Thoughts on the new Metro Boomin album?

  1. Thugga's verse on "Have A Cigar" was pretty heat. But the W has to go to 21 for what he did on "Welcome To The Machine" 😤. Prog Rock never sounded this boomin before! By the way which one's Metro?

  2. One of the most fun records that I've heard this year. It just makes me feel good. All of these artists whose music I've loved recently coming together on this loosely superhero-themed hiphop album. Metro once again proves himself as one of the best trap producers of all time but also a good curator. I think it's great.

  3. BRO, (Going off your name) !! Is that a Samoyed or a Japanese spitz?? My GF has 3 Japanese spitz’s, they’re such a gorgeous breed :)

  4. That young thug performance on metro spider is probably the most I’ve enjoyed him since like 2019 not even gonna lie. Feel Like Fiyaahh was a gorgeous song to end on. I love the intro and how it’s very cinematic and grand, future kills it on Superhero. I don’t think 21 savage needed to be on the album as much as he did. I love his features on umbrella and walk em down but everything else he was on I was kinda indifferent to. Creepin for example, is a song with a great beat and a beautiful weeknd peformance, then 21 comes in with a kinda mid verse killing the momentum. I think all of Don Tolivers features were pretty great but similarly to 21 savage I don’t think he needed to be as present as he was. Although I do understand there’s a concept behind this record where the re occurring features are supposed to represent the heroes. It’s kinda like the trap avengers I guess. I’m also glad to say that Travis was pretty fire on all his features. Definitely gets me excited for his next album. It’s definitely a great trap album and one that I see myself returning to constantly

  5. Loved it. No bad songs except for that one solo travis. Niagra falls is finally released. Great production all the way. Was very cohesive. And def some mind blowing songs

  6. why did he switch out the iconic “Metro Boomin Want Some More” intro with just “METRO”…

  7. from what I can tell this is an unpopular opinion, but I didn’t care for it. It’s not bad by any means, I just found a lot of the artists punching heavily under their weight. Some of the tracks didn’t really work with the spacey vibey sort of feel they were going for and came off boring. That being said there were still great tracks I loved, Creepin’ being the best example, that song is incredible. I understand why people like it a lot, and I may enjoy it more on repeat listens, but for now it’s just kinda okay for me

  8. Modern mainstream trap is dead as fuck at this point, most of the songs sound like the artists were put on their respective “type beats” and were held at gunpoint by the label and got a note that said “you do one extraordinary thing and I’m pulling the trigger”. The fact that this was made and released willingly, probably whilst the artists were going berserk and giving props to Metro, just shows the feedback loop of creative complacency.

  9. Literally one of the best albums I've heard this year, like this is forever story, steppers leve, I know it's not as lyrically dense but it's just such a good album with such a cool ass aesthetic and world.

  10. I was pleasantly surprised. Wasn’t even planning on peeping, but it’s a really solid album so far based on first listen through.

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