I got a little curious, how many Apocalypse level threats are existent in your fantasy world? Would you like to tell me about them?

  1. And then one is just absolutely not god level but the others feel bad for them as they can only fill a bottle of water before needing said bottle of water.

  2. Humans are one of the threats. Wandering/lost souls are another. And the unraveling of creation/life/the system that keeps things alive and allows new life, is another.

  3. The unraveling of creation as a world ending threat...thats a new one, I had never heard of anything like it before, sounds like a pretty epic story imo.

  4. None. The overarching plot of my story is an empire trying to take over the rest of the continent they're on with Cold War style tactics - secrety inciting revolutions and subverting the infrastructure of other countries, exercising the authority they wield over the dominant religion, etc.

  5. I've just started the story but I'll have to say they must be the Elemental gods. So far there is one for lava and fire, water and then air

  6. The current major threat are the Outsiders, a race of Cenobite-style demons who have taken to manipulating humanity through a steady chain of Faustian bargains, and are attempting to plunge all human civilization into constant anarchy so they can feed on the ensuing lifetimes of suffering and misery.

  7. Goodness me, if a god of blood magic is considered a less pressing threat, then those demons must really be some fearsome enemies.

  8. Depends on what counts as an apocalypse? Like my story is post apocalyptic, so there already are the embodiment of ideas and concepts in nature that destroyed the world, but it made way for a newer world. Dragons could probably destroy the world if they worked together but they cannot stand each other and can't be bothered. I have a god of chaotic life and a god of ordered death that both could destroy the world. I have spirit eating tech being developed that is causing life draining blights around the world, and then I have somebody trying to take the fragments of gods that have been reduced to their essential organ and stitch them together to attain god hood and rewrite reality. So there is definitely some stuff.

  9. Those are a LOT of brilliant concepts. I especially love the spirit-eating tech and the fragments of gods being used to someone's benefit.

  10. I like the concept of a super smart God Beast that could easily bamboozle a human with intelect alone, most of the time, whenever I´ ve come across a beatly character they are portrayed as either stupid or pretty much evil, so a God Beast is something quite refreshing to hear.

  11. What cool ideas! I like the idea of accidental creations of gods, and powers being passed down to the point people are like living nukes.

  12. Several depending on how you look at it, but mostly the main antagonist is the most direct one. Coming from an ancient race long gone, he’s awoken accidentally by the main cast and essentially works to sacrifice the world in exchange for getting his loved ones back via magic

  13. To wake alone in a world unfamiliar from your own, desperate to bring back those he loves. What a tragic and beautiful idea.

  14. The only apocalyptic threat that faces my world is my MCs. In a D&D-like world with wizards and sorcerers, they were able to become something of a hybrid, able to instantly have a knack for casting a certain spell just by visualizing it, almost like if the Green Lantern and Doctor Strange had a baby. They take to the life of vigilantes, trying to rid the world of evil and corruption, but are just so potent that temptation to dominate will always be there. I didn't want to do what Marvel and DC (at least in the movies) do, where super heroes are basically beyond corruption, because being that pure of heart isn't relatable. Almost nobody could be granted near omnipotence and not change who they are, at least a little.

  15. My universe contains 3 parallel worlds, one already got hit by an apocalypse-like event. For the others, one of my main characters is the "apocalypse" itself. The old world was ruined because there were great kiarans (mages but for my setting) and their strength was forgotten after the events. Now the character will acquire those powers bring the calamity to one of the worlds

  16. One for my dnd setting involving bringing back to the continent a country full of mages that tamper with the threads reality which was ripped out and sent to the astral plane.

  17. Two lol. One is the antagonist, a guy given powers from a primordial being of chaos in order to "bring thousands of years of peace and prosperity" to the world through rampant mass slaughter. And the other is the primordial being of chaos itself, helping the antagonist for its own reasons that may or may not involve breaking free of its prison.

  18. I feel like I have a few if I want to get really technical about it, but I'm not a big fan of "save the world" stories, as a reader and especially as a writer.

  19. This reminds me of an OSP video (a very good one btw, I really recommend that channel to anyone that wants to know about writing tropes and other stuff), I think it touched the same points you mentioned, I do agree, I also prefer more personal or smaller stories, but every now and then, some sweet apocalypse can be pretty fun.

  20. The god who created the world, more so out of trauma plus good intentions than any kind of purpose, is dying and his nightmares are going start corrupting the world. Called the Toll.

  21. One of the overarching plot points is an actual apocalypse that is due to happen a few years down the line. This isn't immediately made clear in the story, and only one (main) character is aware of it, who becomes an apocalypse threat in response.

  22. In my setting, there's a specific category of monster referred to as a Black Dragon that's defined as being capable of completely annihilating an entire kingdom by itself. Black in this case refers to the medieval terminology for evil, they don't necessarily have black scales and don't necessarily have to be literal dragons. In my story there are currently 3 Black Dragons, though two are "dead" and only exist in spiritual form/remnants of their power and one is a juvenile that's pretty far from growing into his full powers.

