Had this same cart last time but it don’t taste the same but it had the packaging and verified and has a weird taste

  1. I see where you are coming from but proof ? I never and don't like Muha so don't think I'm backing them up . Just some proof that a actual Authentic test was done on Authentic product. If you cant prove what was tested was Authentic or not then that's not proof , just like how's there is no proof that Muha Meds is all 100% clean . They have an actual Authentication system now , so scratch that take some pics that your product is officiall then get it tested , easy as 1 2 3 . People always miss the first part or skip it cause they know they have a Fake of a Black Market Unregulated brand .

  2. Broke ass dude buying cheap ass pesticide filled carts complaining about flavor then when they tell em they boof he get all mad😂

  3. What really gets me though is that what do you expect if your in a fake cart subreddit, What do you expect to see some 90 dollar carts dispensary carts 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. just stop smoking. if you can’t afford dispo/better bm just take a tbreak. those muha withdrawals will kick you but it’s worth getting back on ur legs

  5. Just the terps , you should be more specific what kind of taste ? Purple punch dosnt have a taste like black berry , where black berry should or would typically taste like black berrys . Wtf us purple punch suppose to taste like , purple ? A punch ? Purple hawaiian punch ? So they just add whatever terps are native to the strain . Terps make it taste weird depending on the flavor and the actual kind of terps , alot of food terps give off bad tastes alot give off good tastest, then you got plant based terps and the list goes on .

  6. Fake as fuck😂you smoking on the boofest of the boof. Get yo bread up an smoke some real shit pussy

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