50 men at one party god damn

  1. Ikr?! You show up to a potluck with your homemade shepherd's pie and everybody just wants to stick their dick in the mashed potatoes.

  2. how come they had a gangbang party without her knowing it beforehand? What would they have done if she didn’t appear? Or did it BECOME a gangbang Party because she was there?

  3. I saw a video once. Amateur stuff. Basically a couple went to a "swing" party (supposedly their first) but it was a total sausagefest. It was in Florida and mainly black dudes (relevant to the blog I saw it on). One thing lead to another and apparently she agreed to give it a go. One chick and a house of guys. The video I saw she must've taken about 13 dudes while her man watched. She just wanted all of them to wear condoms and at one point a guy started spanking her with a belt which she wasn't into. Her name was Jenny. I honestly wish I could find that video again. Anyway, do what you want with that info.

  4. This, it was probably ten people and she wasn't randomly invited, maybe organized for OnlyFans content or she was at least paid judging by the fact that she didn't even know the guys there, was just told to show up. I think this happens alot in the porn industry, someone promises you 1000 bucks and you're like sweet and then you show up to a humiliating gangbang that now they feel pressured to perform. Like she doesn't seem proud of what she did and the other guy just had to call her disgusting.

  5. As somebody who frequently goes on Orgies: People use condoms and disinfect hands when switching partners

  6. Right... same guy talking down to her is probably the same guy getting off to her videos; or orchestrating similar events.

  7. so if she hadnt turned up…there wouldve been 50 dudes awkwardly sitting around until maybe one guys pulls out an xbox?

  8. I'm just questioning logistics at that point. Like....you would have had to have needed lube to avoid friction burn. And like how long did this last? I wanna break this into a mathematical equation.

  9. Not really. Women are self lubricating. And assuming there was no latex involved each male participant would have provided a natural lubricant.

  10. Question - why is everyone knocking her and not any of the guys that stuck their d*ck where 49 others had just stuck theirs? Serious question.

  11. lol I love how she said “I went to this party and it turned out to be a gang bang party” like it would have been rude to turn down fucking 50 people at once

  12. I’d leave a guy if I found out he participated in that…. That’s 50 men who were into that idea. 50 men who were ok with sharing everything all the other men brought to the table, that’s all I’d need to know about his decision making

  13. Is there a name for this genre of podcast where douchey guys bring on attention seeking trashy women to shit on?

  14. Y'all are really mad she's doing her thing huh? Like can anyone explain to me why what she does with other consenting adults is in any way y'all's business?

  15. Ok, who cares how she's spending her nights getting face jizzed. That's her fucking life and if she finds it fulfilling (note the pun), good for her.

  16. Exactly. Hey body, her choice. She shouldn't be viewed as disgusting or as a whore because of this. Society and its double-standards....

  17. All the dudes cutting this chick down because they CANT IMAGINE what it’s like to have 50 chicks wants to fuck them in their lifetime, let alone a night. LOL!!!! Loser fucks!!

  18. Always curious.. don't these gang bangers think it's gay to be around all these other naked men? Or are they desensitized completely to it?

  19. Some people are turned on by the thought of a used hole. And some guys don't care about other naked men so long as they don't have to do anything with them.

  20. Not everyone is solidly, “afraid to look at or interact with other dick”, Herero. Sexuality in its raw form is much more fluid. Most of the male disgust around the male form is manufactured and conditioned. To each their own. But if the chick is having a good time they’re having a good time for a lot of folks. And some folks just don’t feel upset if the lightsabers cross

  21. Can all of the guys agree that pre-cum either makes the lonely process so much worse, or so much better? It's either like extra lotion or like your all of a sudden using water

  22. Not trying to play the race card here but I will never understand why people feel as though it’s significant to mention the race of the people they are having sex with as though it’s relevant. I wonder if her face have been less moisturized if they were white

  23. I don’t see how this is disgusting. That’s what she wanted to do and what they wanted to do and it sounds like a group of adults all consented to an activity together.

  24. People are allowed to be grossed out by anyone engaging in a gangbang. People don’t have to be cool with it and if you throw it out there that you got gangbanged then expect that there will be some people who find that disgusting.

  25. Seems to be. Scrolling through this comment section it's like an incel and Baptist preacher convention. Bunch of nasty judgemental manbabies.

  26. Let the woman live her life. She’s not hurting anyone. I fucking bet if this was a guy fucking 50 chicks the comments would be praising him and jealous (in before people say a guy physically couldn’t that many times in one night, you’re missing the point and you know it), but this lady enjoys consensual sex with a lot of people and suddenly it’s a problem. Gtfo.

  27. Why so prude? Does it concern you? Let her do what she wants. Her body, her choice as well as the choice of number 49 and 50.

  28. Agree. Can we just end slut-shaming as a society please? Many people have sex. Many people like sex. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, and we’re not all the same. As long as everyone’s a consenting adult and nobody’s getting hurt then what’s the problem?

  29. I mean, if she's feeling good and fulfilled, what do we need to say? How is that any different than people who like fuck 5 guys a week, for a whole year?

  30. She’s so proud she has now memorialized it in a video that is being shared on social media. Her parents must be so proud. Yuck to all the guys… assuming this story is true. Just disgusting people all around.

  31. A lot of incels in these comments. Assuming they were as safe as possible, I say good for her if she had a good time. I'd be exhausted after like 3 myself, but I've never accidentally wandered into orgies. Different strokes (pun intended).

  32. incels for thinking it's gross to fuck 50 men at once while thinking it bettered you as a person? yea, go with that. it's the actual antithesis of self respect

  33. This would never happen to one guy. This is sad that, that many men are so desperate to fuck any women that they would take turns like that. Not one at any point in time during those 50 men said "you know what, I think I'm good, that's nasty."

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