Single mom in VA says her 13-yo biracial son won’t listen to her because his middle school taught him CRT and now she’s suing the school

  1. My little 13 year old cousin is white AF.. lil dude still don’t listen to a dang thing his parents say🤣🤣. I think it’s a 13 year old thing.

  2. 32 year teacher. If I had the power to indoctrinate any of my students, I'd get them to bring a pencil to class.

  3. Teacher here as well. We are totally fucked. People truly believe this garbage, more and more. I love teaching, but I'm one Invisible Man ban away from quitting.

  4. I feel simultaneously targeted and sorry because I was definitely one of the kids that forgot or lost just about everything.

  5. My girlfriend is a 6th grade teacher and one of the parents said her child is not allowed to learn anything that involves race at all. She tried to sue the school when she found out that the next lesson in math was….. inequalities. You can’t even make this shit up.

  6. I’m curious what kind of lawyers would be willing to tank their careers to take cases like this. Just saying you’re going to sue is like Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy

  7. I feel weird upvoting this for some reason. Probably because your gf deals with lunatics on a daily basis. She sounds like a keeper.

  8. In your dad's defense, if you miss any TFT news, you're completely out of the loop. You come back to the game like, "What the fuck is a socialite?!" And "Why is Braum opaf?"

  9. Ya. I did the exact same thing when I was in high school. I'm one quarter Puerto Rican. The rest of me is white as they come. This is just him trying to be funny.

  10. Nah it must be the Marxist communist Democrats, my teenager is good and would never not listen to me without the democrats pushing CRT and gay indoctrination in school.

  11. You know that, I know that, the host knows that, the lady’s lawyer knows that…but the mom and the entire Fox News audience don’t know that because it’s much more convenient for their agenda to believe shit like this.

  12. Gov. Youngkin also signed an EO to prevent 'THE USE OF INHERENTLY DIVISIVE CONCEPTS, INCLUDING CRITICAL RACE THEORY' in VA schools.

  13. It's a general concept in social science that is applicable to a lot of areas. Not surprised law students learn about it considering the history of the legal system and how it still perpetuates inequalities to some degree.

  14. CRT is also a sub-discipline of philosophical social theory. Commonly taught to undergrads and grad students.

  15. You know what? Go ahead, let her sue. Let her rack up thousands upon thousands in legal fees, the school will show her there’s no CRT there, and the law firm who probably doesn’t care either way will have their collections department harass her into bankruptcy court.

  16. Not sure about Virginia, but a lot of places passing these “anti-CRT” bills are also making school districts pay the court costs when a suit is filed about it, regardless of the outcome.

  17. It's an extension of critical theory, which says that when an individual underperforms, it's possible that social, economic, and legal/political factors might be contributing and it's not just a lack of ability/effort on the part of that individual.

  18. Critical Race Theory. It's the idea that, gasp, some races have been disadvantaged by centuries of legal, social and economic discrimination, and that this has led to stuff such as higher crime and poverty rates. It is taught in depth at the graduate level but the general ideas can be introduced earlier. Fox News is tricking its audience into believing CRT exists to be critical of white people and teach kids that white people are evil. Granted many of them would've gotten to that conclusion anyway. The right's goal is to silence all discussions of race so they can continue to discriminate against POC who are more likely to vote Democrat.

  19. One of the many current conservative boogymen alongside "gay groomers", "immigrant invasion", "cancel culture", and "the woke gestapo"

  20. She can’t establish damages… he sounds like every other teen. Probably, some right wing activists are paying for this pointless lawsuit. The GOP is now the litigious crybaby Karen party. (Modeled after litigious crying twat-waffle Trumpzilla).

  21. I wonder if he knew any algebra before “the school forced it on him?” Allowing innocent kids to mess with unknown quantities like x and y can leave them unable to understand their own identities!

  22. I just imagine them doing the evil movie villain thing where they’re sitting there with their hands in front of them, tapping their fingers together and saying something like “Everything’s going according to plan!”

  23. The guys name is Christopher Rufo. He is definitely laughing and taking it to the bank. His plan is to divert government funds from public schools to private schools by enraging racist, homophobic, and transphobic parents by feeding them misinformation. Then pass legislation under the cover of "parental rights".

  24. Yes, his name is Christopher Rufo and he's openly proud his work. Like it's not even a conspiracy theory, he's literally like "Hi I'm Christopher Rufo from the Manhattan Institute and manufacturing panic around a college law course as brainwashing grade schoolers to hate white men was my project for my think tank."

  25. Wringing their hands, the dude literally admitting to twisting CRT to mean anything to do with race, so no matter what is happening, they have a catch phrase to rally behind. It was an active effort to change public discourse and it was terrifyingly effective.

  26. Luckily, this case was dismissed by the Circuit Court back in early June. All this woman did was gain attention for herself and cost the school district money.

  27. I don't know what's going here with this CRT business but all I know is that mom better brush up on her African American studies because little man is about to have a whole lot more questions now.

  28. Because God forbid some reality gets leaked into her "perfect" world. Probably why her kid won't listen to her.

  29. White moms treat their mixed kids like shit so often, I have only met one mother of black kids who actually knew anything about their haircare or bothered to give her son "the talk"

  30. talking about brainwashing in a country where little schoolkids have to pledge their allegiance every morning. checks out.

  31. Children not listening or obeying?!?!?!?!? The horror?!?!?!?! Video games, rap music, now crt. I wonder what they will blame next? Also it's shitty parents that like blaming other things when their kids won't listen.