  23. The King Yet To Be is a chrono/necromancy revenant with the ability to create gateways to other timelines and ressurect great heroes of old under his orders. If left alone, he will get the current era under his thumb, or destroy it to concentrate on other timelines.

  24. There is a god of undeath and necromancy that is thought to have been destroyed in an ancient war, but at the time of its defeat it actually plunged down from it's divine seat and took a physical form as a type of phylactery Dungeons&Dragons style. However because the process was rushed and out of desperation to survive, the body that was meant to be its host ended up not surviving. So instead its been sleeping and waiting for someone to discover it and succumb to its will. And when that happens, it will begin spreading it's influence in order to attain a new, more powerful body, as well as magical artifacts to help increase it's necromantic power so that it might become a god once again on the mortal plane.

  25. One of my stories featured fire demons, that if awakened, would cause mass destruction on the world and only a hero with a special sword could slay these demons….

  26. I have two gods that created the world that would very much benefit from just killing everything. Maybe three depending on how I take the story with a certain character, but I'm not sure yet lol.

  27. Several enormous autonomous machines/beings, whose surroundings are completely magicless because they use it all up to maintain themselves. Due to that and their size, they would be essentially impossible to combat , if they awakened.

  28. This sounds quite interesting from the looks of it, a fantasy world with all mighty robots and a world ending dragon living in the same place alongside an immortal apocaliptic mage, It´ s crazy, and the lore behind it all, I can just imagine how much there is to discover.

  29. There's a god that's basically a force of pure hunger imprisoned in a continent it devoured and the only protection is maintained by a race of creatures that humans are planning to exterminate. Also the progenitor god that created all life on the planet has run out of ideas and materials and has resorted to using already existing organic materials for fucked up experiments and is turning animals and humans into mad zombified beasts. No one knows she exists and no one knows how to stop her.

  30. Idk if this is apocalyptic level threat, but one of my plot ideas revolves around a war between magical kingdoms

  31. None so far. Having such large threats, while fun, makes it challenging to write a long term story before things get bland. Maybe I’ll have one or two later, but right now, I just have one demon that is a nuisance to the roughly 300 km of land the story takes place in.

  32. Mine is just has a pissed world-eating Dragon (I lovingly refer to him as a BFYD- Big Fuck You Dragon) that's sleeping in a pocket dimension that presses up against the material world where the continent is.

  33. Apocalypse level? Well, there’s a thing that wants to eat the world, that’s pretty apocalyptic. Then there’s this very specific mage family that really shouldn’t be allowed to exist, but there isn’t anyone strong enough to deal with them.

  34. Well, I did have this cult in mind taking place in my setting that worships the chaos that was in the beginning called the "Chaotic Dawn".

  35. Right now, I thought it would be funny if there was a side plot where someone got Isekai'd and you get snatches of them adjusting to the world, possibly saving it. I've wanted to insert snatches of dialogue where people argue over The Heroes and whether they're legit, who's the hottest, etc

  36. There were many great conflicts in the past. Uncountable. Since the dawn of humanity and the formation of the Gilded Empire 4000 years ago, humanity had always been on the brink of extinction, only to be able to pull itself through. Many scholars believed this was what separated us from the others as a long-lasting species: we are zealous in our quest for the stars, yet practical enough and adaptive to the environment.

  37. The deathcurse is one. A god accidentally released a sliver of it and it killed most living things. The curse now lingers and is what allows things to die. And that was just a tiny amount.

  38. That´ s alright, not every story should be a save the world odyssey, I actually enjoy smaller personal conflicts a bit more than large epic ones.

  39. Every 600 years the Dragons of Rhaldyr come and set all walled settlements on fire, causing a century of blood because the Moravi stampede out of their plains to take advantage of the chaos the dragons leave behind

  40. I guess I have two. One is a mud monster, ironically my protagonist's father made during his school days. A second is a mushroom that makes you fall into a deep sleep and eventually makes the victim do its bidding.

  41. The moon my story takes place on couldn’t really exist long term, so I have a giant magic crystal of plot device which constantly mediates the moons temperature and atmosphere. The crystal was built by a lich when it migrated to the moon. The crystal also happens to be what contains its soul, so to destroy the lich, you doom the moon.

  42. There are at least four of the Ones Before - primordial gods of chaos - directly interacting with or interested in the world currently. One is sought out for guidance by mortal groups set on destruction of the current world order; one is being lived in; one is eating one of the moons; one exists in a space parallel to mortal thought that mortal minds may slip into and be consumed by. All are relatively uncontainable threats that could easily destroy the world and damage the surrounding reality if their interest was piqued enough, except for the moon eater, who already has its (metaphorical) hands full.

  43. There are heaps in mine. Actually, my story's cosmology draws parallels to real world scientific theories, in this case, the Big Bang. The singularity before the Big Bang was a whole being, capable of thought and feeling. But it could not comprehend its own existence, and how it came to be, etc. And it was so very lonely. So it "killed itself" by exploding, and thus fragmenting its conscience and power across all things, living and nonliving.

