Does anyone else play in a league like this?

  1. I just bought my wife a tablet with half of my winnings from this year. She suddenly loves how much I palsy fantasy football.

  2. My wife joined this year. She had the highest ranked draft per yahoo. Didn't realize she had to make updates throughout the year. Not sure if she will play next year.

  3. This sounds like a very unique and different way to play fantasy football. Personally it doesn't appeal to me, but it's definitely fresh.

  4. Normally I'd agree with the transaction fees being bad, but in this style of league if the player scores 2 points for your team then your up money on the add.

  5. My main league is a $100 buy in, 2 free transactions per week with each additional transaction being $5 a piece, and $5 per player you receive in a trade. It also has additional fees for playing players that aren't active.

  6. I am not a fan of the head-to-head format. And for totally principled and well thought out reasons. It is only a coincidence that I missed the playoffs this year despite having the most overall points. And by nearly 200 points. And I had the 2nd highest score in the league for 4 of my 5 losses. But I am not bitter.

  7. Rotisserie was the only way to originally play fantasy football. I'm talking 80s/90s era, football magazine with the cardboard advertisement sheets with punch cards to select players, and send in a check or cc information. Head to head started to dominate soon after yahoo really got into the game and most people had access to the internet for the roster changes.

  8. A good amount. That's the fun though in my opinion from the draft through the whole season you are not only rooting for your players but teams to win to make and advance in the playoffs.

  9. I play in a total points league as well, but with just payouts for top 3 teams. That's kind of brutal to charge so much for the loser, I understand keeping it competitive, but injuries can really derail a single team.

  10. Very interesting. I would never want to play it but I could see the appeal to some perhaps. It seems like more gambling than playing a game

  11. Yeah that was my thought too. I've been playing EPL FF for fsr longer than I have NFL FF, and have often wondered about how the EPL format would translate across to NFL.

  12. Yup. It introduces a comical luck factor, removes any suspense about who will win the league, stacks against teams that have had bad luck and it has to be wildly unfun for people who got a bad hand.

  13. I would never play this way but it’s a really cool and creative way to do it. Obviously all of you have the money to risk and do this comfortably, so more power to you. In fact, I probably would play like this if I had plenty of money. Could not risk losing a grand or more in my current financial state though.

  14. Wait a minute so how exactly do all the winners get paid? I get that anybody below average has to pay but what happens if it's not enough to cover all the winnings?

  15. So if you take the average and everyome above wins money and everyone below loses money it equals zero exactly. 12 teams. Average is $1400 for the year. Anyone above that wins exactly how much they are above. Anyone below that loses exactly how much they are below it equals zero. We've been doing it for 25 years. It ALWAYS equals zero.

  16. I would only ever play this if you were allowed to bail. So for example, say you’re down 100pts or $100.

  17. But every point still counts from then on. Not just one person can win, lots do. Even if you are in a big hole you are still trying to bring yourself back.

  18. I understand why some may feels it's not fun but what I don't find fun is -. Scoring the second most points in a given week and "losing" because some team got lucky and scored more for that week -. Also seeing people complain about losing a championship game because one player from the other team went nuts -. Owners giving up after 6 weeks because they are 1-5

  19. I’ve been that team before that’s always like the 2nd or 3rd highest in scoring but I just happen to get everyone’s best matchups and miss the playoffs even though I have the highest points for. That shit is heartbreaking.

  20. the lower lows and how devastating it is to lose by a point equates to higher highs and it being fucking incredible to win by a point because of garbage time. it’s exhilarating i hate it

  21. There were two occasions this year where I had a huge week and wound up scoring the second most points of the 12 teams. But I was playing the one team that scored more than me. We have thought about having a head to head matchup stat, plus an extra win/loss for the week for scoring in the top six that week.

  22. I would think it would be easier to come back from 1-5 start than down like 30% of the average in points.

  23. Luck is very much a part of the standard setup for fantasy football. The unpredictability adds tremendous entertainment value. Plus having matchups adds a ton of value because it’s more personal.

