Thoughts on 5:2?

  1. Many issues and questions can be answered by reading through our wiki, especially the page on electrolytes. Concerns such as intense hunger, lightheadedness/dizziness, headaches, nausea/vomiting, weakness/lethargy/fatigue, low blood pressure/high blood pressure, muscle soreness/cramping, diarrhea/constipation, irritability, confusion, low heart rate/heart palpitations, numbness/tingling, and more while extended (24+ hours) fasting are often explained by electrolyte deficiency and resolved through PROPER electrolyte supplementation. Putting a tiny amount of salt in your water now and then is NOT proper supplementation.

  2. You are correct in that generally when people refer to 5:2 it is five days eating “normal” and 2 days fasting or a a severe calorie deficit 25% or less if daily calorie allotment)

  3. I am planning to do the same plan cause of my hypothyroidism and insulin resistance, i have done 7 days fasting and ADF but thinking to start 5:2 i will fast 5 days and rest two days, I've seen 2 people on reddit they did follow it and had very good results, but i do believe you need electrolytes, potassium, zinc, iron and multivitamin while doing it.

  4. Last year i did 8 weeks of fasting for 5 days and a 2 day refeed. I would start my fast on sunday about 8 pm and end it friday at 8 pm.

  5. I did it years ago but didn't lose much so switched to 4:3 and lost lots. I ate shite on the easy days and still lost but messed up my blood sugars. If you're sensible you should lose well on it

  6. Yeah, I was more thinking like the 5:2 diet plan where you eat normally 5 days and fast 2 or only 500 calories that day. Did not realize there’s a 5:2 inverse.

  7. When the 5:2 (5 days eating, 2 days fasting) stuff hit the headlines, all the evidence that was claimed for it came from studies on fasting every other day. There have been some comparison studies since, some of which suggest 5:2 is less effective than fasting every other day, some of which suggest that both methods have similar results (but all of those that I've seen seem to be fairly short-term studies, with weight-loss results in the 7-12lbs range). So maybe consider fasting every other day, or at least 3 days/week?

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