Sharing some tips I've picked up working with writers as an editor and coach!

  1. If you claim to be an editor and want to call yourself an expert, you might want to make sure not to have a typo in your first sentence.

  2. People make mistakes. We aren't destined to be perfect. Typos happen to everyone. You've done a typo, we all have. Stop calling out people for tiny mistakes that happen to us all. There's no part in telling someone that they have a typo if they actually are sharing something that might be important to others.

  3. Don't write with the mind that you have to replicate him in anyway. Write how you write and then incorporate the same emotion he made you feel.

  4. We don't always know what we're doing. In this case, it's best to write/build with just fun as our drive, but as we grow to understand our characters and world more, having a theme makes it all the better.

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