Herschel Walker tells disenchanted young Americans to 'find somewhere else' and give up citizenship

  1. Seriously republican was already a terrible party ever since ce Reagan but with trump this party basically spiral to bat shit insanity.

  2. Wouldn’t that also include conservatives who are unhappy with Biden as president and Democratic Senate?

  3. I always wish it was so simple to emigrate from the US. It can be done, but it's not real easy or cheap typically otherwise I would have left years ago.

  4. Even attempting to read a transcript of him speaking is like trying to read a novel off a bowl of alphabet soup.

  5. I thought “pursuit of happiness” was one of the founding slogans. Didn’t realize there was a footnote “somewhere else”.

  6. That’s a pretty disingenuous headline and really takes what he said out of context…that should be the facepalm here. I’m not a fan of the man but at least read what he said before inventing lies.

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