How would you create a story in a setting with no elements?

  1. There's ways, but my question is why are you trying to force a gimmicky story like this when even you have no idea how it will work? A story like this can EASILY get pretentious if you don't know what you're doing.

  2. I'm sort of confused by "all the interactions will look the same in the end". Suppose you have a bunch of people stranded in this location. How do they react to their circumstances? How do they react to one another? There's a lot of possibilities there.

  3. Internal conflict can really help you out here. However, my real question is, what is your interest in writing something in this scenario?

  4. Well, first of all, why are your characters there? What is that place? Is it a regular boring place or an artificially created boring place? Are they stuck in Purgatory? Were they brought there? Why? Did they come there? Why? Are they trying to leave there? Why? If you think really hard and answer these questions, you can probably figure out where you need to take your plot from there.

  5. I'm sorry, but why use the setting at all, if you have no interesting ideas to use it? If you don't have anything, what's the point? Good setting helps the story, or drives it, otherwise it's a gimmick.

  6. Have you ever seen Waiting for Godot? It's a play that is essentially what you're describing. The conflict comes from character interactions and motivations rather than external forces.

  7. Do you know of a novel that holds interest and suspense despite consisting heavily of internal dialogue? I don't doubt that it's possible, I'm just hard pressed to figure out how that would work.

  8. This reminds me of the Shadow Fold from the Grishaverse. What is the story about The Dim? Where did it come from? Is there an edge? Can it be dispersed? How high is it?

  9. I can think of a few ways to do it. One would be to make it a progression story, cultivation or otherwise. For example a story about someone meditating on the Dao or whatever, and as they gain enlightenment more things become present.

  10. My initial thoughts on reading this are a character in an underground situation with a small light source that projects light in a 10-foot radius. They explore, and have encounters, sometimes with other wanderers, or monsters, or structures, or treasures...

  11. I mean depending on your want to where it will it will go, you could always have the problem that the MC cannot find anything that supports them (so like food, water stuff like that) and that's where the panic hits them, that they might die if they cannot find anything. This could lead to hallucinations, making them feel like their crazy so when they find someone real they are hesitant to talk to them.

  12. Umm… hmmm… To start with let’s tackle the main question of any human story: How do they survive? Are you just dropping a single human in this world and expecting them to discover how to survive? (Tons of great references to look to, plenty of travel journals or survival stories) Is there a community of humans that already live here and are just dealing with a new problem? (Plenty of apocalyptic references to work with) Or maybe we can just jump into post apocalypse! But I think it would be a great idea to hammer out how humans live in this setting… and if the answer is “they don’t” then don’t make it about humans.

  13. I never played Minecraft, so excuse any ideas not compatible with the given example, but I really don't see how this is any issue whatsoever from a storytelling perspective. You can do so many different things in that setting. If there's a monster, how does the player react to it? Do they approach it and fight it? Do they choose to run away? Do they win or fail? Maybe they meet other people. Do they get along, do they dislike each other, have anything in common, fall in love? Maybe they have disagreements about how they should handle being stuck in this void forever and separate, maybe they miss each other. There's a lot of internal conflict opportunities too, maybe the player learns through a series of encounters and attempts that he has to learn to live with his dim 2 meter wide world. Maybe he tries to create something, to leave a sign of his existence behind and despairs at his inability of affecting the environment. Maybe he realizes this was all just a really boring game mode and it's time to turn off the PC or play a better game ;)

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