Creative Team Names

  1. Love it. The players that have thrived immediately post Adam Gase is crazy. Tannehill, Robby, Damien, Parker, etc. Sam is up next.

  2. This is super niche and not entirely relevant but i found out this week that when you’re talking about a fight or comparison it’s “vs.” But for legal cases it’s just “v.”

  3. Im going to try and keep him on my IR for as long as i can all season. I may go with this name... its pretty good.

  4. In a slow draft right now I started with Derrick Henry and DeAndre Hopkins (picking 5 of 12, crazy picks have occurred already). I kind of want to keep getting guys with DH names and I'll be the Designated Hitters

  5. I'm so unoriginal but last year my buddy had Barkley and Mayfield and named his team Saq and Bake which I thought was good

  6. My brother in law named his fantasy hockey team “off in the woods” so whenever he did lose, the weekly recap would say “Team X beats off in the woods”.

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