So obviously 1g jeeter juice doesn’t exist, I would assume a 2g doesn’t either ?

  1. 😭😭😭😭bro he has to , how tf does a 2 g jeeter even look like . I remember when hella heavy hitter 2 gs we’re going around

  2. not meant for op they clearly care I hate how normal it is for people to not care shit is fake as fuck because it “tastes good, and gets me high.” Literally had a homie tell me I won’t buy your real cart because this fake one has better flavor (think vape juice) and is FIVE dollars cheaper, you read that right risking your health over 5$ smfh spending 40$ on a 3$ cart

  3. That mentality is what causes stuff like this they’re not even trying anymore everything that could lead you to believe that cart is fake is happening on that package (the mirroring, the fact they’re supposed to be 1/2 grams, and the fact the CA isn’t on a sticker) it blows my mind people no longer care about quality people will turn down shatter made from 2000$/lb weed because “they get gas quarters for 60$” if you do the math that has to be the shittiest crc’d trim run to even make money at that price yet nobody cares 🤷‍♂️

  4. Not licensed dispensaries and if they are theyre sellin fakes. All 1g jeeter disposables are fake, unfortunately

  5. Connor the cart guy has made 2g disposable pods before, so all these kids saying it’s not possible don’t really know what they are talking about.. but even with that being said, I wouldn’t trust this brand

  6. Who cares about connor the cart guy whoever that is. Jeeter is licensed and legit in multiple states. They dont make 1g or 2g disposables straws, only half grams. Theres nothing else to it😂

  7. 1g exists i get em frm cali dispos, u got sold boof tho. at least you got more oil? i’d be thankful for what i have and just smoke it and worry bout my lungs later

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