GAME THREAD: March 30 2022

  1. Please avoid asking questions regarding trade advice, pickups, etc. unless directly relevant to tonight's games and the players in them. If you have questions about trades or pickups you'd like to make that don't concern/aren't affected by the happenings of tonight's games, please redirect them to one of the daily threads.

  2. Looking at next week as i have a 200 point lead going into Thurs. Should I drop Brandon Williams, Monte, or Tate to potentially pick up Stewart, Hayes, Brooks or Dunn (sleeper imo)?

  3. Is there a reason cp3 was dominant my bye week and is playing like absolute dog shit when i actually need him now

  4. Finals, we split 4 categories each and points are the only thing that will decide the winner. He has Booker, CP3. and Ingram. I have Mikal Bridges. So nervewrecking how Mikal is keeping me afloat.

  5. Siakam dragging my ass to the promised land, nick nurse is playing these guys into the ground for playoffs though lol

  6. Fournier has to be the player I hate going against the most. 80% of the time he’s a bum and 20% of the time he’s a basketball god and that’s when he faces me

  7. one of my leagues has only fucking 2 per week, and i had to spend 2 of them dropping giddey and OG.....lost in the semis....

  8. I can't believe the turnovers just switch off for Jalen Green and KPJ right when I face them... Not to mention nothing for Rozier either

  9. i always said if KP plays my team is unstoppable, of course i didnt know i'd be facing fucking Jokic in the finals god fucking dammit man

  10. Jokic's first quarter stars made me laugh out loud at work. Can't watch the game yet, just box score. Gonna win my championship for sure lmao

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