Elijah Mitchell Value Moving Forward

  1. I have CMC and was stashing Mitchell. I’m still holding on since he’s arguably one of the most valuable handcuffs and we know CMCs history.

  2. If he’s in your IR spot just hold him there. I dropped him in my leagues without one tho. Not gonna be much of a factor unless CMC gets hurt imo.

  3. Definitely nosedives deep to just handcuff territory, most likely. Was creeping close to return and going to be a big boost to my weekly RB options, ugh.

  4. Imo hes a drop. He was already coming back late in the season as an injury prone guy whos only value is being the lead back in an amazing running offense. Now hes a great handcuff but you still have to wait weeks to even get that. If your league is super deep maybe but not worth holding imo.

  5. I kinda want to see if he gets traded, he's a talented back so it wouldn't make sense to keep him as a backup but I'm planning on dropping him after this week tbh assuming he doesn't get traded.

  6. Its a shitty trade that tanks Mitchell's value going forward. It could potentially mean that Mitchell had a set back and Shanihan pulled more fucking shaningans. Considering Mitchell was about 3 weeks out, you are probably best cutting bait and using the spot on someone else of value.

  7. Injury prone, and has CMC there. Basically a handcuff at best and that's assuming Jeff Wilson isn't the actual handcuff

  8. Bro, he's probably the most high end handcuff in the league now. No matter what he carried risk coming back from an injury so now he's just an instant start if CMC gets injured

  9. 0, hes a handcuff now. They just traded most of their 2023 for cmc. Trade elijah if u can before people see the news lol

  10. Sleep on it but you’ll need to drop him tomorrow morning. Try not to think about the last 6 weeks

  11. No IR league just dropped him for foreman but I’m not gonna play d’onte against TB. Might go with brob again this week since my RB2 is sketch

  12. Because if CMC goes down Mitchell will produce a lot of fantasy points. He is a high end handcuff meaning he is worth stashing for worst case scenario.

  13. Someone dropped Cordarrelle in my league so I made the switch. Had to drop garrett wilson in the process. Picked up alec pierce after transferring cpat to IR.

  14. Damn I just traded Jamaal Williams for Mitchell & DeVonta two weeks ago and thought I made a steal. At least it still feels reasonable lol

  15. Does no one think that Shanahan will find a way to get CMC and Eli involved? I’m not too familiar with the WR’s on SF but could we see CMC take on basically a slog role?

  16. Bruh I was at work, saw the trade, and accidentally picked up Chuba Hubbard instead of foreman. FMl. I can only hope it’s committee now

  17. Keep him in your IR. Running back who can’t stay healthy lands on team who’s running backs haven’t been able to stay healthy for YEARS. I’d hold. In fact I’m picking up Mitchell if they guy In my league drops him.

  18. None. This trade only benefits one player for fantasy purposes, while hurting the value of A LOT of players... Also, pro tip, stay away from Carolina rbs now. It is fool gold, and will be something you see this sub complaining about in 1-2 weeks.

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