This dude is literally surrounded by freedom.

  1. He only has one of the Florida keys as well. Also Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin islands. He really is showing his lack of firearms here.

  2. As someone who lives in white suburban America, I can firmly say that the biggest threat would probably be deer causing car crashes.

  3. The biggest threat would be this guy, drunk off his ass for the 5th night in a row showing off his guns to his buddies and accidentally firing it.

  4. I'd say it would be this guy. I'd never let my kid over there if his friend invited him over. I hear way too many horror stories about kids being stupid and shooting each other.

  5. As a white suburban American, I deem people like this as the biggest threat to me. All it takes is one night of him becoming unhinged (because let's face it, no one who feels they need this many guns for protection is mentally stable).

  6. Oh, didn't even notice those were guns... Well, that is one house that is worth to stake out, find out when the dude is not home and just ransack the place, loot the guns... Those are worth money and this is an advertisement for "probably don't have a good lock, alarm system or laminated windows", ie: easy target. #1 source for illegal guns are... legal gun owners whose guns are stolen.

  7. the photo it's part of a project of Gabriele Galimberti, he visit many states of USA to konw the americans and the attitude with gun, the surce

  8. I don't get it. I'll never get it, and I have one relative who spends more on guns per year than their house payments.

  9. Trees and other greenery will only obstruct his line of view when defending himself from Non-White America.

  10. This picture literally made my day 1000 percent better. Not often i can find a yard more rucked theb mine. And mine had 2 moles ravaging it. This just has one.

  11. Trees are against zoning laws. The shade would decrees temperatures by at least 3 degrees, and the leaves would help reduce the amount of dust and dirt in the air, but it may cause house prices to go down!!!!

  12. Hey! He's got a chair! Can't afford any more than that because he spent all his saving and two truck payments on guns.

  13. Ah yes, the many dangers of white suburban America from which I need a gun for each day of the year to be able to defend myself.

  14. This is what I dont get. Say I buy into the whole, you need a gun for protection bullshit, wouldn't you be better off with one gun that you are incredibly comfortable handling, versus having that many that you've probably only used once.

  15. to be fair, there's a lot of impotent white rage out here. gotta defend myself from chuds like this dude and his militarized family

  16. I still can't get my head around how you can be so proud of your country, yet simultaneously so afraid of it that you need an "armoury" to protect yourself. Surely both those things can't be true.

  17. They’re so proud of their country because their country allows them to arm themselves to the teeth like this.

  18. Their America is white dudes who look like them, and barefoot wives in an apron who has been pregnant for the past 7 consecutive years. Black and brown people, liberals, "beta males" all those people, those aren't Americans. Those are the enemies of America. And it's up to them, action hero John Whiteman, to save America from all those enemies.

  19. It isn't pride in a country. It's tribalism. Both it and the fear that occupies their every waking moment are due to the oversized amygdala conservatives tend to have.

  20. There is a masculinity issue in modern society. There are a good deal of men in this country who are afraid, but the fear manifests as insecurity. They buy guns and trucks and walk around with bravado because society is moving towards inclusion and acceptance of all people. That's whats scary to them. They are afraid of losing their status. This is how they can reassure themselves on their position.

  21. It seems to not make sense, until you realize that what they’re proud of IS the fact that they can play tough guy and feel justified for it. It’s an ego-based mental illness that doesn’t allow someone to accept “help” (to them, read: “weakness”) from the “security” (to them, read: tyrannical government) of a “safe society” (to them, read: “liberal safe space”). They literally like a less evolved, more “manly” way of living that lets them get to feel like they’re the toughest shit.

  22. Do they not realize that saying something like this implies they live in a shit 3rd world country where your life is constantly at risk?

  23. I live in white suburban America and know the struggle. Just the other day the McDonald's ice cream machine was down again.

  24. You know this douche bag has a big ‘ol diesel that rolls coal too, that hasn’t hauled a damn thing in its life but him.

  25. Like many things this guy probably supports, that lawn is a lost cause. Boring as clear cut field turned sorry ass cookie cutter sub division.

  26. Okay, so, serious question here! This image is hilarious and gave me a good laugh but it got me thinking. As someone from England where guns are exceedingly rare unless you’re a farmer, why is it that some people in the US believe they need so many guns? I know this particular image is an extreme case, but I see so many posts of people and their gun collections and how they “need” their guns to survive. Why is that? What’s so dangerous? Or is the danger just other maniacs with too many guns? 😅 I promise I’m not trying to offend anyone btw! Just genuinely curious.

  27. It’s just collecting as hobby at that point. There are people with 100s of sneakers sitting in a box (or the many other mechanical keyboard/watches/fountain pen collections), same thing, they don’t need it, is just for collection/want to have

  28. As a fellow Brit, I think it could be like having a packet of biscuits in the car and one at home too just in case. Maybe he needs to kill someone downstairs and then pops upstairs and is like “aaargh now I need to kill someone here too… where’s my gun”. After a bit it’s just easier to have a gun in every place you might need to get your kill on. That’s why I have two packs of hobnobs on the go.

