfriend said that it was true in response to my disbelief. When I pressed him for more information, because the dude had a nice set of shiny white teeth and no detectable fillings and this was before the modern era of practically invisible fillings so I was of course intrigued. He said he used floss and his bare fingers. He also ate an usual and strict diet. The one thing that made me think it was true was that his breath had this very distinct smell, not necessarily bad but clearly noticeable. It reminded me of the smell of leaves that had fallen from a tree in autumn, and they were not yet oxidized and rotten,.

  47. This isn’t wrong though. You don’t really need soap if you never use it. Stop using it and your body will need time to adjust and rebalance but in time you won’t smell bad as long as you wash your nether regions, feet and armpits daily. Toothpaste has its use but not really for the smell of your breath.

  48. I means he’s technically not wrong, my diet isn’t the best so I smell if don’t use deodorant, and to be honest I just like smelling good. A good cologne is 👌🏼

  49. He’s right about the diet part at least. I myself have started moving towards biodegradable soaps and natural deodorants. Many soaps are honestly just way to harsh on skin. That said this guy is gross and probably has terrible dental health.

  50. I mean he's not wrong that bad body odor is caused by poor diet/drinking smoking. Also wearing clothes. He's also not wrong that most soap/deodorant is full of nasty shit and stripping your bodies natural oils away is bad for your skin.

  51. I bet the only people that asks him what shampoo he uses, are actually trying to tell this brick for brains he smells like the room after the group cardio session

  52. I don't use soap for anything but the bits , or u know when extra dirty with stains. My skin is doing shit ton better.

  53. While your diet can effect in a very small way how your body smell and I mean very small basic hygiene is to get rid of oils and bacteria that cause you to smell.

  54. There are personal hygiene products without all those nasty things he mentioned. He just can’t smell himself anymore.

  55. I stopped drinking and hard drugs and my foot odor problem vanished and body odor down to fuckall unless I really work overtime I'd say this is pretty close to the truth

  56. I applaud this guy. People douse themselves in chemicals and detergents multiple times a day and wonder why they get shit like cancer. I wash with all natural soap and non fluoridated toothpaste. Ya’ll can keep all that untested chemical garbage.

  57. I kinda get the shampoo, soap, deodorant thing, but not using toothpaste is not cool - can actually have medical consequences not taking care of dental hygiene

  58. He's not completely wrong tho. I went from shampooing my hair daily to 2/3 times a week and it went from being a dry ass birdnest to being healthy looking and feeling.

  59. The point with shampoos he is kind of right. The are harming your hair more than they help. You have much nicer and stronger hair if you don’t really use shampoo that often.

  60. He's right though. Look at the science, your body takes care of itself all these products just deregulate your natural processes.

  61. Guys, hear me out. I think, I THINK...he has a good diet. Not sure if he wants that to be public knowledge, but I think that's what he's trying to say

  62. Honestly this isn’t that far out there. There are a lot of people who don’t use shampoo or soap because it is true to some extent that your lifestyle and how healthy your diet is will determine how bad your natural body odour is. I know a couple people who are health nuts and don’t use deodorant and only use shampoo once a month and they’re not smelly. The teeth tho I’m not even gonna try and defend.

  63. Lol Steve Jobs thought the same thing. According to his coworkers he STUNK. Also he died from a treatable form of pancreatic cancer because he was too arrogant to get help. It’s an elitist thing. Normally they believe they are untouchable because they think they have superior genetics and eat organic food.

  64. Actually, I tried showering with just lukewarm water years back, and you really don’t stink. You have a normal human smell, but not like unclean homeless type smell. I got hit on more in those 6 months than any time in my life before or since, and I only started washing with soap again because boot camp.

  65. He’s not totally wrong. Your scent is affected by your diet. When I had to change to a gluten-free diet for medical reasons, my husband told me my scent changed (not bad/good, just different). Body odor is caused by bacterial growth; if he’s showering or swimming several times a day, he’s rinsing away the sweat and grime the bacteria feed on, minimizing odor production. He also doesn’t appear to have much (if any) body hair, which also cuts down on odor, since there’s less for sweat and grime to cling to. As for oral hygiene, he said in the video he still uses a toothbrush. Toothpaste doesn’t clean your teeth, it polishes them and adds flavor and scent. It’s the action of brushing that removes particles and germs, so he’s still cleaning his teeth. People used to use bite sticks to clean their teeth, and early toothbrushes were often just used with water. And lots of people don’t use shampoo on their hair. Just like with body odors, if he’s frequently rinsing his hair, he’s removing a lot of ‘surface grime’, and over time his oil production would balance since he’s not stripping it off regularly with shampoo.

  66. This only works when you live on your own island like this guy. The moment this dude steps foot on a New York subway he’s getting roasted for fucking reeking

  67. I don’t think “animal based bae” has the authority to decide weather we all think that you probably smell like shit.

  68. But it is true. People who eat McDs, taco bell, etc. They all stink, and when they poop it's crazy how bad the smell is. I knew a person that only ate junk food and she had this terrible odor all of the time, despite wearing tons of perfume. Trust me the more time you spend away from these carcinogens, living a healthy and happy life; the less you will smell.

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