  32. Maybe she has failed at teaching her son what exactly racism is. Typical gop, blame others for your failures.

  33. As a teacher, I can promise you the school did nothing to encourage this behavior I’ve seen students accuse teachers of being racist for asking said student to move seats due to misbehavior. This is more likely an example of poor parenting.

  34. Kids need to be taken way from people like this. These people are legit too stupid or too cultish to understand they are screwing the future of humanity. And the ones who know what is happening and doing the right thing aren’t reproducing. Meaning we get more and more into idiocracy territory. Stupid people raising even more stupid people who start destroying schools who make it impossible to recover!

  35. Does this mom realize 80 years ago being biracial meant you were black and you were excluded from everything. Including voting in the south.

  36. ‘Taught him CRT’ Riiiighht. Because you have middle schoolers studying graduate level race theory. It’s hard enough to get 13 year olds to learn the State Capitals.

  37. And even if they were teaching it, CRT is the idea that centuries of legal, economic and social racial discrimination has led to disparities between races. That should be taught in schools as part of history classes.

  38. Sounds like a racist mom who blames normal 13 year old issues her kids "blackness". After all if the school didn't tell him that he was black he would act "white". Must be horrible to hate your own son. Poor kid.

  39. How can one person go from saying all this shit, and then cap it off with saying “that’s segregation”?! Does she get paid to be this stupid or is it natural?

  40. Look anything at all that comes out of this network is bullshit and should be taken as seriously as a book of mother goose nursery rhymes

  41. She’s just mad that her son identifies more with his black friends. She basically said so herself near the end of the video.

  42. The Fox reporter doesn’t ask ANY leading questions either! How FAIR and BALANCED of Fox News to be so straight forward! /s

  43. my 13 year old son isn't my little baby anymore and is starting to talk back to me. WHAT A SURPRISE. especially considering the type of mother you clearly are now that we see you hired a lawyer and are suing the school

  44. Talk to your kids, about anything and everything. I can’t imagine having to go to court because I couldn’t talk my child out of something. Many parents, don’t allow themselves to take a couple of minutes out of their day, to talk to their children. It goes a long way. Many of our current issues today, are because parents do not communicate properly with their children. Now this asshat has national attention, and has people with a certain idealogy behind her. These people always turn out to grifters. I’m sure her and her son will have an awesome relationship in the future!

  45. Did I miss the vote where Congress passed a law that every male "Christian conservative" advocate has to look like a cross between Alfred E. Neuman and Voldemort?

  46. Doesn't it seem as though Desantis is creating a bunch of snowflakes that whine about everything they may be offended by? He is creating exactly what he bitches about.....very strange . Oh no, kids learning history and may feel some kind of way about it, oh no stop them

  47. Always have a hard time choosing the most punchable FOX host face. Him, Hannity and Carlson are always neck and neck. Guess whichever one is talking wins.

  48. Are these people intentionally that stupid? I mean this is a lot of people all at the same time being completely disingenuous, they know damn well that 13 year olds act out against their parents. But each one of these people have decided to ignore the obvious so they can make a big show of things. Reported for there career at the conservative station, the lawyers get money and free press, the politicians get to look tough on race, all of them know this is bullshit, but are locked in a downward spiral of lies.

  49. I'd like everyone to keep the absent father in their thoughts and prayers. I have no idea if he's a POS or not, but until I see proof, gonna have to assume he ran for a reason.

  50. Let her sue. CRT is absolutely, positively, NOT taught to children. And even if it was, it's about the legal system, not disobeying your parents or hating white people. If anything, this is just a rebellious child. We all were at that age.

  51. We just need to start a rideshare or something so it’ll be affordable to the average person who can no longer deal with all this dumbassery.

  52. I'm convinced that people just file ridiculous lawsuits so Faux "News" has something to bitch about.

  53. I actually think it’s much more sinister than that - I think the people telling Faux News about these stories are the same people paying for the attorneys for people like this woman and convincing them they need to sue.

  54. It’s cyclical. Fox News (and their backers) make up shit like the CRT scare. Then people file bullshit suits about it happening to them or their kids. Then Fox uses the lawsuits as examples to show their base how CRT really is a problem. Then more people get up in arms and file suits and pass laws and run for school boards. Now they have created a problem and used the results of their propaganda and fear mongering to generate political action in the direction they want.

  55. Nah, listen here lady, juss' call up the police an they'll swing by and shoot your kid for ya. Your dog too if you're lucky.

  56. Unfortunately for the kid not with his mom. But having watched this interview I completely understand why. I wouldn't deal with a crazy Karen either.

  57. Thats not scary at all. You should start worrying after that lazy ass woman wins the case because the way things are going, It might just happen.

  58. Yes he's not listening to her because of crt yes that's the only, it's not like he's a teenager sees his mom's a moron who won't parent him. She needs to get her head out of her ass.

  59. The kid just found a new excuse for not doing chores. He’s trying to game the system. Mom sues school since she is now stuck doing the dishes.

  60. My cousin's kid apparently has taken to saying "my body my choice," whenever she asks him to do something. He's 6. Sounds like a you problem lady.

  61. Her son wont listen to her because she's petty and deluded. I bet even in court he's listening to 36 Chambers on air pods and watching her lips move.

  62. Whatever. She’s an opportunist. Her & her kid worked out this scam. Everyone on the right has learned the art of the con from the grifter in chief.

  63. I want to know the lesson plans to where this kid decided that everything was racism. Jesse Waters, as always, doing a good job of digging into the story

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