Colorado Springs shooting suspect's father is very relieved his son isn't gay

  1. He is currently on meth. I can tell by how he’s moving and the fact that he doesn’t flinch about his son being a fuckin’ spree killer. Dude is gacked to the max.

  2. "I'm a Mormon, I'm a republican, we don't do gay" lololololol Dude does porn and I'm guessing meth and his son kills people, but "we ain't gay though " FFS...

  3. It’s sad but that’s unfortunately the way the world works. Shitty people produce shitty offspring. This man was probably also a product of a shitty environment and a shitty parent. It’s so hard to change the cycle.

  4. He’s a meth head porn “star” named Dick Delaware, who is apparently a complete rectal fungus of an excuse for a human being.

  5. Apologies if this has already been posted - surprise, surprise. 😡From Google - “The suspect who allegedly killed five people and injured at least 18 others at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colo. is the grandson of a California politician who compared the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol to the American Revolutionary War, according to multiple reports.

  6. I remember watching him on the show "Intervention" over 10 years ago. He was addicted to meth and all he did all day was smoke meth and jack off. He was a pornstar too.

  7. We do meth, also complain about illegals bringing in drugs. Kinda tells you drugs aren't the their issue (apart from him doing it), it's always the race.

  8. If he'd been raised by that guy who tackled and disarmed him this may have never happened. That dude was the exact polar opposite of this jerk.

  9. As an ex addict I've never seen anyone so blatantly addicted. It's almost crazy. The cadence alone makes it insanely clear. You could actually cut the video and I could picture this dude in my head and tell you with zero doubt he's an old tweaker

  10. Or, just as likely, the son is super gay but has had this drilled into his head so he went after those that tempt him.

  11. We took away abortions, and the foster care system is basically this guy, but as an institution without funding, soooo.....

  12. Yea... usually the parents of the monsters are a LITTLE bit better at hiding it. They know how to act shocked and disappointed in front of the cameras. This one... well he couldn't hold it together at all.

  13. For the sake of accuracy, I’ll correct you slightly; Tucker’s guest said the quoted line and he sat there grinning the same dumbfuck grin he does whenever his last two braincells hear something that advance his program’s fascist and regressive messaging.

  14. So it’s okay that his kid is a mass murderer but he’d flip if they were gay? Apparently being a hateful bully runs in the family. Edit: Spelling and gender correction.

  15. FYI there is very little chance the murderer here is actually non-binary. It seems to be a ploy by his defense attorney.

  16. Also doesn’t doing drugs go against Mormon doctrine? I know coffee and soda are taboo due to caffeine, I can’t imagine then meth is ok

  17. I don't know, that mishmash of values seems pretty consistent with what I've observed of Christian conservatives in real life.

  18. Man, seriously. Wow. WTF. Your son just killed innocent humans, and you are relieved he's not gay? IDK if it's meth, far right propaganda or both that causes such mental state!

  19. I don’t think this bloke is mentally all there…without drugs or propaganda. That then makes the drugs and prop extremely worse

  20. The son probably is gay. Imagine the pent up rage free seeing these happy and open people living how they deserve, but how he's been brainwashed to repress his own desires.

  21. For real. I have this on silent and have been practicing reading lips recently, and although English is hard I’ve been making progress. However this is nearly impossible.

  22. "My son may have shot a bar and killed 5 people but whew, at least he's not gay because that would be inexcusable"

  23. So I guess we see the connection between filling your kids heart with hate and political ideology with no room for critical thinking. Good to know.

  24. Damn just realized that’s Aaron Brink. He was around during the early days of UFC/WEC. Actually a pretty good fighter. The ravages of drugs and hard living have taken their toll.

  25. Apparently the murderer changed his name years ago to avoid association with his father because his dad was (is) on drugs and a shitty person. Not that the murderer turned out better.

  26. “We don’t do gay” but you DO raise mass murderers. I guess in your twisted, syphilis-ridden, alcohol-soaked brain that’s somehow better.

  27. So his concern was not that his child killed other people but that he wasn’t at a gay bar Bc he was gay? Also, sorry to break it to you pops if someone is that homophobic probably means the are repressing that

  28. in the full video, he says he failed and let his kid down, because among other things, he encouraged him to fight/be violent/toughen up (probably about the time he was getting bullied in school) or just because he was in MMA and the kid may have been 'soft', then the parents divorced when the kid was 11, and he says when the shooter turned 16 his mom called him [brink] and said that his son changed his name and killed himself because he was ashamed of him going to jail, being in porn and going on shows like intervention and divorce court, more talk then apparently the shooter called him a year ago or at least reached out to his fight camp...the way he described it was either he may be lying about the death call or his drugged out mind scrambling the end of the video he apologizes to the families. the mom isn't written up well at all but at least she's staying off camera, shes described as diagnosed Bipolar.. the shooter may also be having gender identity issues as well, though some expect it may be a legal tactic. lots to analyze here, hopefully the interrogation tapes make it to youtube. the whole video is like 10 minutes long and hard to follow at times

  29. Remember. Presuming he's not legally ineligible due to a criminal history, this person probably votes in every election.

  30. This is so so friggin sad. There are NO excuses for what happened. However this does give some perspective to where the shooters mind maybe became so damaged and warped that they’d actually do what they did.

  31. I like how he's so worried about his kid being gay, meanwhile he's had a career as a male pornstar, well AFAIK doing gay porn is usually the "paying your dues" portion of being a male pornstar, so is he projecting or what?

  32. This is tragic, and part of the tragedy. This man clearly has not been able to function as a father to his son for some time.

  33. Crazy that you need a license to fish, but not produce and raise a human child. Sorry if that sounds fucked up, but some people really are not fit to bring people into this world

  34. Wow, what a train wreck of a person. His first thought should have been “is everyone ok?. But no, just glad his son isn’t gay.

  35. This is the reason why I don’t want to be alive anymore. As a trans woman I have to deal w this sort of monstrosity, my dysphoria, people calling me pedo, ppl calling me a man, being followed, harassed, have my rights taken away and etc. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Literally all I wanted to do was to live my life. That’s all

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