Are characters with curses overrated?

  1. Was interested in the use of a 'curse' in fantasy. Mostly delivered by 'witches' etc, they tend to be soft magic. I'm not sure I've ever heard of a hard magic curse being used in any genera.

  2. A curse that defeats the MC will be a hard read. If the MC confronts the curse, overcomes it, and grows from that effort (what does not kill us makes us stronger), or can turn the curse to his/her/its/their advantage, the MC becomes more interesting and capable.

  3. That's actually accurate to what I had in mind. Especially with the curse powers infused with another magical source the MC was given.

  4. Maybe people are worried that the curse will spread to them if they associate with him. Rightfully or wrongfully it gives a logic to their avoidance. Also, make the curse something that makes being a thief harder. It would make your character more sympathetic if he's pressured by society to thieve and overcomes limitations of the curse to do so rather than giving him cool powers to become a generic cool fantasy thief.

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