A girl at work drew what she thinks the map of the USA looks like. She's almost 30 with 2 kids. The NC public school system has really failed her 🤦🏻‍♀️

  1. LOL AT first I was thinking it's really not that bad. Mostly looking at the basic shape and being Canadian, I don't know where all the states are.

  2. Every second spent lookin at this I notice something more egregious than the last thing. Admittedly, my own map wouldn’t be great, but ho-ly, this is so dumb

  3. My thoughts exactly, at first I was thinking I couldn't do better, then it was "apart from Alaska... And Canada... And where is the entire continent of South America... And.. '

  4. Even worse, most of us Americans are dumb as fuck, but we are very clever on useless facts such as celebrity facts/gossip. It is hilarious when some say that parents should be in charge of their children's education when those same parents can't pass an overall exam for a sixth grade student.

  5. We’re all going to be crowding that tiny little teat of a coastline; because you don’t leave Ohio if you can help it. (I don’t know why we stay, myself included)

  6. Michigan here. At least you are on the map! We are an iconic shape. How do you forget the giant mitten?! Oh. Wait, I don't see a reasonable Texas either.

  7. I was wondering what the big empty space was too... does she think that is water orrrrrr? I want to understand and also wow our education system is not doing right by our kids...

  8. Washingtonian, also left out. Which is good, because both our neighboring states and the pacific coast seem to have been relocated or deleted, so who knows where we’d end up.

  9. Out of all the times people forget about South Carolina how is this the one time where someone gets our state right but then puts Oregon where Nevada should be.

  10. It's a common misconception that Delaware is a state. Kinda like Pluto. Beach is actually the 50th US state. It's also the largest with roughly 1 million square miles of territory across 100,000 miles of coastline.

  11. I think it’s illegal to show Hispanic people on TV in North Carolina. I’ve never heard anybody say that but it sounds right.

  12. That show was wild just because geography was changing almost daily with the USSR collapse creating new countries in the early 90's. Kids were answering questions correctly, but between writing the questions, filming and airing a new country was popping up.

  13. As a washingtonian I've always felt some kinship for Pennsylvania. I feel like you have the same ratio of cool cities to redneck backwoods as us.

  14. I've always been pleased to be your neighbor! Come on up and enjoy... Wait, we don't have a beach anymore. You gotta to to Main for that now I guess.

  15. Everything about this is awful but if I had to pick a favorite part it'd have to be the unnamed, lawless badlands that apparently separate California (and... Illinois?) from everything else.

  16. I like how it goes from coast to coast. Also I feel like that no man's land would still have smaller population than New York or California.

  17. Better than I could do. I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order thanks to my 3rd grade teacher, but I might run into an issue trying to hand draw a map of the US.

  18. Canada is the country with the second-largest landmass in the world. According to this map, it is but a mere nub, the head of festering boil if you will. Could be worse according to this map, Mexico..., America's ball sack.

  19. I mean, it actually is (though the state is more than just the island), just not like, in the middle of the Atlantic. It's more like how Manhattan is an island, surrounded closely by mainland.

  20. I met a woman working at Western Union in Walmart.. nuff said.. who believed Canada was part of the US but couldn’t find it in the list of states.. half an hour of trying to convince her that Canada is a totally separate country she called her manager on the phone to help find it.

  21. What are these Europe, Africa places you speak of? I don't understand. Is this some dumb Star Wars universe, with the Enterprise ship going there, or what?

  22. I said that at first but then noticed we're not on the coast anymore, "Main" is in the way. >:( GET OUT OF THE WAY, MAIN, I MISS THE WATER!

  23. I know some very smart people that are bad at geography, but this is unforgivable. This is what you get when someone "Don't know, don't cares" their way through school.

  24. This doesn't look like the effort of an undereducated person so much as that of a person who doesn't look at maps or doesn't have a good visual or spatial memory.

  25. Ugh. A girl I went to college with, who went to Catholic high school, was shocked when I said the sun is the closest star to us. “How is the sun a star? It’s so much bigger than real stars”

  26. A girl in my college biology lab asked the professor, "So like, is a cell smaller than an atom?"

  27. I once had some neighbors stop by one night when we had our telescope out in the driveway. The guy (~45 y/o police officer) said “Now remind me, does the sun go around the earth or does the earth go around the sun? I can’t ever remember!” And then he was blown away when I informed him that the sun was a star. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  28. I would guess they put it there because that's where the insets for Hawaii and Alaska are usually shown on maps

  29. Yeah this is no longer the fault of her schooling, she's fucking 30, the whole internet is at her disposal, she just doesn't give a fuck

  30. I like the position of Alaska. To be fair to her, my daughter, who has an MA from a good UK university and went to a good secondary school, when asked by her husband where Alaska was, replied, "it's somewhere in that Spain" (sic)

  31. And to be fully fair, alaska and hawaii are frequently insets so are understandably displaced if you're just pattern recognizing.

  32. Yeah, I went to NC public schoolin' and I know she got at least 10 of these wrong. Other than that, it looks pretty good.

  33. Pretty big difference in intelligence/education between forgetting where some states are and thinking "Mexica" is a state.

  34. I live in the UK and I feel like I look at a map at least 4 or 5 times a week just for general use for navigation and also to look at other parts of the world. It confuses me how someone is so unfamiliar with the land they live on

  35. Ignorance, stupidity, sub-par school systems and a really really large country that many of its residents (especially the poor, for hopefully obvious reasons) don’t explore - that’s how.

  36. I mean did NC really fail her more than she failed herself? She's also 11 years younger than me, I was an 80s/90s kid and didn't have as much access to digital resources as she did.

  37. I went through the NC public school system and graduated high school less than 10 years ago. This isn’t just the school system, you have to try in order to be this stupid.

  38. We didn't need to freehand the states, but we did have to put in every state and capital in the U.S. *plus* every country, capital, major body of water, river, and mountain range in the world, all in a single test.

  39. People always want to blame the school. Most people are fucking stupid. You could give them a world class education and you'd still see this bullshit.

  40. This looks more like someone with developmental disabilities, I’m not saying that to be funny. Anyone can google a map of literally any country or state and realize this is beyond way off. Why would she make this and put it on a cork board anyways? A hand drawn map based on memory?

  41. She got Alaska and Hawaii correct, according to most first grade school’s, fill in the maps. Schools do this in order to fit those two states on a standard sheet of paper. Most first graders are capable of understanding that concept.

  42. It isn't always the school system. People also need to be interested in certain things. If you don't care about e.g. topography you won't remember much.

  43. Since Canada is between the majority of the US and Alaska, a lot of maps that don't include Canada just put Alaska down by Hawaii. So maybe she thinks it's actually an island down there. She's still incredibly wrong, but I can kinda see where she'd got the idea.

  44. Well as long as we’re talking about education…my 24yo niece was educated in rural Georgia and thinks the North had the slaves and that the South won the Civil War.

  45. Massachusetts or Rhode Island didn't matter but me I'm sure is indeed snug up there against the Canadian border sort of LOL. I live in New England and I have heard questioned when I tell where I live and they'll ask me if I have citizenship or a residency pass, oh yeah it's happened. And then when I say I'm from New Hampshire I've been asked if that's near London. And I respond well there is a New London there

  46. Okay, but honestly everyone: Have any of you ever sat down and actually tried to draw the US map from memory?

  47. Seriously....I know people can be really fucking stupid, but this just seems over the top and purposefully bad. As an American, you'd have to live without the internet, tv, newspaper, any type of schooling, etc to not have any basic knowledge of the map. This country is obsessed with itself, there are maps everywhere

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