  24. In a total points league myself it’s a nice change of pace and eliminates that that one bad week in the playoffs and your out. We end it at the end of the regular season though. I think just having a playoff only league could be fun though too

  25. That’s generally how many English fantasy football leagues go. You get a budget and choose the best players in that budget regardless of how many other players in the league have that set up. Gets bring after a while because a lot of people revert to the same line ups

  26. OP most on here, and in general, can’t think outside the H2H format. I’ve been there before. Then I started playing in a league that was based on total points and my opinion changed quickly. I won’t go into the details here, I’ve tried before and was told it was stupid and the circle jerk started, but if you and your friends find it fun, party on.

  27. This sub hates any deviation and apparently can't scale buy in/penalty fees. The number of responses saying $500?, I am out. I think it is a pretty interesting concept for those looking to add a 2nd league.

  28. Love it, Im in. In 20 years of fantasy (~40 leagues) I’ve finished in bottom half in points only 1 time, so this would also be beneficial. I hate how many titles get decided on random luck in the playoffs like losing last year in the finals to kamara after dominating an entire season.

  29. This is exactly right. For everyone that loves head to head, plenty hate it because of bad beats in a playoff matchup.

  30. That's what great about our league b you can't quit early because you'll keep losing money. In head to head leagues people quit after a few weeks of losing.

  31. Hate this idea so much. A little confusing, silly , it takes out some of the random factor which makes fantasy great. For example my team started of slow but finished on fire, I ended up winning my league. That’s how football is, the best team during that year doesn’t always win. Also I like to talk shit to my friends the weeks we play each other. One of my buddies beat me 2x during the season, I got him back in championship game. Weekly matchups are essential. Do you though , whatever you enjoy

  32. How would our league be different if someone started off slow and ended up on fire. If anything our format rewards that more since you wouldn't be 1-5 and trying to climb out of a hole and picking up another bad loss or 2 to the highest scoring team of the week. Total points allows crazy comebacks.

  33. Interesting concept. For me tho, the season long and dfs grind, as much as I love it and end up missing it in the off-season, takes its toll. By the end of the regular season, I’m mostly happy to just enjoy playoff football with no betting interests

  34. I dig it. It’s all a form of gambling and this is just another form of it. Everyone saying that one injury could derail a team is neglecting that drafting Jamarr Chase could also win them hundreds of dollars. Never done it like this myself but sounds fun! I like the aspect of it running through the playoffs too

  35. I think this sounds amazing. Leagues like this definitely require more skill and analysis, since you can’t just rely on the usual player rankings. I’d be curious to see what the first round of your draft looked like.

  36. this is just too elaborate. im a degen and have a lot of itches to scratch. i scratch em now by just doing a bunch of bestball drafts. but if its fun i aint gonna stop ya! Good Luck

  37. I have been in the same league for 12 years with old buddies. Standard PPR redraft. We refuse to go to keepers.

  38. If this league is all with close friends..... I love it. There is nothing more humiliating than being last and having to fork over a grand to your buddies while they ride your ass

  39. Y’all must be rich af to be so willing to shell out that kind of money based on something you have no control over

  40. No control over? Fantasy football takes skill (not saying I consider this guys system to be considered fantasy football) , every year I’m pretty much in the playoffs with a chance to win the big price. 2x champion in 5 years . To say you have no control over it is shocking to me. Everyone gets injuries that’s why you draft backups and hit the waiver wire

  41. We have cash payouts for first and second place, and then we have a ranking for each week, for most points, and the top ranked 2 teams on that list also get cash. This is better than just total points, IMO. It means playing the wire more and always trying to win, not just phoning it in once you're clearly not in the playoffs.

  42. I played in a league that disbanded around 15 years ago that played through the Super Bowl. It's kind of complicated but we basically kept re-drafting some players each week all the way through the Super Bowl. I'm way oversimplifying it.

  43. I played a decent amount of Best Ball which is only drafting and no management which is similar as it has no head to head rather a cumulative score that uses the best players from any given position within your roster which is pretty fun, but it doesn’t have everything you say.

  44. When I first started fantasy in like 2003, I thought it was just the highest overall point total that won. Had no idea there was bead to head.

  45. 20 years ago this is mostly what I did, minus the Superbowl and the money. It was straight overall points scored, but I never did it with the NFL. At least, not that I remember. Only NBA, MLB, and NHL

  46. I actually love this approach. There are downsides to it, and I wouldn't make it my only league, but I think it would be fun to do a league like this

  47. Sounds awesome to me. Head to head is far too random. At the very least, changes could be made to move a bit more your league's direction.