  29. Since you seem to be asking in good faith, I can hopefully clear this up a bit. I know a lot of people that own guns around the country (family, friends, etc) and the primary reasons they own guns is usually for hunting, protecting the home, and ideally training to know how to best utilize them.

  30. The people who genuinely believe they need a full blown armory for a shtf scenario (shit hits the fan) are so paranoid that I doubt they'd ever make their collection public. Most people, even with this many guns, are just collectors. They'll buy guns, sell some later to buy different guns, go to the range, go to competitions, sometimes even buy them as an investment. It's a hobby like any other, it just takes extra considerations to ensure safety.

  31. At least respect the dedication and financial sacrifice, WOW. More whistles than Jack DONAHEEs cookie jars. (Assuming he did not just use the first AK or Draco to armed robbery the other 463 whistles pictured).

  32. He raises the risk that somebody in his household will shoot themself. Suicide is a more common cause of death than homicide. Suicide is often an impulsive act, and you’re more likely to attempt it or succeed at it if you have a gun in the house. I don’t think I’d be here if my parents had had a gun in the house when I was a teenager. There’s also a risk of somebody getting shot by accident, which is of course higher if you have a gun in the house. And, most murders are committed by somebody the victim knows, and it’s easier to murder somebody if there are guns around. He’s putting himself and his family at higher risk, not lower.

  33. Be careful to not get caught, you never know if your local gun nut doesn't get a throbbing erection at the thought of shooting someone

  34. You can tell this guy has no friends because that backyard is not conducive to hanging out. Christ, he’s got just one lonely chair back there.

  35. This behaviour is driven by fear. They hate it when you point that out. Suburbia is LITERALLY the least dangerous place to live.

  36. Lol look at these civilians thinking they will do more than supply organised military groups with weapons. Cute

  37. He needs those guns to make a citizens arrest on a black person jogging through neighborhood guys, god. /s

  38. He is literally calling all white people savages and barbaric Neanderthals that would attack him any time and steal his shit. Please understand his culture and struggle guys. Their culture is be friendly neighbors that just want to trade that eventually in a cunning way turns in dictatorship and colonialism. Of course he needs to defend his house against himself. P.s this is a joke . I love people of all color just like I know there’s dumbass A-holes in all colors.

  39. Oh we understand you, all,right. You are the self centered, all about me, don’t care about anything that doesn’t negatively affect you…except your imagined scenarios of immigrants/ poc/gays taking over…your struggles are usually ones you created yourselves

  40. He's in so much danger he needs an arsenal to "equip a platoon of Marines," yet somehow so safe that he can spend hours puttering around in his unguarded yard, laying out these guns, and no one attempted to steal any . . . .

  41. I love guns as much as the next guy, but I can’t imagine spending this much money on firearms. It’s like buying 100 hammers when you know damn well you only have two hands

  42. Is he grilling or did this doofus use a smoke machine to make himself look like some B movie action hero? The pic is shit quality so I cannot tell if that is a grill.

  43. Really, this looks a like a pretty safe neighborhood. I once lived in Hezbollah neighborhood and people shoot up Ak47 from balconies when their favorite football team scores a goal.

  44. I am 51 and female and have lived in some of the sketchiest neighborhoods in Philly, along with some of the nicer suburbs. I moved to Florida to a town sight unseen in 2013 and have lived alone most of the years since. While I am not against owning guns, and have enjoyed target shooting for years, I have NEVER felt unsafe enough - even living in a house with bars on the windows, where I felt the need to arm myself to the teeth.

  45. Why so many guns? If I had 17 tubas, people would think I was a little nuts. They crazy thing to me though, is why didn't he spend some of the money he did on the guns to plant at least one damn tree in his yard?

  46. America is the dimmest place on earth. England has little to no guns and we are doing just fine. I've lived 24 years of my life without ever hearing a gun being fired or someone I know getting shot. You guys are just vein and self absorbed...

  47. Neighborhoods like this--how much is the turnover for people that fuck up their mortgage? Brother lived in one such newly-minted place. It was a white trash haven.

  48. Look at that shit house and garden. I wouldn’t defend that with a wooden spoon, let alone military grade weapons.

  49. As a non-american, i looked at this pic and thought “oh wow thats interesting that he burned the map into the lawn. Kinda weird to say the one gun he is holding is an armoury”. Then I had a

  50. Jesus that neighborhood has as much character as a mayonnaise sandwich. It looks like that back yard was designed exclusively to be used for a display of guns and fear. Like what do you do the children do out there, fucking cartwheels until they get too sunburnt? Four square?

  51. What’s with American houses not having fences around them? Like not even hedges for aesthetics or delineation of property

  52. Could of spent some money on some fucking landscaping instead of wasting it on that many fucking guns. This guys a fucking tool.

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