  44. I'm trying to keep my world grounded- kinda like Berserk. Berserk doesnt have casual planet busters, and there are only a few key events that are life-changing for everyone. I just don't really appreciate stakes that are as high as the sky, but I can vibe with them if the author can make it work. My world so far only has two such mentionable threats.

  45. The whole world is a dream, created by a yoga sothoth level eldritch thing. It's slowly waking up, causing a sea of inescapable death/erasure to rise. At the same time, Witches are casting their consciousness out beyond the dream, causing literal holes in reality that are growing and spacing monsters (the stars).

  46. Still figuring shit out, but the gist of the story is that there are some "gods" out in the universe far away from the planet that have some beef. One of them has a pet which is like a snake/octopus looking thing the size of our Sun. That god hid his pet's deep inside some random planet (the one that the story takes place on, ofc).

  47. The night sky itself is a celestial being that’s extremely territorial and doesn’t tolerate any intelligent life on America’s soil. The land’s ancestral tribes built a conduit to sever its plane of existence from ours. This thing came deadly close to eradicating the New World by raining a bunch of comets down on it.

  48. WEll, each purple duck is one and there is no specified amount of them. Luckily they are too busy being annoying to random people and using their reality bending power for feats such as speaking with autotune or watching gameplays of Skyrim in an universe where it doesn't exist.

  49. The apocalyptic threat already happened. The universe was torn apart and now there's 1km of land floating in the Void. Doesn't get much worse than that

  50. This is kind of a long shot, but bees disappearing. Or the slow disappearance of any organism (algae, plankton) that is extremely important to the planet. This might seem insignificant, but you can play around with how the disappearances start slowly affecting the world, and then suddenly there's a realisation that if this isn't stopped everything will end. Can then trace the disappearance to being a side effect of something that the MC/Villain are up to.

  51. Theres two, really. One of which is the Shapeless which is an active threat that gets thrust into the void in my story, and the other is the Sut'aah Lamai, or Children of the Earth God. Titanic 'living' mountains that could very much destroy everything if they stampeded, but they don't because they have no interest in anything other than wandering the desert and churning the earth

  52. Nope; the most I've got is something that would radically destabilize the current social and political order. BUT it could be fairly apocalyptic for Earth (opening a bunch of portals from their world to ours and potentially unleashing a deluge of mages upon our unsuspecting and thoroughly unmagical heads). Still probably not civilization-ending, though; at worst we'd be subjugated and put to work mining catalysts or doing other menial labor.

  53. 1 once every now and then, and when they appear a race between adventurers/heroes starts to stop them and hog all the glory. The current one in my story is the vengeful spirit of the dragon whose corpse forms the planet, the ones before that were: a giant army of toxic slimes (the bacteria of the dragon), a life exterminating lich (the immune system), and a researcher who became a vampire (through the cells of the dragon, which he discovered and fused with).

  54. Well, my WIP is a post-apocalyptic world, so one really big one? Or two, if you count the person opened an inter-dimensional portal...

  55. There's a few. Magic is accesible to anyone in the world, but some magic types are definitely more powerful than others.

  56. I usually don't like world ending or apocalypse level stories. Especially when it's done with one character getting some overpowered god level power.

  57. I feel like there are a lot of different potential threats but I need to develop those more. I can at least say that my stories involve mermaids, sirens and witches. I got at least five stories set in the same universe. The story that's the first on the timeline happens in the early 2000s in Australia. There's a character named Bemus who is dead but the main character ends up reactivating this shrine built for him and he ends up possessing the main characters brother. Bemus is one of the most powerful mermen ever known and when he still was alive he almost caused an apocalypse. I don't know how to explain it.

  58. Most religions on Ofea continent state that will be the apocalypse someday. And main plot are going in this direction, because the human world is threatened by Varavilans. They just want to save their world or at least save people by conquering the human world (ofc MC have to defeat invaders – kinda cliche but I like it) So nobody knows if prophecies say about the end of the human world or Varavilans' one. And nobody knows if the apocalypse will begin with the final battle of main plot or it will happen later.

  59. There are parasites in my world that caused a lot of trouble on the northern continent. It started in the city of Govmikji, where the first ever govmik-parasite was found lodged under the tongue of a victim. The parasite, that was gray of colour with a bright pink belly, looked like a large, flat woodlice. It would bite itsself into the victim's skin with its jaws and suck their blood, keeping itsself firmly lodged into the victim through tentacles in its mouth that would slowly grow infused with the victims tissue. The poison of the parasite that it used to soften tissue for its tentacles caused headaches, nausea, bloodcloths, black spots on the skin, green or extremely white skin, bleeding from ears, mouth, nose and eyes, and organfailure. You'd have excruciating pains, and if you were unlucky enough the parasite would lays eggs in your body and the larvea would eat you from the inside.

  60. In my D&D campaign, the most recent was the revelation that the sky is filled with floating arcologies, and someone tried to bring them all down. Also, potential Mind Flayer (or Mind Filleter as my players keep calling them) invasion.

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