  48. The most unique league I’m in is also through CBS. It’s with my dad (almost 60 years old) and his friends. It’s head to head but there is no playoff bracket. The winner of the league is the one with the best record at the end of the year. Tiebreaker is points for.

  49. I played a format like this and it was awesome. We ended in the final week of the season. Had to be super strategic, we were only allowed 8 adds/drops through the season.

  50. I finish top 3 in points every year for close to a decade, but have never won a championship. I would clean up in a league like this.

  51. Interesting format for sure! I like having a W or a L earned every week though, I feel like this format delays gratification and it wouldn't be very exciting on any particular weekend unless your team does exceptionally well or exceptionally bad. Also, how much trash talk can there be without the head to head matchups and weekly winners and losers?

  52. I also play in Fantasy UEFA Champions League Fantasy (and other footbal-soccer leagues) and that is the standard there (adding the points, not the average price thing you mention). Was actually surprised when ~5 years ago I started playing NFL fantasy and seeing the head-to-head standard format. Kind of enjoy it more

  53. What do you do about people who have players eliminated from playoffs or superbowl? Half your team's get deleted

  54. This is broadly how English Premier League fantasy is played in the UK, very few leagues opt for head to head format. It’s all about your own weekly point accumulation.

  55. I’m playing in a similar league this year for the first time and have had a lot of fun. I figured having a few Ravens players would be great, especially in the playoffs….

  56. I have heard of cumulative point leagues that went till the last week of regular season. The payout system is a new one, sounds like a big baller league.

  57. That’s funny. I made this exact same post sharing my league structure which does the exact thing and it was removed. Fun fact, i was banned for 3 days when I questioned it

  58. That would be a great 2nd bet. Completely separate from the main pot. Anybody who wants to buy in on a chance to be the top scorer does so. If there is no winner that year, the totals carry over to next season.

  59. Hey, we almost changed to (kind of) this scheme, where it's only points for, but didn't do it at the last moment. Might try it next year. One question, isn't an injury a season ending factor here? For example CMC being out for almost the whole year means you gonna score every week less points, because most probably you can't replace him with a similar player. So that costs you a lot. Don't you have it in your league?

  60. Yea injuries are always a factor. Just like in any league. Last place in total points for the year each week gets first ww pickup, 2nd to last 2nd etc

  61. My first league was a league like this - cumulative points all the way until week 14. Top 6 of 10 then went into playoffs where it switched format to head to head. I hated it and left.

  62. It's a neat idea but I like having more stakes and pressure. Kind of boring when the potential stakes between first and 2nd could be a few dollars. My current league is $100 buyin and $5 per transaction. The pot is generally over $2k and the winner takes home 75% and lower 25%. I took 2nd this year which was painful considering I was up against Jamar Chase and still only lost by 10 points but having over $1k in stake in the Super Bowl makes it more exciting than just a few bucks.

  63. I'm in a league that's pretty unique. The scoring is different than yahoo/whatever online host you use. The points are based on yardage per TD. 0-15 yards gets your QB, RB, WR/TE 3 points, 16-20 gets 4 points, 21-25 gets 5 points, all the way up, 1 more point every 5 yards. The scoring for yardage is different too, your RB or WR gets 2 points once they deliver 100 yards and 1 more point for every extra 25 yards. Chase had 266 yards last week, that's 8 points for yardage. He had a 72 yard TD (15 points), a 69 yard TD (14 points) and an 18 yard TD (4points). That's 41 points. On a different week, say he only has four receptions for 98 yards, that's 0 points. QBs are the same, but they have to hit 300 yards running or passing to get the bonus points. We add up all the scores from all the teams week 1 through 18, and you're charged $0.25 per point. That means the guy on top collects 25¢ per pointfrom every team below and the team on the bottom has to payout everyone on top of them. The 1st place team is up $206.50 and the last place team is down $236.25 at the moment. Every team gets to keep their players for playoffs too. We do a $20/team buy-in for playoffs. Team with the most points after Superbowl takes that pot.

  64. Very interesting but seems labor/time intensive. The first league I ever played in did a type of this back in 96 but not thru the playoffs. Definitely a new way to strategize the game but I think it would be too time consuming. Especially for the commissioner. I prefer head to head. More smack talk, plus side bets when you play your rivals. Just IMO

  65. I’ve been in a league with the same guys for over 30. Just TDs for scoring, not head to head, total points through SB. (We set it up this way, because back then we scored by hand and got our info from the newspapers.. remember those? Ha) It’s different than most, but it works for us. Good job on your league’s longevity!

