Who to play tonight?

  1. I’ve been Sengun’s biggest hater all year… yet this week he has a chance to actually win some people some leagues. I’m in.

  2. I know, I think he’s been overrated on this sub, but I had Christian wood so when he went down it was an easy swap. Drummond has been really solid lately so it’s a tough choice

  3. Most people don't play point leagues in this sub nor do I so take this with a grain of salt but I still do not trust sengun even with wood being out. With that said he had a good game when he came back on Sunday at had 33 minutes.

  4. Would you guys start Moses Brown over Valanciunas(Questionable tag, but has played recently despite being questionable) Moses plays at 7 while Valanciunas plays 10 PM.

  5. Rockets are garbage against centers all year. Drummond will go off tonight. Look at what Damion Jones did in the back to back last week

  6. Do I roll the dice with Jaren Jackson or Lauri in my weekly lock points league? Memphis does have four games this week but feel like they could be resting some of their starters? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  7. That's a tough choice. Cle only has 3 games though and 2 against the nets and bucks, so I'd probably risk JJJ. 2 games out of him would most likely at least be equal to 3 of lauri, if not better, depending on your scoring.

  8. Should I drop Deni to pick up Sengun? I know Deni has a b2b but I have 10 streams for this week so I can just stream two players instead

  9. I went with sengun. Drummonds minutes can be pretty weird, and sengun has a super high ceiling, especially going against Drummond who has some defensive inconsistencies. I will say the high floor of Drummond and his recent play makes this a really tough call

  10. LaVine or Bogdan Bogdanović for me? Both listed as questionable.... Not sure which one is more likely to play and roll the dice with

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