Boston Celtics center Robert Williams is feared to have suffered a meniscus tear in his left knee, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. It could lead to an indefinite absence, which would be a tough loss for the Celtics as Williams is shining as the starting center this season.

  1. They'll both benefit but Grant Williams might be a better add. Rob sat out @OKC a couple weeks ago and Grant started, played 38 minutes with a 20/10 and a block, whereas Theis played only 18 minutes with a 9/8 and a block.

  2. Even with increased playing time I’m not really sure if Theis is a noteworthy fantasy add. Maybe worth a flyer if you’ve got someone injured but aside from that I’d personally stay away.

  3. If Horford or White are on your waivers, those are good pickups. Grant Williams or Pritchard are not quite as good pickups, but could give a solid game.

  4. They’ve been up 20 in the 1st half almost every game. Ime doesn’t change his rotations much until the 4th. Rob has averaged under 30 minutes per game and was on 3 days rest. It’s unlucky. I don’t think blaming Ime is reasonable at all.

  5. first Myles Turner, now Timelord out, and Josh Hart out for at least a week.. Tatum and Lebron day-to-day. This is how I start my 2-weeks FINALS :(

  6. I think Horford plays the 5 and Grant Williams plays more mins regardless. May not start but plays 5-8 mins more easily.

  7. You'll have to pick 2 of those cats, none of the 3 players get all 3 cats at a good rate, my preference is Jalen Smith though, but if you need steals go with one of the others

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