Adam Sandler pitches his new movie script to producers (2010)

  1. There's always moments of goodness to a lot of his films, click is most evident. when it actually gets to the existential serious stuff it can actually get pretty emotional, I can't help but cry when he rewinds the moment when he last saw his dad. Not denying that a lot of them are pure garbage but whenever there's actual effort you can feel it.

  2. Uncut Gems, Waterboy, and Happy Gilmore are all legitimately great movies. There are a few others that are okay if not borderline good depending on who you ask.

  3. They’re not really meant to be interpreted as food for thought. Just enjoy the ones that click with you, as said here, they can be weirdly existential yet never ramp it up to anything worth discussing.

  4. Some are good, most suck. But movies like punch drunk love and uncut gems that he acts in and doesnt write or produce are really good.

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