  66. We have an 8 team league that just finished its twelfth season. We were head to head through the first two, until our league’s taco won it all through insane matchup luck. Since then we have a play everyone else every week format. Essentially the highest score goes 7-0 because he’s beaten everyone else, lowest scorer 0-7, everyone else in between. Standings are based on total wins at the end of the season with points as the tie breaker.

  67. I joined a pap per add one season was my only season everyone quit bc they werent goimg to pay more for their already losing team

  68. That sounds completely bonkers, and I would love to do it, but cut the $$$ amounts by a factor of 10 at least. I'm not interested in losing $1000 in fantasy football. I just like to talk shit and embarrass my friends.

  69. My work has done this, but it's a weekly accumulation. So performance Week 1 vs. League average, Week 2, etc. added up. It was fun, I generally did well, but people slowly stopped after getting hosed.

  70. If you ever need a guy haha...that sounds rad, and I would love to be interested in football for another month or two longer than when fantasy usually ends.

  71. Nope. But I do play in an interesting league for the past 10-15 years or so. It's not fantasy though - There are 32 owners, each owner gets a real team (Let's say the Raiders). Every week, you have to pick for or against the Raiders, against the spread ("ATS"). The spread gets set in the middle of the week, and you have to finalize your pick by Saturday, so you get the benefit of any line movements.

  72. So what I realized after being a degenerate (aka someone who does gamble a lot BUT I’m a functioning degen haha), is that the people who don’t degen aka the normal people, have very low tolerance for pain (losing money wise).

  73. My 1k buy in 12 man league has NEVER had a player who isn’t a part time + poker player. I can’t imagine someone who doesn’t gamble a lot joining. And again, there is nothing wrong with this. We’ve had poker players join the league who have like 20k to their name lol, aka they are betting 5% of their net worth on a ff league season… higher pain threshold through conditioning

  74. Just to clarify we take the median average of the total points at the end of the year. Whatever above or below you are to that is what you win or lose.

  75. Where does all of the money come from? Surely there is an imbalance at the end of the year if you just used buy-in $$$ amounts

  76. I always feel like I need to be released from fantasy football to fully enjoy the playoffs from a pure football fan perspective…nonetheless, the format does sound pretty clever and fun.

  77. Ah, yes. The year was 2008. Brady was fresh off his 50td season. The first overall pick is Tom Brady. He promptly tore his ACL and the guy couldn’t afford to replace his roof. This same guy also drafted Vick #1 overall the year he got suspended for dog fighting. And Peterson the year he whipped his kids. He had to have lost over 15K in the 10 years I played.

  78. Sounds interesting but for me it would make each week less exciting. The best part of fantasy is needing your last player on Monday night to get a certain amount of points or needing there player to do bad. I do like the idea of points deciding your bid, it sucks when you do well but just get unlucky with who you play on what weeks.

  79. Yea understand that. But to me that does not outweigh having a huge week and getting beat by the top scorer and getting a loss.

  80. I get this type of league isnt for everyone but some of you come on here 5-10 times a day and your buyin was $25 or so. I'd never invest as much time as I do for such a small amount

  81. What an absurd thing to say. I don’t play for the money. I just won our league and donated the money for a league party.

  82. The league sucks but you’re also not a likable enough person to get anyone to buy in to this nonsense. Have you tried calling everyone else poor again?

  83. My league at least also does $ per transaction. After three free transactions each one after is $3. This goes into a pot that goes all to the winner.

  84. I've never heard of a league like this, but I like it. I think +/- is probably the best way to do a rotisserie as it keeps everyone engaged throughout the season. I've never been a fan of charging per transaction, but I think it makes sense given the setup. The playoff addition I think is an interesting wrinkle. Seems more like a side league thing though. It would he interesting to draft with that in mind and see how much of an effect it has. I imagine a lot of transactions towards the end of the season are with the playoffs in mind? Also, is the bench size normal? It seems like that would have a large effect on the number of transactions.

  85. After the last week of the season we have an unlimited roster so every backup QB and third string rb gets picked up in the hope they get a lucky td

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